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  1. Perhaps you can reflect on what Max Abbott has been up to lately. Just saying!
  2. Liz I haven’t been on the Committee for a couple of years as I moved to the Bay Of Plenty. So not privy to current info. However, I do know that in my time there, what land was sold was at much better than values quoted in some quarters. As that info will remain confidential, it will not be disclosed. But Wobbles was talking about less than CV, strange really that he should mention that measure. As the Club created the titles for the land sold whilst I was on the Committee, therefore it didn’t have a CV per se. Hence my comment about joining the dots. It is disappointing that this platform does have a lot of information discussed at length at times, when so much of the details in discussion are far removed from being accurate. Hyperbole is always good for a bit of dramatic effect I guess. Cheers John
  3. Don’t know where you get your info Wobbles, but the dots you join are miles away from accurate! Should be a member and then you might get the real picture. cheers John
  4. Go and do a bit more research, particularly on the impact of gravity. That video is a cut and paste job on the basis of their message they want to promote. Bit like the 5G communication process for Covid 19 I suppose to some. Cheers
  5. So Nomates How did those races happen to go to Ellerslie? cheers
  6. Think you will find a different Mr Wheeler to the one you know. cheers
  7. Leggy, the problem with collaboration, is that RITA hasn’t used any. My understanding is when generating the draft of the new RACING ACT, RITA did NOT contact or collaborate with any code Chair or Board or CEO, so I guess the pot calling the kettle black needs to be heard loudly by RITA. And if they don’t know, who of the senior team should be made redundant, then they should ask their customers, I am pretty confident those to go would be obvious soon enough.
  8. Bullbars being offered on the Inglis digital site for unreserved sale. Beautiful pedigree and great type but they need speed in the mares and take a wee bit of time. Can understand Highview taking that option. Shame for the loss of the blood. John
  9. Nil work for most of the senior salaried execs in Petone, were they made redundant Dean? Perhaps the $585 per week may have helped.....
  10. Well I think Glen Larmer is an amateur twot...................he does not initiate original questions, he plays buddy buddy with every person he interviews and in some cases they have never heard of him. He is a basic plonker who needs to understand what good radio journalism really is. My basis of this is that I was forced to listen to him every morning in a rehab gym for months about four years ago, maybe the years have improved him, but with his IQ I doubt that very much.
  11. Oh Dear, what a result this evening..........something wrong?
  12. Disagree P4P. I think he thought he had that substance, clearly not. The DIA ran him over and minced him and the others on the RITA board capitulated to their beliefs as they (the DIA) have believed that they have had control of gaming and gambling in NZ for decades. That’s the reality of it and plenty of submissions against the draft act recognised the DIA process of setting things up for themselves. Mind you, most of us were “boomers” with some wisdom of experience of bureaucracy at work, recognised what was trying to be generated. The ACT will be changed, hopefully to a position that is agreeable to most, but we need to keep the Welly bureaucracy away from the control aspect as they have wasted our reserves, sold the building and implemented a salvage process that was unthought of 10 years ago. Keep Safe Cheers John
  13. The times, they are a changing. Besides showing my age with that opening, I am really disappointed to see that the investment value of the industry is rapidly disappearing in broodmares. Times we live in require delivery in an instant. If you do not have a black type delivery broodmare, then you are going to be under the pump. She has to be a stakes horse herself for a potential ROI on her first three foals, if she is a half to a stakes winner, then you are struggling to warrant the investment of a suitable stallion mating. Anything else as a base criteria means your broodmare has tangible emotional meaning to you, and you have some other means to make it sustainable, or you live in hope that what you have in the paddock is superior to anything else she has produced. The proposition is still the same as years gone by, is what we put in over capitalising the mare?.....................(This is in no way a shot at the real capital investors, the stallion owners, who know the odds before they start the purchase process) cheers to all............ John
  14. Nor far from the right move Berri. Anyone from overseas is a potential carrier. The Prof from Otago was right, test everyone arriving, if showing signs quarantine them, if not self isolate, 14 days reveals the truth. Not a big hardship if you think you are constructively helping your country. Quarantine people get determined and rated and treated if required. Anyone who flaunts the rules, put them in isolation for a week and their views will change. The longest period suffered would be six weeks and then we are back on track with confidence and can then address our industry issues..............LOL
  15. Why do you change the riding tactics of a horse that tends to race midfield or further back and finish with a 33 and hangs to try to eyeball the main opposition? If you think you have a way better horse maybe, or you are arrogant in the extreme. Error in the decision process and the poor bugger did the best he could as a result. Just my humble opinion. Lesson learned............hopefully
  16. Is that what was posted on Noms morning as track condition?
  17. Any of you keyboard warriors putting in a submission to the Select COMMITTEE before next week? Hope so, you have plenty to say about the shambles of the environment that prevails today. Get thinking and do something positive with your thoughts!!!
