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    Trump written off

    Ohoka and Bloke have just got 2 calming goats each. Watch and listen the shit these imbeciles come up with. 2 of the greatest fuckwits on here.
  2. Lee270744

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    There has been NO diversion and NO Lifting of suppression orders, The hatred of All-Stars by Stables and Jack Sprat knows no bounds.
  3. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    I bet this Fuckn MORON still believes Jussie Mollett's story is real. He cant watch CNN apologising for all the fake news it reports.
  4. Lee270744

    Purdon buys Aussie horses

    Is it a coincidence that the All-Star haters are always wishing and hoping Harness racing is finished and the 394 licenced trainers are wasting their time. Can't wait to see if the yearling sale is a massive flop. We will see who buys and pays the most.
  5. Lee270744

    Weir waves the white flag

    Has there been any mention of a French girl, then a stooge being in the stables from the police? it could be a malicious rumour but I know they used undercover policewomen in Inca.
  6. Lee270744

    Good Trial Sat

    A quick perusal of the large fields for Amberley today and Sundays meeting at Mount Harding suggest racing is not as bad as you make out stables, Surely the 396 licenced trainers are not all illiterate they must read Harness racing is finished, all over. I remember most punters in the 60s 70s 80s 90s said when they lost that's it its all over. They said the same about Smith and Cummings and Hayes has anyone noticed the decline in Aussie racing? Would anyone like wager the NZ Trotting Cup won't be run in November in five years time?
  7. Lee270744

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    Strange stats for one who doesn't like winning. Natalie Rasmussen (13Jan@06:23) Trainer/Driver Search Licence: Public Trainer(Pship), Open Driver Colours: Driver Statistics: (Lifetime - wins/placings) Trainer Stats Season Start 1st 2nd 3rd $ UDR 2019 Open Driver 34 19 3 3 930,416 .6373 Trot: 0 0 0 0 2018 Open Driver 89 43 14 7 1,794,031 .5968 Trot: 4 2 1 0 2017 Open Driver 90 48 16 11 1,596,448 .6728 Trot: 1 0 0 1 2016 Open Driver 65 19 19 11 984,061 .5111 Trot: 5 0 2 1 2015 Open Driver 134 48 26 18 1,208,216 .5108 Trot: 25 6 4 4 2014 Open Driver 94 43 15 13 900,999 .5922 Trot: 6 2 2 0 2013 Open Driver 66 11 13 7 300,547 .3114 Trot: 10 0 4 0 2012 Open Driver 44 9 8 5 307,102 .3434 Trot: 3 1 0 0 2011 Overseas Open Driver 3 0 2 0 129,000 .3704 Trot: 0 0 0 0 Lifetime: Starts: 619 Trot: 54 1st: 240 Trot: 11 2nd: 116 Trot: 13 3rd: 75 Trot: 6 Stakes: 8,150,819 UDR: .5322
  8. Lee270744

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    It was meant to be light-hearted, there was nothing untoward about the race, as a matter of fact, I got the trifecta and was telling an absolute legend of the game when i spotted the drivers we had a chuckle about it. I don't crawl out from under rocks Jack Sprat whoever you are, I wonder who you are? everyone knows me and I have been the fours boys biggest supporter and I don't make snide remarks like you. It must be hard when you are an All-Stars hater and see how successful they are. BTW Jack who are you? Let's see who has the balls now.
  9. Lee270744

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Did anyone pick up on the common thread in race 7 at Rangiora the first four drivers home?
  10. Lee270744

    Poor old Brodie. Well done Basil

    One bet that would be long odds on is that Brodie has been blessed with two dicks.
  11. Lee270744

    ID 18 Draws......

    All going well ill be up on new years eve for the cup are you going?
  12. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    21,785 viewsJul 3, 2018, 12:57pm Sean Hannity Unrivaled As Fox News Posts 66th Consecutive Quarter At No. 1 Mark JoyellaContributor Media & EntertainmentI cover political media--and media politics. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images) Nobody can touch Sean Hannity. Ratings data released Tuesday by Nielsen show the Fox News Channel host is unrivaled as the most-watched host in cable news, with 3.368 million total viewers — the only show on Fox News, MSNBC or CNN to break three million. It was Hannity's best ratings performance since returning to the 9 p.m. time slot. MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, which finished in second place, was the only show among the five highest-rated that did not air on Fox News Channel, with a total audience of 2.752 million. Just last fall, Rachel Maddow led MSNBC to a major victory, finishing the third quarter in first place — the first MSNBC show to finish a quarter at No. 1 in the network's history. Hannity trailed by just 30,000 total viewers at the time and led Maddow by 600,000 viewers in Q2 2018. With Hannity leading the way, Fox News posted an average total audience of 2.447 million in prime time, ahead of MSNBC (1.736 million) and CNN (929,000), which was the only cable news network to see its audience drop in prime time, down 12%. By comparison, FNC was up 4%, and MSNBC grew by 6%. Fox News has now been the highest-rated cable news channel for 66 consecutive quarters, posting wins in virtually all metrics: in prime time, in total day, and in terms of total viewers and viewers 25-54, the demographic group most coveted by advertisers. After Hannity and Maddow, the top-rated shows in cable news were Tucker Carlson Tonight (2,697,000 total viewers), The Ingraham Angle (2,654,000) and The Five (2,233,000). YOU MAY ALSO LIKE The competition among viewers 25-54 was closer, with Hannity finishing first (685,000), followed by The Rachel Maddow Show (559,000), The Ingraham Angle (544,000), Tucker Carlson Tonight (541,000) and MSNBC's Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell (419,000). In the demo, all three networks saw declines in total day viewership, with CNN posting the biggest decline (down 23%) followed by Fox News (down 9%) and MSNBC (down 5%). And the Fuckwit morons believe CNN is real, the poor silly Left wing moronic fuckwit imbeciles wake up to yourselves, surely you must read the posts you put up here.
  13. Lee270744

    ID 18 Draws......

    I see Natalie has gone for Cruz Bromac.
  14. Lee270744

    Presenter on Trackside

    And got headhunted so off to Aus she goes.
  15. Lee270744

    Cup weeks over but

    What's the name of his horse maybe I can swing off its tail like they do with AS's horses.
  16. Lee270744

    Addington thoughts tonight

    You are on the mark Janitor.
  17. Lee270744

    residency for drug smuggler

    You can borrow this calming Goat for next Tuesday's mid-terms
  18. Lee270744


    Ted Archer and Kit Carsons what a double
  19. Lee270744


    Im, sure he doesn't play with the full deck he makes some erroneous statements fueled on hate of successful trainers. I used to get a bit of humour from his literacy skills or lack of them he never turned spellcheck on.
  20. Lee270744

    Bleeding Horses

    Sorry, I thought you meant to rejuvenate the blood taken from the horse. And a lot of trainers that got horses from other trainers took precautions and bled them to start afresh not knowing what the other one had given it.
  21. Lee270744

    MR X & MR Y

    And Mr Mc, Mr B, and Mr N.
  22. Lee270744

    Bleeding Horses

    Can you find out where they get the rejuvenated blood from?
  23. Lee270744

    JCA Committee to hear Exclusion Enquiry

    No, they were not the target of the vendetta.
  24. Lee270744

    JCA Committee to hear Exclusion Enquiry

    Have you thought some or all of this is just a jealous vendetta ? You are 1000% correct LO it is a vendetta and it got a few on the periphery involved, unfortunately.
  25. Lee270744

    Congrats to one of RC's winning contributors

    Thanks very much boys.