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    THE TORCH reacted to nomates in Racing Board ignored warning on risks of expensive betting platform   
    We are now using the exact same script with the A/W tracks , too few making the decisions with very little input from industry participants . The main point for me is that NZ racing isn't big enough for 3 A/W's , circa $39mil for 3 tracks is money that could be spent in a much more sustainable way , that is before factoring maintenance costs . These will become bigger white elephants for NZ racing than the FOB debacle . In 10 years i believe they will either be sitting redundant because of a lack funds to repair or upgrade , or because of a lack of use due to participants having lost faith in them .
    Either way they along with the FOB will become massive millstones around our necks , so much so racing might not be able to recover .
    They need to go out to their wider base of racing participants and ask for feed back and find out if there is genuine support from all sectors in regards the necessity for these tracks , and i don't mean just big name trainers/owners/administrators based around where these facilities will be .
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    THE TORCH reacted to 100 1 in Gizzy gone   
    How many young people gained a love for racing over the years by attending their local meetings?
    They haven't factored that in when centralizing racing IMO
    The socialist Govt is anti racing and not's biggest problem
    How racing would change with a govt(although profiting) who promoted it with a twice weekly MSM feel good stories and racing news.
     Ain't gunna happen
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    THE TORCH reacted to Huey in Gizzy gone   
    I'm not following you here, it sounds like that was all funded by the club itself to bring racing to its local community, where is the cost to the industry? If the club want to fund these meetings like it appears they have , what is the issue? Youre also not taking into account the cost of running meetings at other venues that is clearly the case.
    Good for them if they want to race at HB, it won't be the same though, doesn't matter what you call it its still a HB meeting . I'm in two minds about a club like Gisborne as they don't have any horse population there, but from what you've quoted it appears they were more than paying their way.
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    THE TORCH reacted to Tauhei Notts in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    I have read Ken Rutherford's article several times now.
    I think the most pertinent point is that "when he commenced setting fixed odds in 2001 it was run by passionate people in it more for the love of the game than the money."
    Then over the next 19 years the TAB has morphed into a huge bureaucratic empire run by highly educated people there for the money, not for the love of the game.  I have seen it so many times in so many areas.  ENTHUSIASM.  It is very difficult to build it up.  It is a piece of piss to destroy it.  And the ever burgeoning bureaucracy destroyed it.  This cancer has grown on the TAB body ever so slowly over the past 19 years and I fear it is a terminal illness.  The incremental growth of that cancer has been so slow and so prolonged that people like me did not step up and say, twelve years ago;'
    "Put a stop to this idiocy right bloody now, you imbeciles."
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    THE TORCH reacted to mikenz in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Like it or not he is right to a degree,we should  really be thinking of our own,aussie don't give a stuff about us .maybe the nz tab ain't big enough.maybe a merger  with someone ,might be a good idea but I'm still believing there needs to be a new board,everyone applies again for smaller salarys,I'm not impressed with some of the cuts,radio  commentators ,tracks in some cases yet some of the fuckers making cuts just carry on .
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    THE TORCH reacted to Toblerone in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Seriously, it’s so galling and insulting that McKenzie would keep publically chalking all this up to Covid. Like we are numbskulls. Give us a spell Dean.
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    THE TORCH reacted to nomates in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Winston Peters is a charade , has never done anything purely for the benefit of NZ racing , it has always been about him . He has know idea what is fundamentally wrong with racing or how to fix it . With luck will be gone at the next election , the true epitome of the self serving snake politician
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    THE TORCH reacted to barryb in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    I am an owner as well with 3 horses currently and haven’t placed a single bet with the TAB since before lockdown, I would be completely nuts to have done so considering how terrible the % offering has been on Australian Racing. 
    Stinging those blindly loyal under some guise of saving NZ Racing and the TAB fails to address the very reason so many like myself have drifted away and in fact will force the likes of me to completely pull the pin on everything to do with NZ and fast track it’s end. 
    The stuff Ken is suggesting on restricting punters is more akin to Eastern bloc countries and removes freedom of choice, if honestly that’s the solution then get the hand out for another $70 odd mill as in 12 months it will be needed again. 
    Next we will be suggesting stopping online shopping because it’s destroying retailing or banning Uber because it’s killing Taxi companies, banning Netflix because of Sky’s demise,  Starting to sound like NZ in the late 70s - early 80’s, don’t seem to recall it working that well back then either.
