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  1. Sure. But I don't think prophylaxis includes preventative treatment where the necessity of that treatment can be ruled out first. Seems unethical to me.to proceed with a tx that is not necessary if that can be easily established. Especially where the existing status is probably more effective than any treatment.
  2. It's part of normal medical diagnositic practice isn't it? You rule out other things before you prescribe treatment that may be unnecessary. Even Leo knows that.
  3. I don't really understand why they don't check for existing Covid antibodies first, before putting people at risk of unknown intermediate and long term risks from an experimental "vaccine".
  4. Johnathan Parkes | Out until further notice from Wednesday 11 August
  5. People are also entitled to stay alive and well and to expect society to facilitate that.
  6. Exactly. A return is defined as a profit on an investment. This is not a return it is a loss. Even after the TAB top up there is no return. Calling it a return is very misleading.
  7. That would certainly be a massive increase in the context of reduced racing, tracks etc.
  8. Where did you see that scooby?
  9. That plan looks remarkably like the NZTR plan I saw for establishing agreement with the MPI to sustain racing at alert level 4.
  10. Anyone know the status of ETA of this?
  11. That would make it a more interesting event and I think you could then sell more tickets at higher prices.
  12. When do tickets go on sale for the public flogging Scoobs? It could be fun to attend.
  13. Leggy


    Of course 72 runners in 3 events will produce more revenue than 24 horses in 3 events. But you are not listening or comparing apples with apples. If you have 24 potential runners, where is the data from anywhere that suggests 1 24 horse race for them will produce more revenue than 3 8 horse events. I don't think it exists. If you are not dreaming as it seems, then post the data that indicates that.
  14. Leggy


    Yes. All the data I have seen suggests that 3 8 horse fields will generate far more betting revenue than one 24 horse field. So say, 3 $30k races (8 runners) cf. 1 90k race (24 runners) seems a better bet to me. It also gives 3 sets of connections the thrill of a win and a decent chunk of prize money cf. 1. Please make your case transparent Berri. I am not convinced.
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    Go Leo

    https://omny.fm/shows/magic-mornings-with-peter-williams-catchup/playlists/podcast/embed?style=cover From about 2:36 here if you missed it.
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    Go Leo

    and then it would be shame on you for having got that close.
  17. I'm assuming you have not yet read the draft policy fermoy?
  18. Frank Casimaty said this a couple of years back. The profile features a perched water table design which means it holds extra water in the bottom part of the profile. This reduces how frequently the track needs to be watered and helps encourage deeper roots which also help to maximize water use efficiency. Also the track is extremely consistent all the way around so all the track needs the same amount of water and so you don't need to over water some areas to make sure poorer areas get enough. While the grass itself uses the same amount of water on any track the fact that you can more acc
  19. One of the Strathayr claims is significantly reduced water requirements. The below is quite old though. Water Savings The perched water table profile encourages deep roots and reduces overall water usage. Experience is that less water is used and savings occur. eg. Suncorp Stadium ­ Reduced water level usage by 54% while maintaining rootzone depth of 230mm
  20. Yes. But it's listed as a club contribution in the draft funding policy doc.
  21. I like the Strathayr idea but it surely won't cope with more racing than any other well constructed turf track or combination of tracks such as we have now?
  22. Of course, but they wont win or be competitive on weekdays either. What data? Please post it.
  23. Like to know where that idea came from. None of my data suggests that there is any significant difference in ability between a Saturday winner and a Wednesday one in NZ. Do you have data to the contrary?