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  1. Haha Im sure that wouldnt take 12 days.
  2. So why not from the 7-9-20 then?
  3. Hahahaha.So this is a ruling made on Sunday the 20th September to cover arses for what was allowed to happen in contravention of the existing rules the day before at Hastings???? Is that what you are saying??
  4. or is that code for "I dont want to supply a sample as I know it will be a fail" ??
  5. Winston bailed out Racing, RITA and the TAB in the last few months.Have you all forgotten that???? Do you really think any other political party in NZ would have done that??? And also lets not forget, Labour allowed it to happen with Kieran McAnulty Labour Wairarapa of course being an ex TAB bookie. Worryingly ACT want the money paid back, and National have never seemed to care hence appointing the likes of John Carter and Nathan Guy as Racing Ministers over Ian McKelvie who is now their spokesman by way of their last man standing policy.
  6. This rule re no owners or public at races,trials and jumpouts has nothing to do with the Government.It is solely a rule brought in by NZ Thoroughbred Racing. That being the case why was it changed supposedly for Hastings on Saturday?.Dont tell me it was to let owners of horses in the Group 1 race attend because there were a lot of other high profile people there other than those owners,trainers,jockeys and staff etc.????
  7. Woa!!! steady on.You are talking about the Racing INTEGRITY Unit there!!! Are you questioning their INTEGRITY????
  8. When did that rule get changed? Its only 3 days ago that owners were not even allowed to watch their horses at the Levin Jumpouts according to an NZTR directive,even though they are unofficial.Smacks of double standards Mr Saundry??Surely not??
  9. I thought that todays Races at Hastings were to be run as a closed meeting under NZTR Covid 19 Level 2 regulations??? If thats the case why does TV coverage show some Owners on course??? Have I missed something?
  10. Fields and Results are on Loveracing.co.nz
  11. Well that would be a disaster for Racing.Winston is the best Racing Minister ever and every racing enthusiast needs to give their Party Vote to Winstons NZ First.
  12. Anyone able to explain why the Committee etc of the Taupo Racing Club were allowed oncourse today while Owners werent?
  13. My horses have raced at Ellerslie,Riccarton,Trentham,Awapuni,Ashburton,New Plymouth,Tauherenikau,Otaki,Te Rapa,Gisborne,Woodville,Hawera,Waipukurau,Wanganui,Feilding,Waverley,Wairoa,Blenheim and Hastings. My top 6 would be Tauherenikau,Gisborne,Waipukurau,Waverley,Wairoa,Blenheim with a special mention to Awapuni's specially dedicated all day access Wellfield Lodge/NZ Racing owners room for anyone who has a horse racing that day where you get a dedicated tote operator,free tea and coffee,subsidised bar and buffet meal,numerous leather couches,window leaners and stools,ample tables and ch
  14. I think Wellingtons policy now is that if you own a horse on your own you get 2 race books and 2 owners ribbons which gets you in the members stand and after your race entry into the owners presentation room for a free drink and sandwich.If your one of ten owners each of you gets 2 race books and 2 owners ribbons, so 20 people into the members stand and presentation room. One owner is paying a fortune to race a horse.Ten owners each pay a lot less .No wonder syndicates are flourishing.Is it a deliberate bias? not sure,,,
  15. He's not a professional.He's just a committee member ,albeit with a high profile, and a large ego who for some reason seems to have a sense of entitlement. One of the reasons though that racing is in trouble is there has been too many people like this guy with their snout in the trough making out they care about our great game when really they are more worried about their own pocket.
  16. Just check and make sure though that all of your sponsorship money paid actually ends up in the clubs hands as some foolish and struggling clubs pay their sponsorship managers a commission on sponsorship received ,even when the person getting the commission is a committee member, who supposedly is, and to all outward appearances looks like a volunteer. These bludgers are actually only feathering their own nests and their struggling racing clubs finances are secondary to their own. Insist that no commission gets deducted from your sponsorship money ,and if you cant get that guarantee, sponsor
  17. The bigger picture is that contrary to your suggestion they are far from broke with 7 or 8 million debt (your figures) and 100s of millions of dollars worth of land hahaha
  18. 15 horses in the next at Riccarton and at least 75 owners listed .If they all have an "owners punt" thats a fair bit of turnover over 11 races I'd of thought along with all their other bets on the day.
  19. But surely the land at Awapuni and Trentham would be worth at todays section values in prime residential locations $250 million.The debt is miniscule if you are prepared to look at the bigger picture,if you want to.
  20. bhahahaha trust me.If they've spent a few grand each month having their horse in work they will be having a bet alright ,,,,
  21. So if we bet up large on the NZ TAB and only the NZ TAB , i.e. dont bet with ANY overseas agencies, we should be ok for the extra top up????