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    THE TORCH reacted to nomates in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    I also bet exclusively with the NZ Tab , i have also known a large number of people over the last 15 or so years who no longer bet with the NZ Tab because they increased minimum wagers on phone bet , then removed phone operators , then removed free to air racing and have now removed the ability to just listen to a race on the radio . Maybe if they had stopped putting in place measures that inhibited betting thru their agency they wouldn't have to worry so much about offshore leakage . The biggest issue around stakes hasn't been how much the TAB has made but the decisions around how the profit has been spent , owners wouldn't have had to worry about stakes if so much wasn't chewed up up in running costs and inflated egotistical projects .
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    THE TORCH reacted to Phillipe in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Why doesn’t Dean McKenzie quit?? He is simply out of his business depth and knowledge.
    The longer he stays the shorter racing in NZ will survive.
    An aggressive and ruthless leader is what is required, first and foremost, not a shoulder tapped egotist.
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    THE TORCH reacted to wobbly in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone mail was KR was rope and tied by a puppet post at WRC.
    Shouldn't knock a man for wanting to better his lot...and for his family
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    THE TORCH reacted to nomates in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    A few comments that the majority already basically knew doesn't make him the man to solve our woes , wouldn't have thought he was a roaring success at Waikato RC . Put him the CEO's chair he would be more of the same vanilla style leadership , we somehow have to hope a V'landys type turns up , aggressive , with real vision and a real plan to implement it , who takes no bullshit , fecking EASY .
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    THE TORCH reacted to Stables in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Why doesn't someone offer him Dean McKenzie's job
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    THE TORCH reacted to Baz (NZ) in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Give customers a choice then and bring in on course bookies....should increase on course attendance as well !
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    THE TORCH reacted to nomates in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Well i must say never gave him much credit when at Te Rapa , heard way more negatives than positives from his time there . But he's pretty well on the button with everything bar the barring of overseas bookies . Improve the product and compete , people hate being told you have no option but ours and someone will come up with a way around it .
    He didn't have to be a rocket scientist to work out JA , should have spoken out and loudly at the time , i don't recall any administrator saying anything . 
    I'm in total agreement regarding A/W tracks , i've said my bit already . The one thing i will add , whilst all this talk of A/W's is going on nobody has mentioned sorting out the tracks we have , all the main one's need remedial work , preferably complete overhauls , but no , now we have the A/W's on the way and everybody is bathing in the glow of success they are going to bring to NZ racing the issue of how  bad a state of repair our tracks are in is just swept under the carpet .
    As for media profile everybody in racing bar our esteemed leaders seem to understand the better the coverage the more people are likely to take an interest . I'm going to take a stab in the dark and suggest that having a dedicated racing radio channel and free to air TV would be financially more productive than their present plan of trying to make racing even more obscure than it was .
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    THE TORCH reacted to Idolmite in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    A very interesting story. And as a punter it was always the stories that drove my interest in racing which in turn drove my betting. I'd say my decline as a punter started with the demise of the Friday Flash. Since then we've lost so much more, especially over the past few weeks. No longer will the product be put in front of the punter. Racing will almost be like a secret society. We won't let you have a bet unless you know the secret handshake. 
    Two stats I'd love to know.
    1/ how much money per year do NZ punters spend with overseas agencies?
    2/ how much overseas money per year is spent on NZ racing?
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    THE TORCH reacted to Leggy in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone   
    Goodness. Someone with some commonsense. Not sure there's much gain in trying to ban overseas account betting but the rest is mostly gold. Can we get him back here to sort this out?
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    THE TORCH reacted to Barry Lichter in Ken Rutherford's way forward - and it won't go down well with everyone

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    THE TORCH reacted to Kingshill in John Allen Really? FFS!   
    I can't believe how John Allen could gain another high profile executive job in the same country......Let alone the same City
    Makes my blood boil that he can Bullshit his way into a $700K job at NZRB - do F all but talk more Bullshit....Waste $50 Million plus and just move on like nothing has happened.
    These Gravy trains for executives have to stop......No one should be paid more than the Prime Minister......unless you own the business and earned the money yourself.
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    THE TORCH reacted to Tauhei Notts in John Allen Really? FFS!   
    Please give us the name of the executive recruitment firm that appointed this muppet to such a seemingly responsible position.
    When he was CEO at NZRB he thought Te Rapa was a museum with a spelling mistake.  Yeah, that's right.  More "R's" than class.
