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  1. This is the monitoring gear they are using.
  2. Great clip. Thanks for posting.Here's the exact link for those that didn't find it. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjr5-zljtz0AhXjheYKHfnBDqUQtwJ6BAgDEAI&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.racing.com%2Fvideos%2F2021-12-08%2Fmaher-implements-sports-science-training-methods&usg=AOvVaw3sdYv2_L1o49rjsjtZcekX
  3. Now I see why you got vaccinated. You could have been upfront about that in the first place instead of claiming some scientific rationale.
  4. Not a bad wicket. Cost me a hundy a shot to get my vax cert.
  5. Are you saying that choosing not to be vaccinated somehow affects those who are?
  6. You are welcome Btw, I'm not an anti-vaxer by any stretch of the imagination and am double vaxed myself. I was cautious about the Pfizer vax though and wanted to wait for as much information as possible before going ahead. If you'd called me anti-mandate you might have been closer. Anyway in making the distinction, I was really referring to my hypothesis that you would expect that as vaccination rates increase, the number of detected cases will decline because you are likely to have a large number of infections with little or no symptoms who therefore won't even get tested and therefore
  7. Are you confusing the "daily infection number" with the daily number of identified cases?
  8. After initial euphoria on the interim results of Molnupiravir, Merck said in November that after all the pooled analysis of a randomized control trial, the relative risk reduction for people who took the drug was 30%, compared to the earlier figure of 50%. The FDA’s subject expert committee voted 13-10 for the nod.
  9. No. Didn't mean to suggest it was in use in NZ. Still pending Medsafe approval. Has been approved by the FDA though didn't get the nod from the India approval agency. So, as you suggest, may fade by the wayside because of the poor efficacy in the final clinical data and the apparent vastly superior Pfizer drug now on the scene.
  10. Oh. That is very different. It is already approved and in use for sure. My bad. I thought this thread was about Paxlovid. Molnupiravir was purchased here in early October by Pharmac.just waiting Medsafe approval but think the final clinical trial analysis has now been submitted by Merck though that is disappointingly less effective than originally thought.
  11. What are the countries that are using it then? Aside from the small number in the clinical trials that is?
  12. Definitely more than in the queue. Right onto it. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/127200631/covid19-government-buys-new-pfizer-antiviral-drug-to-fight-virus
  13. It shouldn't have required any comment from a jockey. The track management staff, club management and the stipes should all have identified the problem before they sent horses and riders around as crash test dummies ... again.
  14. 5 December 2021 INVESTIGATION LAUNCHED INTO TRENTHAM ABANDONMENT NZTR has implemented an investigation into the circumstances which resulted in the abandonment of the Wellington Racing Club’s Group One meeting on Saturday. “NZ Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI) will commence a track review tomorrow morning, inspecting both the track and the data and reports from the Racing and Track managers,’’ NZTR CEO Bernard Saundry said. “We have also requested a full report from the Racing Integrity Board (RIB) regarding the procedures leading up to and following the first race on Saturday,” he said.
  15. An inspection the night before identified the same issues. But if you don't invest a cent in track infrastructure for 3 decades you get what you paid for.
  16. Very kind rider imo, these brain explosions aside. Just needs to sort those out and he's on the way. Took CWJ a few decades
  17. You have a point. I was just clarifying that it was deliberate and intentional, albeit skilful. It's never been known to be done before. However, as the adjudicator pointed out, racing's social licence is on thin ice and complaints from the SPCA can not be treated lightly, especially with respect to whip use. The padded whips were clearly designed and implemented so that only the padded end made contact with the horse. And it's not a "soft rubber handle". The end is hard as.I realise that Wiremu is a handful and I hope he makes good use of the 3 months to reflect and maybe get some help if he
  18. It was no fumble. Given the admission of the charge, and the film evidence, the Committee is comfortably satisfied that the act was intentional. It accepts the submission of Mr Oatham that the action of altering the manner in which Mr Pinn held the whip was skilful and deliberate, as was the way in which there was striking of the horse, in the way displayed on the film.
  19. Yes that's where the screenshot pic is from.
  20. I don't see how he could accidentally end up with his whip upside down. Even if he did, actually using it like that seems quite malicious and intentional to me.
  21. Returning to the original discussion as it applies to racing, the point is that based on the Oxford evidence, requiring double vax certification for entry to and participation in events has a minimal and declining effect on reducing risk to others. It's possible that it increases the risk because in the vaccinated population you will have way more asymptomatic but infected people wandering around shedding the virus, unknowing and untested. The only way that vax certification might be of some use is if you require certification that participants were vaccinated say within the last 3 months (or
  22. Well, it was the best we had at the time and it's already licensed this month by the MHRA in the UK. Just prior to the analysis of the Pavlovax B/C trial being released. I already noted above that it was less efficacious. It is however already being manufactured with 10 million courses available within the next month or so.
  23. No shit. Pfizer terminated the phase 2/3 trials and released an interim analysis only a couple of weeks ago. The final analysis will need to be submitted to approval agencies before purchases can be confirmed. Pharmac will negotiate that in the NZ case if they haven't already, but at this stage, subject to Medsafe approval. That IS how it works in the same way it has for Molnupiravir
  24. We also have 60,000 doses of Molnupiravir ordered. Possibly not as effective as Paxlovid based on Pfizer reports last week but quite effective all the same. They got onto that pretty quickly and it has now been approved in the UK. Not sure where Medsafe is on that.