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  1. r1.4/10 r2.4/7 r3.8/10 r4.8/13 r5.2/6 r6.3/14 r7.9/11 r8.4/8 r9.10/11 r10.3/4 rosie myers
  2. R1.5-9 R2.6-15 R3.2-7 R4.2-11 R5.7-11 R6.3-5 R7.3-10 R8.8-13 R9.3-6 R10.8-18 thx and good luk all.
  3. yes you are right,i had better study a lot more,lol
  4. fellow swampies ok for the joker next saturday? brian.
  5. r1/2-6 sub5 r2/1-6 sub12 r3/5-9 sub4 r4/7-15 sub10 r5/8-12 sub3 r6/3-13sub2 r7/1-4 sub3 r8/7-13 sub6 r9/2-10sub4 r10/1-14sub8 noel harris
  6. r1/13-15 r2/3-11 r3/2-7 r4/3-6 r5/4-8 r6/3-14 r7/3-10 r8/1-14 r9/5-9 r10/3-14 david walsh gl 2 all
  7. r1,2-4 r2,6-10 r3,5-9 r4,6-7 r5,14-17 r6,3-15 r7,8-11 r8,6-11 r9,15-16 r10,7-10 star jockey=craig newitt thx
  8. r1-1/5 r2-7/11 r3-6/10 r4-3/5 r5-6/4 r6-3/12 r7-5/15 r8-5/9 r9-4/14 r10-1/5 thx
  9. r1-11 r2-10 r3-3 r4-11 r5-12 r6-6 r7-4 r8-12 r9-5 r10-13 thx
  10. r1.6 r2.14-bb r3.10 r4.9 r5.12 r6.15 r7.10 r8.11 r9.8 r10.11 thx