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    THE TORCH reacted to rdytdy in R.I.P. Jock Harris   
    Excellent piece by Wally O'Hearn:
    Des, Noel, Peter, Karen, and Jock Harris Photo: Race Images Palmerston North Farewell to a great racing contributor
    NZ Racing Desk
    18 May 2020 New Zealand racing lost the patriarch of a racing dynasty with the death last Saturday of Jock (John William) Harris.
    His family has been flooded by phone calls and messages since his death, just a couple of months short of his 90th birthday.
    No sooner had his son Noel put up a message on Facebook than friends from around the world were responding with their condolences for a humble man who touched so many lives, a great all-round horseman who handed down his skills to his family and others.
    His oldest three sons, John, Des and Noel, were all leading apprentice jockeys, topping the New Zealand apprentice table for six years in succession from 1967-68, and his other three children, Peter, Karen and Jenny, also rode raceday with Peter making an impression on the flat before being the country’s leading jumps jockey for the 1976-77 season.
    Like his father, John went on to several highlights as a trainer, as did Des, and both celebrated Group One success, while Peter also enjoyed training success on a small scale, his highlight being Royal Secret’s win in the 2004 Gr.2 Hawke’s Bay Cup (2200m).
    Royal Secret was ridden by Noel, who became the star jockey of the family and is a member of the elite 2000-win club in New Zealand. After also enjoying notable success in Australia and further afield, Noel is now putting that vast experience (much of it instilled in him by his father) to educate the country’s apprentice jockeys in his role as National Riding Mentor, while his son, Troy, has followed in his father’s footsteps as a Group One-winning jockey.
    Jock Harris proudly followed the fortunes of his family and got joy from their success. One such proud occasion was 30 years ago when his family gathered to celebrate his 60th birthday. That same year (1990) his sons Noel and John combined as jockey and trainer to win the Gr.1 Sydney Cup (3200m) with King Aussie and Noel recorded his 1000th win in New Zealand.
    But just a couple of days later celebration turned into mourning when Jock’s dear wife, Daphne, passed away, leaving a massive hole in the lives of the Harris clan.
    Harris had retired from training a couple of years earlier, pulling down the curtain on a career in which constant hard work and determination saw him succeed, just as he had done so as a jockey when continuously battling with his weight.
    Harris was born in New Plymouth and left school at 15 to be a jockey, having been encouraged by his father to sign up with trainer George New at Awapuni. New had educated such top jockeys as Bill Broughton, Vic Dye, Jim Hely, Stewart and Bubs Waddell and George Tattersall.
    He began his apprenticeship in 1945 and, after serving nine months before he could ride raceday, victory came in his 26th ride, aboard Blank Cheque at Hastings on April 12, 1947. When New retired he completed the remaining six months of his apprenticeship with Stratford trainer Bill Fowler before returning to Awapuni.
    Harris mixed flat and jumps riding and excelled in both roles, kicking home 367 winners. In the 1955-56 season he finished second-equal to Bob Skelton on the New Zealand Jockeys’ Premiership.
    Through it all he had to keep his weight in check, but, after a rare splurge when suspended, his weight ballooned to 11 stone 1 lb (just over 70kg). However, nine days later he resumed riding and rode at just under 8st 8 lb (almost 54.5kg). He had lost an incredible lost 2st 7lb (15.5kg).
     As well as running every day, he'd often even sit in the dung heap with sweaters on to lose weight. That sheer determination was needed to keep riding.
    Harris rode the 77/1 longshot Tesla to win the 1954 Easter Handicap (1600m) at Ellerslie and Tesla also provided him with his greatest thrill when winning the 1955 Auckland Cup (3200m). His other major flat wins included the New Zealand Derby (2400m) - Great Northern Derby (2400m) double on Programme, the 1955 New Zealand Oaks (2400m) on Gentle Lu, the 1959 Manawatu Sires’ Produce Stakes (1400m) on Gayfair and the 1958 New Zealand St Leger (2800m) on Rover.
    A tactical rider, Harris was remembered for his ride on the champion sprinter Fountainhead when second to Lawful in the 1958 Great Northern Derby (2400m) at Ellerslie.
    Other major races he won included the Awapuni Gold Cup (2000m), the Manawatu Cup (2400m), the Wellington Stakes (1200m), the Desert Gold Stakes (1600m), the Hawke’s Bay Guineas (1600m; twice), the Eulogy Stakes (1600m; twice), the Anniversary Handicap (1600m)1, the Whyte Handicap (1600m; twice), the Awapuni Hurdles (3000m) and the Eric Riddiford Steeplechase (4800m).
