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  1. Hi Meomy Our industry is far less significant in the world of sport now than it was in 2010. My comment is certainly not a reflection of my involvement, but the reality is that the outlets you speak of want and need to sell publications. Betting publications impact on such a small percentage of the population, they would be sending more back than they sell. Reality is hard to accept, but the only papers that sell are the local papers. NZTR or NZRB are not going to help get into NW or Countdown etc, unless they want to pay for it. NZRB could always sacrifice a staff member to make it happen!!!!
  2. They are hard to win.....but can be won with the target being right. Sofia Rosa can win the Myer but I can't see a Derby Winner from our last 2YO crop. The Cox will be harder to win than ever before, off shore talent, local talent and Kiwis will be of the highest order, but the mare is going to be very hard to roll, that mare is the best they have had past a mile in decades....the big W
  3. Tasman Man, I am comparing apples with apples. Big days with big days and only gallopers. Not interested in the other codes generally speaking. If you think they are comparable, as I said you are easily pleased and good luck to you, but at least I know ReillyM and many others have a differing view. I am from a TV production background with a lot of experience. I believe we can do a great deal better than we presently are. Good producing and good training is needed to upgrade the skills of the presenters. I like Tommy when he is on as you can expect to get a comment based on expertise and fact. Due respect to Jane, she tries hard, but doesn't get within 5 lengths of the lady from HK, in my view. Why haven't we harvested the expertise of retired jocks or retired trainers to be comments people at all premier meetings? You watch the All Black games and the comments from previous players are usually informative and valid, they see things you don't see and the same can be said for racing. We have a ways to go, but we have to want to lift the bar, not just say it's OK as it is when clearly it isn't.
  4. You are very easy to please. If you were to compare the closest to home product coming from Australia, we are a way behind. The post and pre race interviews staged there are informed, educated and in the most part, very enlightening. They capture so much in a short space of time and you get to see the personalities of Australian racing. Here you are treated to the personalities of the presenters. Every person is an initial by name, whether it be jockey or trainer. It is tabloid slang trash, without giving due respect to the person they are talking to. Our local presenters are not improving. The clown from the central region cannot even pronounce the names of some of the runners. All they are trying to do is inspire betting on every single horse in every single race. But the reality is, their standards are those of junior broadcast school entrants and the reality is they do not have the training required to upgrade their performance. One noticeable improvement has been the skilled responses coming from some of the jockeys. They have learned a lot and have a better understanding of the value of what they are saying to the viewers of the channel. So full marks to them. All we now need to get is better standards elevated by some of the interviewers. If you want to understand what a comments person should sound like, listen to either Hong Kong or UK coverage. The comparison will make you cringe at what we are subjected to in NZ.
  5. Top class filly who will outclass any other up to the Eight Carat
  6. If a writer is keen, enthusiastic, looking to tell a NEW story, they go get it, but our guys are not hungry enough to go look for a story, they are results (race) driven only. They want to be tipsters and predictors of results rather than look at the stories that are all over our sport. Some stories come through the Informant and some in the Bulletin but very few in the Weekend papers or metropolitan daily rags. Like all editors will say, there is no budget to investigate any worthwhile is not confined to our sport, look at many other sports other than rugby, cricket and some league angles, most other sports don't get good media coverage outside of Olympic timeframes. We need to make our industry more appealing to readers by creating worthwhile stories that have wide appeal. Maybe we need to teach Dan Carter to ride.......!
  7. I have a belief that the horse we produce is as good as we have ever produced, but we need to adapt to the world of gambling as it now prevails. Let's now hope we have management skills that reflect the quality of what we produce.
  8. The pokies are over 9 billion a year, so the obvious question is how did it get to that level. Legislation was lax in the introductory phase as legislators (Internal Affairs) could not see how the mushroom could grow, so there was and could be machines wherever. They have now put the pressure back on local councils to review that process. The Tax man is very happy, but they also know the disease is reaching epidemic proportions. What needs to happen is a review and upgrade of the licensing of pokies (who, what, where), review of the distribution of revenue (who, what, where and why) and better management procedures and processes involved in that distribution (checks and balances and audits). If racing meets the reviewed criteria, then it should be entitled to a grant the same as every other sports club that gains a grant. Rugby, League, cricket clubs are all under fiscal pressure, the same as racing clubs, so there should not be any differentiation between them. So long as they meet the criteria, which is what should be in the review. Better education and management surrounding the environment of pokies and their users is also a must, but that is also the most difficult to achieve. The pubs, clubs that play host to the slots are just as keen on the profits as the tax man. What odds are being offered that T Flavell's bill will or won't get through?? About the same as Hone being Prime Minister one day I should think!
