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  1. 4 hours ago, rdytdy said:

    Not if it is not retrospective which I cannot see happening. 

    Winning percentage was $7187.50   Fine was $4000.00 

    Yes that's ridiculous. Not much use having a whip rule with the penalty only half the riding fee. You can only expect further breaches to occur whatever the rule is.

  2. 5 minutes ago, tasman man said:

    Very sorry then.......prolific posters should familiarise  themselves with the 'boy who cried wolf'.

    Volume of talk doesn't equate to quality of ideas .

    I've read dozens of views on NZ racing on here which are fanciful  and lacking in reality.

    Usually they are dominated by personal interest and/or regional bias and these two have influenced the decision makers for 50 years.

    Where I've lived I have seen the Industry slip away  and few of the local participants who could have changed things have been unwilling and quite happy to carry on ...failed to do even the basics.....basically volunteers and amateurs with personal interests .

    You been talking for 15 years , there's been a lot of talk and little action for 50 years at least !



  3. 12 minutes ago, Abernant said:

    Why was Ryan Elliot  suspended and fined. What was  the offence? 


    R Elliot (LEVANTE) - Admitted a charge in that he struck his mount LEVANTE 7 times prior to the 100 metre mark.
    After considering submissions the Adjudicative Committee imposed a suspension of his licence to ride in races from
    the conclusion of racing on Saturday, 22 January until the conclusion of racing on Monday, 7 February, 8 national
    riding days, and in addition imposed a fine of $4,000

    Win should be taken away for that.

  4. 6 hours ago, tasman man said:

    First it was Forbury Park ......it held a prominent place in NZ racing hosting top races and 1965 Interdoms and one of only in South Island with lights.....and now it seems Wingatui on a similar slide to extinction.

    A strong gallops area ,Wingatui held several of the South Island top races ,with good dates , a steeplechase track ,room for expansion etc.Close to a big population it was ideally situated less than 2 to 3 hours drive from big pool of Southland , North Otago ,South Canterbury  ,and Central otago horses and feeder courses.

    The area homed some top stallions and many of NZ's top trainers and jockeys.

    Now look at it...Andertons holding it together.

    Local meeting with good stakes and two local trainers with big teams of around 14 horse each...BAnderton and TKennedy.SPrince has 4 ans a couple of solos.

    Where has it gone so drastically wrong ?

    Why the capitulation of Otago racing ?

    Isn't that the same all over the country? Not just Wingatui. Reasons are the same nationwide aren't they?

  5. 9 hours ago, Berri said:

    You're still not seeing the picture. If you went into a lottery store and saw there was a prize of $12,000, would you play? If you saw the prize at $30,000, would you play? Then the question would be how big would the prize have to be before you played?

    So this is the sort of game that racing has to ask itself, because instead of having to pay $2.00 to have a crack at winning, we are now paying $25,000pa to have a horse in work, or an equivalent of $480 of lottery tickets a week. But in the lotteries you have a chance of winning $1,000,000 as long as no-one else also gets it. So along comes Powerball, where even though the odds are worse, there's $5m up for grabs. Needs to be at least that because that's where people's greed and good luck thresholds are set now-a-days. So start doing the analysis in your heads. What stake would need to be available to entice you to spend $480 per week to get you interested in playing the game? And therein lies the answer which no-one has addressed since I have been involved in racing.

    Once you know the answer to that, you've simply got to work out how to get there

    Don't think that has anything to do with racing, for me anyway.

  6. 7 hours ago, High Sparrow said:

    Thanks for that trip down memory lane Leggy. Top field, great finish, great horse and rider. Bob Skelton was an absolute master in the saddle riding with that typically long rein style of his. Top bloke too. Humble with it - gave the credit to the horse but he showed great patience that day and got the result they so richly deserved.

    You might like this one too. I was there that day.


  7. 5 hours ago, We're Doomed said:

    I remember Grey Way beating Gretna Green in one of his last wins giving her about 13kgs, and several similar efforts. Certainly we won't see his like again. But where is the current problem? Are the top weights/best horses being weighted out of it, or are light weights not getting enough encouragement? Even the SI in those days had a bit of depth. How would people weight the Manawatu Cup, for instance, differently?

    I haven't been a big fan of the mucking around with races like the Telegraph. It doesn't seem to have done them any good. Certainly those types of races aren't nearly as competitive as they used to be.

    Is the Manawatu Cup a handicap in the true sense of the word? I don't think so. 6kg weight spread top to bottom with 2/3 of the field jammed up on the minimum. You probably have the records in your library WD. Go back and look at a Manawatu Cup in the 60s/70s when it was a handicap and let us know what the weight spread was.

  8.  Carrying 60.5 when we had real handicappers and real handicaps.

    Skelton swears he can point to the blade of home straight grass when he told Grey Way, "No, there's no way through there," and Grey Way said, "Yes there is."

    "He just took charge of me. I've never had a horse do that before or since.

    "He said, 'To hell with this, we're going to win.' There was no gap there, but he made one."

    These weren't brumbies he was running past either.

    Kiwi Can, Tudor Light, Vice Regal, Shifnal's Pride and Patronise were in that wall of horses and each one would be a group one winner in New Zealand these days.

  9. 4 hours ago, Berri said:

    My question was a very direct one to a wider community....and that was.....wouldn't it be good to know who has actually bought the debt.


    I thought this thread was about vax passports and racing. What it has to do with Treasury securities and your conspiracy theory about China somehow taking over the country is beyond me. If you want to know the above, why don't you look up the list of registered tender counterparties which can buy and sell government bonds yourself and/or track the trading.

  10. 4 hours ago, Berri said:

    This isn't anything racial so don't make it into one. This about gaining influence and leverage so that it can be used a bargaining chip at some stage. Wake up

    Sounds pretty racial to me and I didn't make it so. You did, and you now go on to suggest that there is some ulterior motive for the small part that China plays in the acquisition of NZ debt. Wake up and try to contain your ethnic conspiracy theories.

  11. 14 minutes ago, Nerula said:

    The tornados went up through western Kentucky. and on to illinois The horse population is mainly to the NE of the state around Lexington back toward the West Virginia border. Clairborne Farm is at Paris NE of Lex.

    Lived almost next door to Claiborne near Paris for many years. Word is that the Lexington area has been spared and the serious damage is in western Ky.

  12. 20 minutes ago, poundforpound said:

    All useful, agreed, but I’d have thought the endogenous EPO production via the hypoxic chamber was the jewel in the crown of this show 

    When you can increase your RBC count without stressing the animal you’re cooking with gas 

    Yes. You'd think if they can spend 8 figure sums on AWTs at training centres, they could put a few hypoxic chamber treadmills in as well and maybe provide trainers with hypoxic chamber boxes.