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    Stud Auctions for ChCh Appeal:

    well I have sent 3 more. have you got them. Bev

    Stud Auctions for ChCh Appeal:

    Garrick, I have sent 2 E/MAILS and have had no reply. Bev

    NZ Quake Auction: Magic Spike.

    $200 Bev Duganzich

    NZ Quake Auction: Turbine Bale

    $100 Bev Duganzich

    NZ Quake Auction: Watch the Jet

    $100 Bev Duganzich

    NZ Quake Auction: Scott No Track

    $100 Bev Duganzich

    wooo hoooooooooo

    I was told on Wednesday at Wanganui a sign went up but was taken down about 1hour later as was ruled discriminatory Bev

    CHCH Earthquake Donations

    Gee Grahame do you think lotto would put in any money if they did not get time on TV? Bev They announced on Lotto tonight that 50% of all ticket sales for the coming week will be donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Fund. GOOD ON YOU LOTTO! Reply With Quote
  9. Not ALL clubs. The vote was 7-3 Bev
  10. POPA GAS

    Paul Conner

    Wanganui club always calls for a club meeting to vote on rule changes, but there is very few who turn up. Remember, it then goes to the NZ AGM and all ten clubs have a vote on the way they have been instructed,by their members,(if they bothered to call a meeting). Bev
  11. POPA GAS

    Breeders Money

    What do people think of the idea, of breeders bonus money, being split 70% to the owner and 30% to the breeder? At the moment, your 1st win over 400m, you get $800 being split 50/50. The NZRS is also split 50/50, and I have known people not to bother putting dogs in these races as they do not like the breeder to get such a large share,after selling.We want these races well supported,as this proportion should become another good incentive for buying Kiwi. Bev
  12. POPA GAS

    Breeders Money

    If it''s 80% to breeder you will not sell any pups. We have NZRS for $11k($1k for unplaced runners) which is split 50/50.Now if there are scr, that $1k is split with those left,none to the breeder. On another thread people were talking about breeding and not selling because of the money that can be made from the NZRS. We now have OZs looking to breed here and they will be keeping the pups because of the NZRS. Is it good for our industry? Bev
  13. POPA GAS

    Paul Conner

    4/1/11tue chch total $309,371 11/1/11tue otago " $243,589 18/1/11 tue south " $255,602 The best is Auck 23/1/11 no meeting and they turnover $2476. Bev
  14. POPA GAS

    Paul Conner

    As the other thread was hijacked, I did not tell you that I was at the Meeting of clubs, and it was 6 dogs, not 5. I also know that on Wednesday the 19th, Wanganui had 2, 6 dog races, with 1 scr in each, making 5 dogs. The last race with 5 dogs had $14k on the win pool. So most people do not care if it's 5, or 8 dogs.The highest win pool on the day was $16k. Bev
  15. POPA GAS

    Vacant Boxes in North Island Meetings

    Sorry Phil you are wrong. We have got a deal with OZ to put on 12 races. If,on occassions a six dog field eventuates,so be it. Bev
  16. POPA GAS

    No Trials at Manawatu today

    I have just been informed. Bev
  17. POPA GAS


    Through clout and a pinch of corruption, more likely,McDuff. This law was solely for the identification of dogs.It has failed miserably, when this same authority, exempts a section that doesn't identify those dogs,yet penalises a smaller section, that has longstanding and proven identification. So,we are back to the failures at Petone,are we not? Andy
  18. POPA GAS


    My goodness Phil,can't expect the Lab's owners next door to pay and not greyhounds?Why not? The same law exempts farm dogs.Have they proven those dogs dont bite?Give us your reasons why that farming lobby was successful with 90% of their licence holders not wanting it for their unbranded and probably unlicenced dogs while racing greyhounds,already ear branded, in case you didn't realise Phil.To save you writing time,I would say it had everything to do with our democratically elected reps not bothering to do anything much about it because some of them wanted it. Andy
  19. POPA GAS


    Great confidence in micro-chipping when still having to ear brand as well.What happened to the petition that we signed regarding same? Bit like One Racing,can't trust the horsey codes as brothers,but trust lawyer and stipey types with the JCA and the latest world-wide craze, manufactured integrity units(jobs for the boys),cause it seems to suit our office types,who failed to carry out the wishes of the licence holders to fight micro-chipping because it suited them.Thanks very much for waiting and seeing,hell I could have done that! andy
  20. POPA GAS

    Stipendary decisions

    Back around June, I went with some of Wanganui's board, to a meeting in Wellington where I said that I thought that $50 was too much for someone who forgot to catch. Now I believe that if you forget to catch your own dog that you should be fined $50, but when you are helping some one out the fine should be only $20. Now I see on the stipes report that someone did not arrange a catcher and they only got fined $35. Now what justification in that inconsistency? Bev
  21. POPA GAS

    Hard Done By

    The club is paying out abandoned race money as required, the cheques were written out on the day unfortunatley all the trainers had left the track and they are being handed to the required trainers when they are on track next, how do the trainers feel about getting stake money paid direct into the bank instead of a cheque, you may have to wait untill the next day, or paid to the owner Bev