    The highlight of Harris’ jumps success was winning on Aligarh in the 1955 Wellington Steeplechase (5400m), the same race his son Peter won 26 years later aboard The Assassin. Harris also trained Fleeting Moment to win the 1969 Wellington Steeplechase as well the Manawatu Cup (2200m) and the Parliamentary Handicap (2200m) and finish third in the 1965 New Zealand Cup (3200m), and second and third in the Great Northern Steeplechase (6400m).
    After retiring from riding at Awapuni on Boxing Day 1959, Harris left racing for a period, working at an auction mart then as a builder’s labourer before deciding to take up harness racing.
    He shifted to Cambridge and worked for Peter Skousgaard, but after four months he was persuaded to try something different, being told there was little money to be made as a trotting driver in those days with so many owner-trainers driving.
    He returned to Palmerston North and began his training career with just a few horses in work. His first winner was Goa at Awapuni on January 23, 1961 and gradually his team increased and with it a move to Woodville, where his training career really blossomed.
    Glengowan, New Moon, Sharif, Far Time, Fleeting Moment and the talented sprinters Westend and Anna Kildare were some of the stars for the Harris stable.
    The Gr.1 Caulfield Stakes (2000m) was the highlight of Glengowan’s wins, but his most memorable effort was his second in the 1973 Gr.1 Melbourne Cup (3200m) when ridden by Harris’ son Noel.
    New Moon, the fastest horse Harris prepared, finished second in the 1972 Gr.1 Railway Handicap (1200m) at Ellerslie and was later sold to the United States where she was a Group Three winner at Santa Anita.
    Sharif was a most versatile galloper, whose 13 wins included the 1973 Telegraph Handicap (1200m), a race which was also among his 25 seconds. He was also twice runner-up in the Gr.1 Railway Handicap (1200m) twice.
    Far Time created a piece of history when, in the hands of John Harris, he won the inaugural Gr.2 International Stakes (2000m) at Te Rapa in 1970 in then-world record time. Also as a  three-year-old, he was runner-up in the Gr.1 Great Northern Derby (2400m), Gr.2 Wellington Derby (2400m), Gr.2 Great Northern St Leger (2800m), Gr.2 Wellington Guineas (1600m) and Listed Hawke’s Bay Guineas (1600m) and third in the Gr.2 New Zealand Derby (2400m).
    Harris trained in partnership with his son John for four seasons, winning 54 races, and his last season of training was back at Awapuni in partnership with another son, Des, landing a couple of victories before he retired in 1988 with a total of 304 wins.
    He also enjoyed success as a part-owner of Go Bush, who was trained by John to win 16 races including two Listed events in New Zealand and the 1990 Gr.3 Shannon Stakes (1500m) at Rosehill.
    Harris also goes down in history as a co-founder and the first President of the New Zealand Trainers’ Association and he was honoured for his lifetime racing achievements at the Otaki-Maori Racing Club’s meeting in February 2009.
    He was also a regular at the Jumps Jockeys’ reunions, well-known for reciting his poems, headed by the dyslexic ode to the ‘’Rindercella.’’
    Fondly remembered as the dapper humble man sporting his bow tie, Jock Harris was certainly a major contributor to the racing industry.
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    THE TORCH reacted to Fredd002 in R.I.P. Jock Harris   
    RIP Jock and condolenses to the Harris family. Woodville in it heyday was one of greatest tracks for top-class trainers producing top-class horses. The college bus from Woodville was half-full with little kids who grew into the best jockeys.
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    THE TORCH reacted to Mr Spyro in Davey Mac.   
    Sleazy buggers. I remember reading years ago that at a social event, the then head of Trackside TV   came up to Davy Mac, Kevin Payne and one other caller, pointed at them and  said " I hold your jobs in my hand, I could get rid of you, you or you with click of my fingers "     Real  sweet  behaviour and now only one remains  .  What it does show is just how long these bastards have been indulging in this toxic,  shiity. sort of carry on.
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    THE TORCH reacted to mikenz in Davey Mac.   
    No reason why clubs in southland cant just give him the on course job,just tell rita he's doing the job like it or not decisions made in southland for southland
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    THE TORCH reacted to Sticky in Davey Mac.   
    In my opinion he is right up there with Reon, But clearly hasn’t been shown the same respect
    Let’s be honest any game that has to rely on Winstone Peters is in the shit, the TAB don’t deserve Davey Mac