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  1. Leggy

    This is the opinion that NZTR got from Bell Gully in 2010. Note the addressee.

    Bell Gully Note Club Assets.pdf

    1. biff


      Isn't that cosy? They can't pull the wool though Leggy, they're being watched!

  2. Hi Ashoka:

    Not sure if you got a response from Canelo on the Alydar thread or who Canelo is? I was mulling over whether I wanted to revisit the whole horrific story. Reading the article was certainly stirring in a very uncomfortable way. I was still in Lexington at the time this all went down and the farm manager (not mentioned in the article) at Calumet was the brother of my best mate's wife who happened to also be my (now ex) wife's best friend. I was there quite often and knew many of the players in the story and dealt with many of them over some time.....JT and Cindy, Tom Dixon and Terry McVey, Linda Stewart, Larry Bramlage, cowboy, etc. Oh and Henryk, one of the good guys in this all.

    Anyway, it reminded me of all the good reasons I decided in 1993 to get out of Kentucky and the racing and breeding business. If I can shed any light on anything for you, please let me know.



    1. Ashoka



      I find this simply amazing. You have certainly led an interesting life and continue to do so. I would dearly love to talk to you about Alydar at some point in time but whether that will happen is, of course, entirely up to you. I know that we are both busy at the moment. Thank you for telling me this and I will, as always, maintain your confidence. Canelo and I have corresponded and he is interested in looking further into what happened also. I emailed the author of the article and though he was kind enough to reply, he could not add anything more. He said that he had not done anything further on the story and had lost touch with the content. I will let you know if any more information on this matter comes to my attention.

      All the best.


  3. hey sent you an email to Ashoka Pandey <ashoka@vodafone.co.nz> Is that correct still?

    1. Ashoka



      Thank you for the email. Yes, the address is correct.

      All the best.


  4. Aquaman if you attach the file in a reply to me here, I can post it for you.

    That's assuming it's recorded in a media file?