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    TAB take out

    Did you know that the TAB take out money from your winning place bet? Punters should know that they take the make up money for the fav off the other placed runners. Bev Start time: 10.40, 29 May 2014 Weather: CLOUDY Track: GOOD M28 R4 AMERICAN RACING America MAIDEN CLAIMING 1207M (EVANGELINE R1) (Evangeline Downs R1) 1207m $9,300 Race: << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 >> # Form Horse (Barrier) Kgs Jockey Win Plc 1 0X600 Genes Lil Wrangler (1) 52 Liandro Atempa 58.30 29.10 2 97606 Pine Thicket (2) 54.5 Luis Negron 66.60 26.20 3 788X6 Little Comanche (3) 54.5 Emanuel Nieves 18.30 5.80 4 67X K P D's Stream (4) 54.5 Joseph Patin-Jr 15.30 8.50 5 X0896 Wire Me Rockin (5) 54.5 Hector Santiago 20.70 10.90 6 24473 Roll All Knight (6) 54 Junior Inirio 2.00 0.50 this is the one 7 890X0 Etbauer's Roux (7) 52 Josean Rivera 62.20 32.70 8 77X2 Folsom Native (8) 54.5 Colby Hernandez 6.70 4.30 9 6950X Beau Gator (9) 54.5 Tyler Woodley 24.50 7.90 10 5X84 Havana Mike (10) 54 Diego Saenz 6.50 2.50 11 0X266 Surge of Luck (11) 56 Coby Bourque 9.40 3.60 12 089 Jessiemidniteruner (12) 54.5 Jose Riquelme 32.10 15.40 Updated: 10:44:234 - 10:40 - MAIDEN CLAIMING 1207M (EVANGELINE R1) (Evangeline Downs R1) 1207 m Results home Stake: $9,300 Track: GOOD Weather: CLOUDY # Name Jockey/Driver/Trainer Win Place 8 Folsom Native Colby Hernandez 6.70 3.40 10 Havana Mike Diego Saenz 1.90 6 Roll All Knight Junior Inirio 1.00 Bet Type Runners Dividend Quinella 8, 10 22.10 Trifecta 8:10:6 87.20 Jackpot: Trifecta Terminated ALSO RAN: 9-Beau Gator-Tyler Woodley. Note: Numbers shown are the distance from winner in lengths. Scratched: All Start SUB: 6 Roll All Knight Winners Time: 1:13.21 Easy form • Extended form • Indexes • Desktop Odds

    Whatever happened to Andrew Brown ?

    I went to a meeting, where A B said that they would keep Trackside TV free,as it was not like OZ or England where they had bookies. So he was right there. Bev

    Karapiro Kennel closure

    .We have a major problem when at Wanganui the other Friday our kennel hand was worried about the homeless guy outside , when we explained that was the president of our association she was gob smacked , He was the Undercover Boss Bev

    Thrilling Butcha

    Well you were there catching the Butcha and you saw him just like me, go for number one dog, when 4 got in front he then went after him. As for Night Pearl if she had a driver, you would say bloody good drive. Bev

    Wanganui debacle....

    So you rang Mr Whiterod? Did you get it in writing? Did he say he would put it in writing? Bev

    Wanganui debacle....

    Thank you Bev

    Wanganui debacle....

    Neil D and RileyM, I would like you both to tell me, on this forum, where I have LIED? Bev

    Wanganui debacle....

    I at times I maybe wrong . But I do not tell lies. Bev

    Wanganui debacle....

  10. POPA GAS

    Wanganui debacle....

