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    Panic on Wall Street !

    Where is Slam Dunk with the US Stock market report? U.S. equity markets ebbed and flowed on Tuesday before breaking away with the Dow Jones Industrial Average adding over 1,167 points clawing back from a deficit.
  2. Lee270744

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    It would help the Morbidly Obese people lining up in the Manurewa poverty line every day, check the video out on Stuff. Bty do Wins supplement the cost of their Tattoo's?
  3. Lee270744

    The Box Seat-A Question??

    I'm with you Stables take the $30000 approx. to run the Box Seat and give it to the 3000 races run each year that's about $10 a race and don't worry about the harness stalwarts who love to see their programme on trotting each week. Soon we will be like harness racing haters on another forum who couldn't bring themselves to mention Dexter Dunn's magnificent achievement's. If you don't like Box Seat on the top right of your remote the off button is there push it.
  4. Lee270744


    I'm surprised that so many punters got the quaddies on Sunday first one paid $5832 and the last one paid $15770 surely the tipsters would have got them.
  5. Lee270744

    Any updates on Inca ?

    I'm with you TDO I was in Aussie when they had a ring-in, I will never back a galloper again, another time there was a card counter at the casino and that put me right off casinos. I got put off lotto when I saw the odds where 1 in 3,800,000.
  6. Lee270744

    Miracle Mile

    Alta Orlando coulda fared better (I'm not sure if he's still a Kiwi?) He is until he gets a conviction then he's Aussie. lol
  7. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Do you watch him often?
  8. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Ohokaman you are not only a moronic TWAT you obviously cant FUCKING read what you have written or hear what Pompeo said. Pompeo came first at West Point and graduated at Harvard Law School and is a lot smarter than the idiot doing the video I can promise you that, read his CV and tell me you believe the idiot on the video.
  9. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Your sister Ilhan Omar said the same thing about 9/11
  10. Lee270744

    Corporate raider in the poo

    Not the first brown hat he has worn.
  11. Lee270744

    Turn it up

    Hi Iraklis great to see you back yeah he got bit of a reaction to a simple procedure hopefully that's behind him. I wonder if he heard about his mates, he will pick up quick if he did
  12. Lee270744

    Turn it up

    He is back in work now.
  13. Lee270744

    Oh dear......what does RIU stand for ?

    Are you sure you have not taken a blue pill when you are on your own?
  14. Lee270744


    Try Specsavers.
  15. Lee270744

    Oh dear......what does RIU stand for ?

    I reckon its Fisher and Paykel.
  16. I was curious to know if the Minister of Racing attended the biggest harness racing day of the calendar or even the start of one of the biggest racing days of the gallops? Its a shame when they show no interest. I hope I'm wrong.
  17. Lee270744

    NZ Cup

    The 1st was a Wednesday.
  18. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    No but Trump is very very good at fucking with your head.
  19. Lee270744

    Dylan kennet

    The sire is very ordinary.
  20. Lee270744

    Trump written off

    Ohokaperson you always say FUCKING MORONS do you have a mirror close by?
  21. Lee270744

    Trump written off

  22. Lee270744

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Like you Jack there is a plethora of ACS haters on another forum one of which had his horses blood processed but reading his threads one would assume that he wants it banned. Hypocrisy when it suits their pockets and their sheepish traits.
  23. Lee270744

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    will see a stable or two come back to the field! Jack I would say just reading that proposed rule certainly would have been more exhilarating to you than your first intimate encounter with a human of the opposite sex! Is there any prizes for guessing which stable you were referring to? And lastly would that rule have been initiated by a Veterinarian?
  24. Lee270744

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Red How ironic you posted a day after All Stars won the four races they contested. Maybe read the brochure again it will help you understand what ACS is also my name and the name in the brochure is the same person. I hope the trainers and racing people are right I should get 58 bloods this week not counting the winners.
  25. Lee270744

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Hi Red When I read BROACHER (Brochure) I thought poor old Red is maybe a trifle illiterate and after that he confirmed he is really dumb. Red I implore to read what you have written and tell me that you are SANE. If you do not know anything about ACS its a lot easier to not comment on a topic you are ignorant with.