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    Jim, Otago cup heats are on at the same day as Auckland cup heats. You should be happy you got 11 NZ dogs in your 2 hts. Auck got 6 NZ dogs in 4 hts and only 9 NZ dogs in 10 races. Wanganui was asked to change the date for the NZRS so it did not clash with Auck. Wanganui is now to be run on 19th March heats, and Final 26 march. Bev

    petrol vouchers

    Originally Posted by Ray Cafey can anybody tell us why the nzga brought in petrol vouchers ? my understanding is that they have only been in a few years Can any body tell me how much it costs greyhound racing nz a year in petrol vouchers? ---------------------------------------- Well you have had your say on all matters As a persons who has been around this sport for 30 odd years and has seen Greyhounds struggle to get their fair share You think we should not get a miserable $20 to bring a dog to the track. Well I believe it should be more. I just read on a OZ site that they are looking at dropping their starters fee to $40 and they are not happy. If you should be looking at it from a owners(not a syndicate) point of view and it keep you in dogs, as that is what it costs to feed a dog. Or maybe asked your trainer does he give the petrol vouchers to people who help him handle the dogs at a race meeting? We have got some trainers who feel that people should help them for nothing. If the NZGRA listen to you and they get rid of the miserable $20 petrol voucher then I believe we will lose a LOT of owner/trainers in our sport. Bev

    1 starter per trainer

    How about we bring back times the dogs have to run at qualifying. How about clubs calling for heats for C0 and C1. Also have you given any thought to the breeder who has a whole litter? Bev


    Not this time we did that just before christmas, did you not come. Bev. PS. there will be onions as well.

    petrol vouchers

    Well I have asked our LP's rep to put forward to GRA that we get $30 appearance money. The reason is to help the O/T stay in the sport, for the sake of an extra $10.The GRA said NO. I put in a remit last year that we go back to the old gobis, I will do it again. I bought it up at a meeting at Manawatu with T Deed and he did not know what I was talking about. That what happens when we get new people on our board.Where is he? Remember Gobis did encourage people to buy Kiwi,and you had a choice of buying into it or not (some mugs didn't). We think the biggest reason for replacing that scheme was too much effort needed by the only office worker left,without a swanky title. Bev (with a couple of Andy's add on's)

    It's hot

    Have the starters at the tracks,on hot days, thought about watering behind the boxes,where the dogs line up? Bev

    Meeting Notice: Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club

    Phil, you came to the last meeting at Manawatu and so did about 30 more people, just because of what was on Race Cafe and that the Secretary did not show. So don't come on here telling us all your garbage about how things should be done.Tell the committee. In fact, you go on the committee, and keep them informed on constitutional matters, such as replenishing committee numbers, explaining what at least 14 days notice really means, constitutional availability of balance sheets etc. Bev

    Meeting Notice: Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club

    Well Ivan, it is good to stick up for your mates, BUT, you should not defend the indefenceable, and that's what you are doing. Bev

    Meeting Notice: Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club

    Our mail arrived today, no letter of notification. Venessa if your board asked you to send out a letter what do you think would happen if you did not do it? Bev
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    Meeting Notice: Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club

    Hi Philocon, has Jimmy been to any committee meetings, as per vote,if the Prezzy has indeed resigned? IWMC and Grahame Noblet,presumably members,seem pretty quiet at our Manawatu meetings but should have something to say,rule wise,about above.. Bev
  11. POPA GAS

    Meeting Notice: Manawatu Greyhound Racing Club

    Thank you Deb. It is good to see that someone knows the rules and that members have to have a letter sent out at least 14 day prior to such meeting. And as for you IWMC, who gave you the right to pick on an elected committee member when your mate has not done his job. I did go to the AGM that was called for by the secretary and he did not show up. Remember,IWMC,no information on the rumour the elected President has resigned,either,or any others? Sort of sums up the catch cry of our national board and others,why do you want to know that for??? Bev
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    Turnovers are going down because the Teletext is not updating on time. If you watch, a race is run and it does not change, sometimes up to 3 min. This happend to CH-CH on Friday night on race 1 and it happened to Wang race 10. Race 10, the dogs had run over half the race before teletext changed. CH-CH on race 1 did $3.1k on win and $1.8k on place. Wang did $3.8k on win and $2.3k on place.(sorry I did not write down the whole thing just k and the hundreds). Again,on OZ races,swapped over with just 10 sec to start on a trot race,and all these on txt 606 and 607. Doesn't anyone keep a check on this stuff? Bev
  13. POPA GAS

    Why is it?

    Well, Wanganui gave Manawatu 10 Wednesday's in the summer, to help them pay their way. At the time this was a good decision, but to the detriment of the club, re consistancy for racing. As you know some dog like some tracks more than others, just like people. You would not know how many people come down on Friday night when we are not racing. Wanganui spent over $20k pa. on advertising to get people to the track,Fridays,oops not on again. and to find out that CH -CH would like our Fridays, well we would like Auckland's Sunday but I would hope the GRA see sense and leave it alone. I lived in Auckland and 50yrs ago on a Sunday when we had nothing better to do we would go to Kumeu dogs. We had no real interest in dogs but did not ring and ask them if they were on. We just drove from Northcote to Kumeu. People do not ring Wentworth Park, they know they are on Saturday,Albion park is on thurs (plus other days now). We will not get anywhere till all tracks have their own days. Clarkie, I also would like to say that the Wang club has worked hard to get where they are and they get NO help from J Mc. How would you like it if you breed a litter and some one else got the credit. Bev
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    Well another week is gone and we still are no wiser. I was told last week by a committee person, that there will be a letter in the mail calling for a Special General Meeting on the 7th of Feb. Is it to hard to do, or are the committee waiting for the NZGRA to step in? Bev
  15. POPA GAS

    Wanganui B-B-Q

    Hi, Wanganui is having B-B-Q and Karaoke nigth on Saturday 16th of January at 6.30pm in the club rooms and if you would like to come give Venessa ring and book in by the 12th. Bev
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    Well as members of Manawatu, we have been told nothing. They should at least keep their members up to date with what is happening. But as for northern clubs geting more of Cd race meetings, you have to be joking. How about Wellington taking over, then they will have a track and we will still have our race meetings, as I think they have a very good commitee, which is wasted down there. Then, they can show all the clubs how it should be done. Bev
  17. POPA GAS

    Seeing Things.

    Notice not much picking on Racecafe lately (CD excepted,naturally),when as many moans should be expected normally.Was it race 10 at Southland last week that wasn't even mentioned in the stipes report re lids opening far too early? CD backup stipe noticed,obviously not official enough. Bev
  18. POPA GAS

    Wanganui AGM

    AGM tonight at 7.30pm at Hatrick club rooms. If you are not there you can not discus or vote on pre-race trialling,proper timing,new stand etc. Only once a year. Bev
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    Geez Phil,thank goodness you at least read all that you write! Andy
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    http://www.stuff.co.nz/manawatu-standard/ Bev
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    Come on members,take an interest in threats, to close or take over our assets,on plans to downsize the commitee or board,to get stirups back,to get members to vote on Area representatives etc. No quorum,and only three members not connected to the commitee, last meeting attempt. Let us know on course today,if you're not making an effort to attend,and we won't bother either.Thanks. Bev and Andy
  22. With all this talk of not getting enough say in the scheme of things,one night attending a clubs A G M is not much to ask,is it? Are stirrups wanted,do club members want a vote on who represents them as CD rep?etc. Andy