    Wonder how long the Wanganui board meeting went on? There was a meeting for about 2 hrs with some of the GRA about Greyhound welfare programmes. We then had a short Board meeting for about 1hr.30m. We had another meeting last night with GRA for 2,1/2hrs, about 4hrs all up. Now if anyone would like to put in a remit to Wanganui about this or any other thing, please put it in writing and it will be discussed on Monday at yet another Board meeting. Just remember, there is no rule for this, and the Stipes make the rules. Luke, I would have been upset if this happened to me,But I would not have picked on the staff. You should have spoken to the stipe,like you talked to the staff,and maybe, you would be out for a long time. It took less than two minutes to work out the correct times,once all were known,hand time-wise,but the assoc. and clubs would rather have no time,than handtime! People in Greyhounds have to remember, each year Wanganui is about the only club that put in remits to deal with all sorts of things ,not just my club,my dog syndromes! Bev
  11. POPA GAS

    Well done TAB

    Dusty,no-ones giving up,especially the dogs. Its pretty obvious less people are wanting horses than used to.Betting,owning,training,and especially following.Returns versus costs.Would you not agree? Dogs need to get as much information to interested parties,take advantage of horses screwing themselves up,and put actual pressure on ,these codes,and the TAB,to get a fairer deal regarding TV time usage,more fixed lead in times and definitely more input from our Petone head office.Dusty,we have the dogs,why restrict us because the horse codes can't produce?Don't you agree? Bev
  12. POPA GAS

    Well done TAB

    How can you say well done to the TAB. All I would like to see is that we get the same as the other two codes. Go look up the horses on the TAB site and you will see they put in all their races, plus trials. It is just like Trackside, do you think the dogs get the same coverage as the other two codes? For the Harness to have so many trials on,and their turnovers still going down. The Thoroughbreds are saying what can they do? Greyhound racing is going up and the other 2 codes have no answer, all they can do is try and screw us down. Bev
  13. POPA GAS

    Fridays SGM

    Well Janet, I do have a problem with Clubs like wellington ,getting together with CHCH and ashburton to outvote 2 racing clubs in an area dipute, whatever the issue.Because of using a rule that says they can? Any one should be able to see,using this same senario to manipulate any vote in any area. Janet, I am only on the Wanganui Board to look after Greyhound racing to try and ensure dog people run all dog racing. Wanganui does not want to take over Manawatu. Wellington was asked and did not want to ,also suggesting Wang was stupid if they do it. They are more than happy running 5 times a year with no responsibility, and make a nice profit to boot.. I repeat,Wanganui is only doing it to keep it in the hands of Greyhound people. I come up for re-election this year so anyone can always stand. Bev Duganzich
  14. POPA GAS

    Fridays SGM

    Well this is going to be hard to get all clubs to agree on how the voting should be done. Here is a problem that Wanganui could have in the future. As in the CD, Wang is the only club that runs all the races but only has one vote. If Wellington got together with Taranaki they could out-vote Wanganui. Wang is likely to take over the running of Manawatu, giving them over 150 race meetings, and only the same voting power as Tokoroa with 1 race plus a trial track, Ashburton 1 race plus trial track, Taranaki 1 race,plus trial track, and Wellington with 5 race meetings and no trial track. Now we are all living in the past if you think these clubs should have the same rights as a fully fledged racing club.You think? So how can you think you can change it. These clubs are not going to vote for change. As for Greyhound racing its doing ok money-wise if you can believe half of what we're told,so don't panic Mr Mannering. As for all lp's voting,define lp.We suggested that an lp who is entitled to a book, was entitled to vote on certain issues, when current,not every handler or syndicate member.That suggestion seemed favourably received. Bev (handler)
  15. POPA GAS

    Paul Conner

    Just like to know, how you all are going with the SIP? This was 2yrs ago. Bev
  16. POPA GAS

    Loose Tracks

    Punkrock, I would like you to get that in writing from the Stipes. I know that the stipes do tell the club curator when to put water on, or not. I would like anyone that does not like the way the track is, to put it in writing, to GRNZ, the Stipes,and of course, the Club. We had Wanganui AGM back in November,and you could not get people, to agree what they wanted, loose,firm, or wet. I am not waiting for a board meeting, I am sending them an e/mail. So can you. Bev
  17. POPA GAS

    Loose Tracks

    Hi all, I do not come on here that often because most of what is on here is crap,including sherrifs input{ I go on kiwi dogs} But I have to say that I agree with all of the above. It was about 8 years ago that Wanganui had tracks like this.All soft, and most of the dogs were coming off with muscle injurys. As I am on the Board at Wanganui I have no say about the track. The Stipes have all the say. I suggest that if you are not happy tell them. I do not want to run at any track in CD till it rains. It could be a long wait. Bev Duganzich
  18. POPA GAS

