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    Pentire as a broodmare sire

    The green highlighted ones are alphabetical G1 winners...the blue ones are alphabetical G2 winners...the yellow ones are alphabetical G3 winners...then come unhighlighted alphabetical Listed winners...then come alphabetical stakes placed...Then alphabetical winners...then alphabetical placed....then alphabetical non winners...pretty easy really and my typing finger is sore
  2. Rich


    beat me to it Nearco...stud performance: 97 ind. runners, 56 ind. winners, 138 total wins, 1429 total runs 1 Listed stakes winner.
  3. Rich

    Pentire as a broodmare sire

    Not so dumb answer and nothing made up!! The rank list is based on stakes winners...ranked first are the G1 winners (in green)...then the G2 winners, G3 winners, Listed winners etc
  4. Rich

    Pentire as a broodmare sire
  5. Rich

    Dance Floor

    as broodmare sire: 75 mares, 315 foals, 178 (57%) starters, 99 (31% winners), 8SW (3%) AEI 2.74 Damsire of Dance Hero and Pulcinella etc
  6. Rich

    Sir Percy again and again

    Nadeem TF 120 @2
  7. Rich

    Sir Percy again and again

    not taking sides one way or another but here are some stats from RISA website via for comparison....sires that have been mentioned Indy King 137f 92st (67%) 64wnrs (47%) 3SW (2%) AEI 1.07 Iffraaj 413f 212st (51%) 120wnrs (29%) 6SW (1%) AEI 1.11 Nadeem 198f 93st (47%) 46wnrs (23%) 5SW (3%) AEI 1.04 Duelled 266f 95st (36%) 42wnrs (16%) 2SW (1%) AEI 2.03 Sir Percy 146f 52st (36%) 31wnrs (21%) 2SW (1%) AEI 0.76
  8. Rich

    Wonderful broodmares

    some others who produced 5SW+ are: My Tricia bred 5SW (2G1) Review bred 5SW (4G1) Hunza bred 5SW (2G1) Ripeck bred 6SW (2G1) Dark Jewel bred 5SW (3G1) Selene 5SW (4G1) Scapa Flow bred 5SW (3G1) Phase bred 5SW (3G1) Banja Luka bred 6SW (1G1) A number of other broodmares produced 4SW or less but are influential through their daughters which I find of greater importance with regards to passing forward their genes.
  9. Rich


    ...and thank you Kay, haven't done much with it for a while but have learnt some things from it and may continue sometime.
  10. Rich


    thanks is a list of Fastnet Rock's stakeswinners and stakes placegetters that involve duplication of Buckpasser, Sir Tristram, Nijinsky II and Crimson Saint involving the #8 family. A number of other #8 ancestors are in supporting role such as Bold Ruler, Damascus, Red God, Sir Ivor etc and I am currently listing them all to see what the lesser lights also carry. Note the number of G1 winners involving a duplication of Sir Tristram. Amah Rock LW, G3p 5x5 Buckpasser Atlantic Jewel G1w 5x3 Sir Tristram Born To Rock Lw, G1p 4x5 Nijinsky II Curved Ball G2w 5x3 Sir Tristram Empress Rock G2w 5x5 Sir Tristram Foxwedge G2w, G1p 4x5 Crimson Saint Irish Lights G1w 4x5 Crimson Saint Jade Marauder G3w 4x4 Nijinsky II Lovemelikearock G3w, G2p 5x4 Crimson Saint Mosheen G1w 5x4 Sir Tristram Planet Rock G1w 5x3 Sir Tristram Rock 'N' Pop G1w 5x2 Sir Tristram Rock Classic G1w 5x4 Sir Tristram Rock Robster LW 5x4 Buckpasser Rothesay G2w 5x4 Buckpasser Sea Siren G2w 4x5 Nijinsky II Stryker G3w, G1p 5x4 Buckpasser Stakes placed only: Cindarockinrella Lp 4x5 Nijinsky II Ebony Rock Lp 5x4 Buckpasser Epona Princess Lp 4x5 Crimson Saint Highly Recommended G3p 5x5 Buckpasser Lagerphone Lp 4x5 Nijinsky II Liancourt Rock G2p 4x4 Nijinsky II (dam 4x4 Sir Ivor) Miss O'brien Lp 5x4 Sir Tristram, 5x5 Buckpasser Money Rocks G2p 5x5 Buckpasser Teardrop Rock Lp 5x3 Sir Tristram Undeniably G2p 5x5 Buckpasser zikmann Lp 4x5 Crimson Saint
  11. Rich


    Don't normally post here anymore but will make an exception...the key IMHO to Fastnet Rock is his damsire Royal Academy. Note his 8c female line with 3rd dam by Menow 8g...Nijinsky II is 8f...Royal Academy is 4x4 Menow. The major group winners for Fastnet Rock duplicate Sir Tristram or bring lines of Sir Ivor (read Athenia, 3/4 sister to Menow). Certain lines bring further input of Menow, one being Blushing Groom, his sire Red God out of a Menow mare. Just doing a study of his performers as well as those that were minor winners...will take a while to compare but I think that the input of Nassipour by Blushing Groom helped...oh yes, Destruction's female line is also 8f!!! Have a look at Atlantic Jewel...5x3 Sir Tristram; granddam by Nashwan (Blushing Groom); an extra line of Sir Ivor via Alzao...and female line is 8f.
  12. Rich

    Attention Editor

    agree with all above
  13. Rich

    How does this work?

    won March 1998
  14. Rich

    Test Matings

    Hi Cherry, if you need any test matings done I could do some pedigrees for you and email them for free if that helps. Only takes a few minutes to do.
  15. Rich

    St Reims Relocation

    John Corcoran imported War Hawk II from France to Gore in 1973. Corcoran then relocated to Wanganui in 1975 where they operated Maranui Farm. It was in 1989 that Corcoran transferred to Grangewilliam Stud at Waitotara after the owner Captain Tim Roger's death. War Hawk II died that year also. Info. from Jack Glengarry's Another Decade of NZ Racing - The 1980s.