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  1. I would like to say we were lucky to get a bitch off Gary Caffel called Rosieanna Token, who we mated with Wheres Pedro, we sold all the boys and only kept 2 bitches,

    Mustard Keen and Rosieanna Belle, who broke her leg before she had many races, but she showed us how good she was.

    So we mated her to Brandeen then to Magic Spike, the litter got over $200k in prize  money .She was 2nd for Dam of the year.

    We sold Night Pearl to Tony Potts who put his money where his mouth is.Now she has gone on to be one of NZ best dams,the one that trifected the c5 race  last night, showed it is all about putting the right sire to get the goods.

    N Pearls sister, Spot on Maggie only had one litter, and she would have been one that could not win over 457m . But her sister,  well named Bevs Viewpoint  run 457m plus, her pups sprinters only , who is to say that her pups or N Pearl pups can not put 520m on the track. It is all about putting your money in and having a go. 

    Just my veiwpoint 

    Bev Duganzich


  2. HI ALL, as you all know we are out of greyhounds. 

    We got 3 pos before Xmas, so we put in 4 cameras  that covered all our kennels.

    we did not think anyone would come in and give our dogs anything.But we had them to cover us.

    Now when number 4 happen, we asked if we could have the swab tested for $1200 but only if it was a blind test,we were told no, they have to know what they are looking for.

    We asked to look at the tapes in the kennel block at the track.Oh no they only keep them for 2 to 3 weeks as it is on VHS. Now you would think when the RIU get a Pos they would ask the club to keep the tapes.

    Now I know the club has spent a lot of money on cameras all over the place But I did not know that the cameras are so old , didn't cover enough  in the kennels and on VHS.

    We did not do it. Bev Duganzich 

       ps  .from now on I only reply to statements or questions from named contributors.

  3. On 2/18/2019 at 8:15 AM, Rules For Some said:

    Marks a terrible lure driver. Only a few months ago he pulled up the lure to fast and a dog flipped over the rail and injured it's back and shoulders. 

    He should not be driving the lure period. The club are well aware of the problem and still have done nothing and being anonymous on here doesn't change these facts

    Once again youre like all the people that come on here, pick on anyone that has not the same opinion, with out putting your name to it. WHO IS THE DOG?

    Rule for some,  said a dog flipped over the lure. if people say things they should tell all, just like everybody you and all the no=names.everybody

    Most people know me us i have been on this site for years, but if you do not.

    I am Beverley Duganzich


  4. Well I do not know about this happening. But you could tell us who the dog was so I could ask the trainer?

    I was told by my son who has driven the lure a year ago, that there was no brake on it,and so you can not just stop fast.

  5. Well you are all allowed your opinion. But I think Mark is a very good lure driver. So he made a mistake that's life. 

    Years ago we had a dog that we scratched ,was given a stand down of 28 days, for not having a valid reason, by the vet at the track, because the vet could not tell it had a hock problem  So we had to take the dog around the corner to M Jenson within the hour.This cost, so we asked the club to pay, they said no. This is before the RIU took over. We did ask M J to show that vet how to check hocks.


  6. I know not everyone  looks at the TAB races.But as someone told me you only say something when it   affects you. Well they are right, if We    did not have a dog in the extra race meeting I would not see, that race 1 is on trackside 2 which is on at 4.12pm. This is the only race from PN all day on the channel.  Now when you set your sky, you do not look at  what channel each race is on. Now I do know why they have done this is because of the Kaikoura cup which is on at 4.16pm.

    I get annoyed with not getting a fair deal with lead-up times,missing out on front-on's,especially at PN.

    Bev Duganzich

  7. On 9/28/2018 at 8:59 PM, Hound Fan said:

    Common guys...you need a university degree to get in now...basic common sense is gone....look at our head guy now..all that they want is puppets not people that have any knowledge off greyhound raceing...again look how long our own lp rep voted in stayed....biggest failure ever......please someone tell me what he did??????and let's be honest this head guy will end up the same....a failure

    I would like to say that no-one comes on here and said I did this, or I did that. You would rubbish any one that said if i did not vote for that or did. I know what I did on the Board at Wanganui, but it is all kept inhouse, you cannot see the minutes from NZGRA or from Wanganui. So when I say I tried,  you will just have to take my word for it.