    Wanganui(Hatrick Raceway) Grandstand

  19. POPA GAS

    OZ Press article

    Despite its marginal exposure in the media, greyhound racing is a major sport in terms of cash rewards. Typical first-place prizemoney for a novice dog is $5000 at city tracks such as Wentworth Park in Sydney, or Sandown Park and The Meadows in Melbourne. If the dog shows potential, it graduates to Group 3 races (prizemoney of about $25,000), Group 2 ($30,000 to $70,000), then, for elite performers, Group 1. Here the upper limit is the Golden Easter Egg held at Wentworth Park in April. This year's first prize of $250,000 was the highest in the world. Or it was until Melbourne recently decided to up the stakes to $350,000 for the winner of this year's Melbourne Cup for dogs at the Sandown Park track. With total prizemoney of half a million dollars, Sandown now claims this event - billed as ''the race that stops a suburb'' - as the richest ever run. There will be a total of $1 million on offer during the track's November Superdogs series. Australia is a profitable place to race a winning greyhound and there is added value after the dog's race career if it continues as a brood bitch or sire, through stud fees and the sale of puppies. Artificial insemination using frozen semen is often used for breeding. Entering the sport is relatively cheap, certainly when compared with a thoroughbred. You can pick up a dog with good breeding for about $3000 or take a punt on buying one for even less at auction. The largest greyhound sales in Australia - some say the world - are held each year at Wollongong. This year's Dapto Puppy Auction on May 6 had lower results than previously. The top price was $8000 each for four pups with race-winning pedigree. The 290 dogs that were sold grossed more than $681,000 at an average price of $2348 a pup. Last year, $15,000 was paid for one dog with impeccable breeding. You can add a zero or three to that price for the equivalent in horseflesh. Most owners trust the daily training of the dog to a professional. The trainer will house and feed it, teach it to chase the lure and pay for vet bills in exchange for 50 per cent of any prizemoney. If there is no prizemoney, the trainer may ask the owner for $70 to $80 a month to continue racing. There are about 4000 registered greyhound trainers and about 8200 registered greyhound owners in NSW. The most prolific owner-breeder in NSW is Paul Wheeler, who runs a large operation near Young. According to Greyhound NSW statistics, Wheeler earned $5 million last year from prizemoney and fees. Stud fees vary but the sire regarded as the most valuable in Australia is Tony Lockett's Collision. This dog is worth an estimated $200,000. Yes, that's ''Plugger'' Lockett, the former St Kilda and Sydney Swans AFL star and a long-time owner and breeder of greyhounds. Numerous celebrities own greyhounds, including Socceroos star Tim Cahill, the co-owner of Fancy Dean, which competed in the Golden Easter Egg in April. It didn't win that race but has won on 23 previous occasions. Another enthusiast is Vic Larusso, the Australian Traffic Network's helicopter reporter. His top dog is a stayer called He's My Future. It has had 15 wins in 39 starts, with total prizemoney of $80,000. A healthy greyhound can run more than 30 races a year during its expected two-year racing career. When they retire, they can be retrained as pets and adopted out through a variety of schemes. They apparently make wonderful pets and are noted for their sooky nature and ability to sleep for 18 hours a day. For details, see Greyhound Racing NSW at http://www.thedogs.com.au and Greyhound Racing Victoria at http://www.grv.org.au. Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/money/investing....l#ixzz1ylatUb4U
  20. POPA GAS

    Unprofessional/Okuku Star

    No, Unprofessionals time was right. Bev
  21. POPA GAS

    Unprofessional/Okuku Star

    I time Okuku Star and it still did NOT run faster than 30.30. Bev
  22. POPA GAS

    Manawatu update / water truck

    Manawatu paper
  23. POPA GAS

    Davey Boy

    Well, if there is a new site put up, I believe we should have to put our names on it. Still have your views and opinions,but hopefully,more reasonable than the trash we're seeing on Racecafe.You might even get measured responses from Board or club committee members. Bev