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  1. yeap my spelling and stuff are not as good as what they were or could be... but i guess looking at a lot of posts on treads in racecafe...i'm in very good company....
  2. sorry.... can i say it was a typing errror must've been away with the
  3. so your 36? excuse me mandy.... thought you were just a few years above that lol. and that name rings a bell ....did he have a relation that played for auckland(suburbs rugby)
  4. talk......understand what you are saying... but porkies they are not.. true examples they truely are.. sad fact of what is actually going on in the real world. your experiences differ from mine.. although i have some really good views on some teachers/principals that i have come in contact with over the i must addmit it is a few that i have a problem with... but then i can say that their bosses in wellington are also looking at them... that tells me something is not right.
  5. yes i am very judgemental .. when it comes to government departments.. just like a trade unuoist stands up for the workers against the bosses,i stand up against,teachers,principals,winz,cyf and many others. for the weak,unemployed and those that don't know how to deal with some of the crap they dish out.. just like the principal that had asembly and told all present that a couple of kids were leaving the school because their parents had died... you can wonder about the reaction by those children and the parents who were standing at the back of the hall listening about them dying... is that okay. or do we stand up and say no,no,no.
  6. they have a wage scale... forget the figures as it has chaged a bit over the years... just out of training school year 1 exsample -$17,000 year 2 -$19,000 rear 3 -$21,000 and so on. pricipal normally top cap.. like i said would have changed a lot over last 10 years...someone in know will put us right.
  7. i thought the kiwi saver was the governments(national & labour) way of bringing in a user pay system... you put your money aside in a kiwi saver and when you reach retirement age that is all you get... no government handouts like the pension...although it was made clear some would not be able to contribute to kiwi saver... that is really a myth... if you are can still claim the $1,000 to set up with kiwi saver... what else you put into it depends if you are able to or not.. say on a unemployment benefit of $400 you choose to 10% that would be $40 (using that figure as example not many benefits really at that amount)5% would be $20 . of course you don't have to put anything towards it.. and just go on the interest it collects.. but you have to look at wider picture... if your 18 or 20 now you may have something put aside by the time your 70... but if your say 55m by the time your 70 not a lot would be in your you are still relying on a pension of some is my gut feeling that both parties will at sometime over next decade do away with pensions .. which may see an early demise in elderly people...i suggest to my own children save as much as you can even if it means doing without those overseas trips etc.for the next 5 years or so things are going to be tough with this recession...and savings hard for even low income earners..
  8. i think the new payroll company is australian.from news reports a week or so ago. i stand to be corrected.. but thats what i heard, one would think they would be more on the level relation to being an english speaking country to say..india.. but honestly..i'd think if they knew that all this was going to happen inn advance they would have been able to fix it or a least part of the problem..if not they clearly should be dumped and replace with someone else.this would happen in big business wouldn't it?
  9. i havd no problems with the teachers/principals at schools were i was a board of trustee member...with the exception of one.papakura central school were the principal and a t the time a fellow board member who soon became the chairperson .. and mayor of papakura... decided that i should concider standing down (this was when the election results came known) because they felt a person that missed out had more to offer the school and it did not wash well with them that someone that was umemployed became a board memeber...since i've been in southland i've experienced several strange teachers/principals details that i shell not go into on this forum as legal action against them is still pending. but i can say this... when a child gets his/her pants pulled down by some older kids something has to be done about it.... they got to sit in the office for the rest of the day.. the child that had pants pulled down swang around and bite one of the kids as he could not free his arms.. he was suspended for his actions..remember his pants were pulled down exposing his bare arse... the response from the teacher,principal and the board of trustees was discusting to say the least...and our concerns about the pants being pulled down laughed at by them all as one big joke...that is the board.principal and teachers i have that is were my concern lays...the teachers and pricipals that i have encounted in southland .by far the strangest lot... we are talking a bout one school were in one year the pricipal reported the parents to CYF without reasonable or just caurse..just because she could...soon turns the other way and runs when she shes me in the shops...hence this is now the job i do... helping parents that have problems with schools,and cyf...while there are some bad parents out there not all are bad,just as not all teachers are bad... alot have to follow what they are told or be hit over the knockles so to speack.. hope this helps clear up the matter..
