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  1. Not sure 60% is correct. Ireland is one of highest vacinated populations. 75.5% of their population fully vaxd. NZ is 68.9% of total population. Don't get me wrong though, I am over all this shit and just want to get on with normality.
  2. He is a certainty I reckon and I personally hope he does. I think he will offer a lot.
  3. Horse moved in front of him, pure bad luck. The horse wasn't going good enough to win anyhow. The day was a success and served a purpose. 87 horses in the northern racing finally got a day out where their trainers could attend.
  4. Interesting read, and I think the What's out says more than the what's in slow or no change to our racing product (hopefully this is true, as we have been moving very slowly for a long time. The Messera report never changed things as quick as I hoped) confusing Saturday strategy 3 x meeting Saturdays (we haven't got the jockeys for this because of how bad are domestic scene has become) consistently poor winter (winter is winter, so horses need winter tracks. I like jump racing in winter. I think the all weather track was a good consistent betting product du
  5. Probabeel was class, she is a great mare. In my opinion she is a much better mare than Melody Belle.
  6. @NextPlease I am astonished that a so called professional tipster would put bets on two days in advance without knowing final track conditions...Good luck.....
  7. The wage subsidy is publicly availaible information and can only be claimed against employees that have been paid (ie reconciled to the IRD). Businesses 30% down can claim, a pub will be a 100% down. I am in the event industry and my business is negative (refunding customers their deposits). Not all businesses are suffering equally in this lockdown!!
  8. I personally think we could do without comments like "you queer f wit". and "f butt you with a pineapple".......
  9. It is up to the tracks to choose if they want owners or not. Te Aroha has choosen not to have patrons tomorrow. I think it is cazy that owners can not go on course. If you have to watch them on TV then they might a well be watching them in Australia.
  10. We don't have as strong as gambling ethos as the HK, Australia (probably half); however we are not that far off US, Ireland, UK. Australia and HK are still our audience or target markets for the TAB. So we can still make our product more attractive for them to punt on it. The Windsor Plate is a very unattractive punting race (no disrespect to connections that have horses in it that our better than I have had).
  11. The Group 1 Windsor Plate this weekend has the following: Only 1 horse that has won a group 1 in it Only two horses rated over 100 Average ratings 92 No 3yo's and only 1 4yo. Average age is 6yo Dire times
  12. NZ has too many pattern races (aka black type) as a percentage of its total race population. It is 6% compared to desired international of 5%. So effectively we have roughly another 20% races to be removed. NZ has 150 black type races and that should be aboout 125. However the fly in the ointment is that our horse population is shrinking fast, 600 hundred less foals last year and more horses sold overseas (especially one winners). So our horse population will need less races, this means that suddenly that 125 desired number might become100. To meet overseas markets
  13. Summer cut hay sells in winter and spring. I am not saying this is what happened. But it would be easy to get a travel document under animal welfare if you said you delivered hay to animals that needed it.
  14. My guess, and just guesses (as I find the whole thing a side show and the Government are enjoying distraction) are. 1. He sells hay, so he would be able to get an essential service document to deliver hay under the animal welfare. 2. Animal welfare 3. She may have been down there before lockdown 4. I understand trying to get away with it. 5. Name suppression is easy to get for 24-48 hours, it then becomes more difficult. There are 2 million people in lockdown, 500 covid cases. 300 of them from Samoan church which I have presumed they are not part of. So