  9. The Americans recognize what they have to do when they have foals from older mares, you just change your management programmes. The DNA and the blood from older stallions and older mares does not change, all you need to do is change the management of progeny from the moment of foaling. There are always statistics, but records of performances provide the evidence by which you judge statistics. That's the reality, not fashion..........!!
  10. Frankel may well be the best named and most talented horse you will ever see, the trainer he was named after will be admiring this with glee. But he is a 10 furlong horse without a doubt. Black Caviar is undoubtedly going to show her talent as well, but they are different horses at different distances, but.............they are likely to be the best at their respective distances that you may ever see............throw Sunline in to fill the gap between the distances and you can tell your grandchildren about them. All three are without doubt true Champions but just lap it up and wish you could get one half as good!!!!
  11. 3 NZ bred starters, 2 Group One winners, beginning to gain some momentum.....
  12. A bit of old magic works wonders
  13. Henry, his pedigree is good but can you tell me the type of mare suits him best?
  14. I have a couple of mares with white socks who come back from studs with mud fever. When they return to their diets which includes sulphur, it just goes away. I'm sure there are further things to consider including the environment, but that's how it works for me. Prior to my using sulphur, I used to spray a bluestone mix which dried the scabs and they used to scrap off easily. But sulphur works a treat for me.
  15. Louise, I have good reason to believe that Shinko King has passed as a result of the proverbial "L" disease of our industry. It seems to afflict the best ones like Sunline, Barbaro and now Shinko. Shinko King was a very understated stallion, never marketed that well and because of the structural nature of his progeny never became a fashionable "yearling" stallion. But he was a very good stallion. His progeny at their best as they aged, but he was a great stallion to his supporters and shareholders. I have bred many fine horses by him and now will have look elsewhere to find such a well bred, well performed stallion at a reasonable price to replace him. Tell me, when you find them, where you can get a Group 1 winning(in the best and true meaning of the class) brother to a Derby winner from a classic black type family that contests at the best levels and a family that performs anywhere in the world, all for around $5K!
  16. Insider, your thoughts are not going to change what stud masters set as their fee for the season. But I'm pretty sure that not many stallions will not have the "full book" message against their names! Talk to them if you are interested in their stallion and many studs will respond with some form of positive offer, of that you can be sure.
  17. Yes, I did get that wrong and it is good to see that people are reading now and using their dictionary. And I can also see the apprentice has moved on with his English, but perhaps he could learn some more about the wonderful english language and the word "bias" before getting personal in his comments. Clearly you will never leave your apprenticeship with that attitude as you haven't yet learned enough.
  18. Jane, please use the dictionary if you don't know how to spell. If the Stewards told you to jump off the Auckland Harbour bridge you would do that to without question? In my view it will remain one of the most reckless rides I have ever seen in any race, let alone a stakes race. McDonald is a very good jockey, of that there is no doubt, but he still has much to learn. Perhaps it will take an injury for him to learn to respect the health of his fellow jocks. What it does reveal, is the significant weaknesses still left within our industry structure!
  19. What sort of statement is that? Obviously you were somewhat distracted when making that comment, or does it reflect something else that is lacking.
  20. We all acknowledge the dangers involved in race riding, but in my view JM was reckless and dangerous with this ride. Money does not replace the limb or life of a fellow jockey and for him to continue to pressure the filly with total disregard for the safety of the three jocks outside him is indicative of immaturity of both jockey and horse. I know he did not appreciate the comments of his fellow jocks as they returned to the birdcage! An enforced decent holiday will help him reflect on his actions and hopefully he won't be so stupid in the future. Let him try that in Australia and the consequences will be a lot harder to take.
  21. Have a review farrah of all South Island race start times over the last twelve months. I would suggest that you would be lucky to get 10% that start at the advertised start time. Perhaps there is a South Island time as opposed to daylight saving time??
  22. Hi Kevin Drop me an email and I will give you directions. Cheers
  23. Megan, want to let them all go as one lot, $50 should buy them.
  24. I have successive Stallion Registers from 1991 - 2010 looking for a new home. Of interest to anyone?
  25. Hi Jennifer, please provide the mare name, perhaps on