  10. this issue with wages started /or become knoen before this new payroll group took over...teachers ,cleaners,and other starff were prewarned that their wages may not be in their bank come normal payday..some were told that they had been over some cases, releif teachers were paid $7,000 for 2 or 3 days releif work... i can not understand if this era was picked up then why couldn't it have been fixed before these people got their pay/wages...i think a few years ago while living in papakura,my wife worked at a local school.. who changed payroll group.. and they had a big mix up with everyones wages.. so this must be an on going would think they would've learnt by now.. and got things right. i for one would not blame anyone if their wages were paid wrong or not paid into my banlk at all... most are part of a union and they should be jumping up and down.. and the government should also be doing something ... i bet they took their taxes out from these peoples wages... hire purechase agreements etc are not always as acommodating as some think, and nor are mortage people like banks... they take but not give, and they soon add late fees for late /non payment.. when clearly it is not the fault of these people ..they pay the price,their bosses and payrool people have a lot to answer for.
  11. there may be some that love their job and do it really good. there are a great number that should think of staying at home or changing jobs as they are complete ****wits at being a school teacher /pricipal.and i stand by that...been on enough school boards.. and have had quite a bit to do with schools/since with grandchildren etc.. overpaid glorified baby sitters... knew to many teachers that put themselves through training colledge by working at night.... in massage palours....then they claim to have morals.. by teaching our children?
  12. they belong to a union whats wrong with them.... with draw your labour until they fix the problem... and this comes from a guy who strongly thinks teachers and principals are over paid....but lets face it no one in there right mind can afford not to be paid on time....what is wrong with these people.. take over payroll the job right or get replaced with someone that can.... anyway isn't it an australian company? that could explain a
  13. we are already like south the days... were the minority rulz... minto and his gang of activists protested that this was totally unfair .. but they seem to support it here in new zealand... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,maybe i can blame my parents because they were not maori,for all the unfair, and bad things that have happened to me in my life time.....some one has got to pay for this.. maybe a big slice of waikato or southland would be payment enough with about $170 million compo.... might do me and my family a decade or two before we need to ask for more...... tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga of kiwi casebook,were the poor get poorer and the rich get richer and if your white.. go directly to jail do not pass go do not colect 200...
  14. they have two options.. a food grant... that is a seal,signed form dicrected to the supermarket you,countdown new worls etc.. to the value of say $200.00,no cigs or chocolates ,booze.. and i think you can use it all and add extra money to your total but if you use $194 of $200 you have to find something else to make it to that total or as close to that total as possible and they may give you i think something like $2 in change. the other option is. they send you to the food bank run by the sallies or some church group,this is becoming more and more part of winz.. as they have been instructed by the witch from the west to make cuts... sallies and other church groups don't really see eye to eye with the government on this as it is a drain on their resorces..while the government uses the money in other areas for which they are not paying big fat eeo's a massive farewell package... that could pay 1000 people on a benefit a foodgrant of $100 or more. if a person on a benefit of say $200, paid out rent,power,medical,and food the odds are they would not have ****all left for anything else.. budget or no budget.. take gst off everyday food and that in it self would be a start.. I have stated that for some on benefits .. they should run up a card system. give them no money.. welfare pays the rent, power ,phone etc.. and what is left goes towards food .. and if that is not enough then and only then a top up with a food grant...taht has to be a step in the right direction.. and only give special food grants out for really desperate situations...
  15. just getting away from school lunches.. the guy on a benefit from kaitaia that smashed a winz office window last week because he was turn down after applying for a food grant... i feel for that bloke... to get a food grant,you must show them a copy of your bank statement/balance. this is so they can see you have no money left.. then you must explain what you spent your money on.. then if you say you paid a over due bill or a car repaire you must show them the receit for payment.. yes the third degree. and then at the end of all this bullshit they say no,this can be really downheartening,i've been there, your guts feels empty you hear this almighty thud... within..your wind drifts ..what do i do,what do i do.. you wonder how your going to feed your wife and twenty hungry kids...until next benefit day... i'd say apply for a special benefit they can not refuse. most people on a benefit are entitled to ex amount for a food grant each year.some never use them some are in there every second week..i am sick and tired of winz case officers playing god... but hey this is the system we have and it is better than nothing at all. these people need held.. they need someone to listen. they do not get that by a national government nor did they get it under labour.. but they also don't get the help they need by the caseofficers employed to help them... i exspect a few more windows to be broken...maybe they should look at helping this guy and find a solution rather than putting this on the back burner and treating the man as a criminal...