  18. Hello Anzac friends I have spent a few weeks in you land over Christmas and experienced the pressures you’re suffering in Vic and NSW. I can offer my assistance in the form of a green paddock and good feed. If you require a clean air opportunity for a developing yearling or 2 YO, and a home to continue their growth from your ANZAC compatriot for some months free of charge, I am happy to provide that opportunity. As a small breeder and conscious of your present conditions I can understand the concerns some of you have challenging you daily existence. Please let me know if I can help. Cheers John
  19. I will add my 2 Pennith worth to this thread. The RIB took away the incentives for clubs to make money for themselves by the re rating of the betting levies they supplied to clubs. All clubs were provided with a descriptive grade, as a course, and they were then provided with a set % revenue on course betting return dependant on the rating of the meeting they staged. Exampled by Auckland, Wgtn and Chch effectively having their premier meeting betting revenue grades assured and received a BENEFICIAL level of betting commission as opposed to the smaller clubs, West Coast or elsewhere, who provided the backbone of free labour input willingly to help their community racing effort. So you would end up having venue rated industry clubs, stage industry days where they are effectively ghost race meetings, just there to implement betting turnover. Stiassny wanted Monday racing to fit a market that’s didn’t even exist, by using the industry grade model. A proven failure, at a great cost to internal resources. The promising ACA student that created this rating model had a frontal lobotomy when he left college. The outcome was always predictable. No incentive for the Committee members of clubs to seek and provide race sponsors and continue the input for anything other than premier days because you are always going to get a set fee to cover your staging expenses. Such a platform is no incentive to get new sponsors and new attendees as their is absolutely no benefit to the club to put in that effort. Clubs need incentives to stage their events. Always have done, always will do, that is the nature of free enterprise. Be it for local community spirit and inputs that generate the appropriate attendances they should be rewarded for their efforts and a better betting percentage of the oncourse betting dollar. If that incentive was provided again, then greater returns on the investment of time and effort would also lead to an upgrade in facilities and attendances and also betting turnover. The Racing Ministers plan to capitalise industry assets that it does not own is sheer communist theft and needs to be pushed back to the utmost level. If the industry needs that level of funding from asset sales, let the new regimes being planned, go and talk to the major financial lending resource suppliers and they will soon learn how to run a business well. Rather than idiots we have had for the last decade or any government plonkers at the DIA that could not run a fundraising raffle for a chicken in the public bar of a pub. Trying to create a Government statute to take away venues that do not belong to them, is complete lunacy and treacherous behaviour and thinking. It is truly appalling to even be thinking that way. IMO
  20. No sales available in Katikati?
  21. Berri, I think you can acknowledge that she continues to improve, so the race of a while back is not the benchmark for judgement calls. She has now fully matured, as was evident in her condition and as a rule Hearts Cry stock improve with age. Outstanding effort to win, but have a look at Almond Eye running 1.56.2, pure class....... cheers John
  22. Trump, you are not too far away from reality, or what it really should be. But if you have seen him in action, you can see how he could convince the “Board” he was going in the right direction. The chair was the culprit, she of little upstairs, but plenty everywhere else. JA convinced her, and she wouldn’t know what he was talking about because she didn’t understand the industry anyway, as exampled by the resignation statement. JA will show up again, possibly as the new President of the Labour Party as he and Jacinda would get on well together, both smiling and shallow and trying to provide answers to everything. Sorry folks, there is still a funding shortfall of significance, so there has to be less racing or races, to consume the less money available for stakes. Betting levels will be a real challenge but if the second part of the plan is franked in Parliament before Christmas then there is light ahead, but a wee way off as yet.
  23. Question for Dean There are various platforms available in the communication world today. But the TAB have closed the door on the phone punters and the small bettors that had an interest, and also closed the various TAB sites and agencies around the country, therefore leading to the closure of the 4 to 5 hours of churn betting that such platforms generated. Can we expect to see a return of phone betting and less closures of TAB outlets to facilitate the 20% of betting that was lost as a result of such closures? The average age of a racing bettor is increasing and that age is not a reflection of the latest communication platforms available in NZ. There could be an increase of up to 10% betting available if they understand markets and customers!! John John Clydesdale The decision to move away from phone betting was taken in 2016. Like other industries, TAB customers were increasingly shifting online. At the time, more than 70% of customers over 65 were using online channels and very few new customers were using the Phonebet service. The TAB has continued to provide touchtone betting and a phone service for medically restricted customers. As we look to increase distributions to industry we have to be very conscious of our spend as well as what our customers want. Returning to phonebet is not an investment we are looking to make. The retail network remains a very important part of the TAB offering . However, given the ongoing migration of customers to other channels, we are constantly reviewing our network to ensure it’s fit for purpose and commercially viable. We have more than 500 TAB outlets around the country and we continue to invest in our branches to improve the customer experience.But it’s also a very costly part of our business so we need to continue to be mindful of driving efficiencies where we can, including through our online offering.
  24. I have two mares from this family, whilst not black type horses, they have left plenty of winners. Blancpain, the best of them and all hers to race have won. It was witnessing Il Tempo winning the Cups that prompted me to get in the family, backed up of course by Show Gate and her wonderful deeds. I just need to breed one with a bit of the class of those two horses and I would be happy. cheers John