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  1. Scotch Thistle

    Form Reversal?

    One point being that it is a waste of time dim stewards asking lame questions of smart horsemen. Another being that form shown on official websites should be up to date and accurate.
  2. Scotch Thistle

    Matt Cameron - Mime - charges dismissed

    It is Godber's crew who are the incompetents with this, not Purcell's, though God(ber) knows that they're as bad as each other.
  3. Scotch Thistle

    Race Times Thread

    I don't understand. Is NeilD suggesting the raceday judge, John Craig, is incompetent in his timekeeping? Or that Craig's equipment is faulty or inferior? Or that there is some other lack of integrity?
  4. Scotch Thistle

    Auckland Cup...TV coverage!!!!

    That was the point. The coverage went from excellent (over the top, even) for the warm up races when Ellerslie and Waverley alone were covered, to incoherent when coverage of Flemington and Rosehill cramped out full coverage of the big Ellerslie races. If the NZRB has some contractual obligation to show Australian meetings, the crap fields at Waverley (quantity and quality) would have justified that meeting being covered only by Trackside 2 once the Aussie meetings started. Hopefully Ellerslie will have the day to itself next season.
  5. Scotch Thistle

    G Kenny - Fundraiser for Fine Payment

    Sticking to the guts, a trainer has broken the rules of racing by employing a disqualified rider, pleaded guilty, and been fined $500.
  6. Scotch Thistle

    Purcell's spiel FFS

    I don't know that this Racing Minister is any more of a problem than each of his predecessors, except for Winston Peters (who achieved more for racing than the rest put together). If the Minister isn't well informed of industry issues, the first question is how well is he supported/advised by his officials. I think the department which supports him is Internal Affairs, which has a grab bag of responsibilities, most fulfilled poorly (passports being a possible exception). The next question is how well, individually and collectively, do racing industry bodies represent their needs and issues to the Minister (and other Ministers), through coherent submissions and effective ear bashing. Ministers in general can't miss seeing media reports of shambles after shambles within the thoroughbred portion of the racing industry. Examples over the last few months are fiascos with starting gates, the incompetent watering of tracks, crude persecutions of small trainers (Morton), the chief handicapper sacked for punting, kid glove treatment of industry darlings (O'Sullivan). Loads of other festering matters, not dealt with or unresolved, are chronicled on Racecafe. In the face of constant evidence of the failings of thoroughbred racing administrators, even a competent and energetic Minister of Racing would find it hard to get other Ministers and Cabinet to pay active attention to thoroughbred industry issues. Except those raised by the breeders and NZ Bloodstock.
  7. Scotch Thistle

    Lance O'Sullivan

    If Lance is a straight up guy he will plead guilty as charged. He and Scott will reimburse their owners for the prize money they now relinquish, and the owners of the horses which move up a place for the delay in getting their increased prize money. They will reimburse their owners for the training costs and racing fees paid during their cobalt campaigns. They will happily compensate RIU in full for the Grierson costs. And they will cop whatever the JCA imposes by way of bans or fines. One might expect that Scott, given previous racing "form", gets stiffer punishment that O'Sullivan. However, O'Sullivan, as a dairy farmer with several farms, could be expected to be more aware than Scott that cobalt goes into cows water troughs, and that might square up their punishments.
  8. Scotch Thistle

    Tab and the Auckland nines

    Given that fixed odd dividends are reduced by late scratchings, they should be increased if there are late starters?
  9. Scotch Thistle

    Wexford Stables and Sunday Magic Millions Racing

    I see that the O'Sullivan/Scott stable is 27th on the trainers' list for races won so far this season, with 1 winner for every 15.78 starters. Last season the stable finished 6th with a winner every 6.43 starters. The season before that they finished 15th with a winner every 7.03 starters. If they don't up their current winners to starters performance they'll be out of business before their 3 cobalt cases are resolved.
  10. Scotch Thistle

    Calling the Asylum.

    Maybe only the bookies get to study them, then? Another illustration of a lack of consistency, and integrity. The heats at Pirongia were certainly videoed. After Straight Sets won at Tauranga on 2 January for Rogerson, Rogie rabitted on about how good he thought the stablemate that beat Straight Sets at the Pirongia trials [Unconquered] was. A replay of the closing stages of the heat was soon shown on Trackside, with Brendon Prattlewell claiming the credit for arranging this and frothing on about the value of the information from Rogerson.
  11. Scotch Thistle

    Calling the Asylum.

    Geez, you could be waiting a while yet. They still haven't put up videos of the Pirongia trials held on 26 December.
  12. I reckon the faults disclosed by this fiasco lie, in sequence, with the club (using clapped out stalls), the club (employing a starter with the reaction time of a comatose tortoise), the club (starters steward lacking energy with the red flag), the RIU (laying informations with the JCU in ignorance of the starter's decision on a false start being final) and the JCU for making a decision outside their powers. The most disturbing faults lie with the RIU and the JCU, as their incompetence impacts the operations and reputations of all 3 codes, across the country and beyond.
  13. The Board of the RIU should be kicking Godber's arse, and farewelling it, given the scathing comments from the JCA. The embarrassment is surely of a level that it will penetrate even the capacious hide of RIU chairman Hughes. Unlike the representatives of the other codes on the RIU, Glenda is also directly above the odour emanating from Purcell's involvement. The RIU annual report in 2014 says that fines achieved by the RIU are transferred to the relevant code. Perhaps it follows that the $20K of costs awarded against the RIU in the Morton case will be recovered by the RIU from NZTR?
  14. Scotch Thistle

    B. Harvey v J. Waddell

    The stewards report from Matamata tells us mushrooms all we need to know as to why Waddell is not allowed to ride. Anderson makes a valid point about trainers being allowed to carry on presenting horses to race when they await hearings on breaches of rules (O'Sullivan/Scott with 3 horses tested positive for cobalt) whereas Waddell is banned on hearsay. After additional interviews were conducted J Waddell was stood down under Rule 207 from riding engagements today pending further investigations.
  15. Scotch Thistle

    Hastings cancelled

    Trackside Friday afternoon showed an interview by Sweeney of the track manager, who said they put 16mm of water on the track during the week as it was Good 3. The idea was to have the track Dead 4 at the start of racing, and absorbent, so that if rain arrived as forecast on raceday the track wouldn't become a skating rink. Avoiding a potential problem created an unintended one.
  16. Scotch Thistle

    Mortygate - All charges dismissed

    Kevin Morton must be the hot early favourite to take out the award for the outstanding contribution to NZ racing for this season.
  17. Scotch Thistle

    The whole team has had enough!!!!

    Will be good to see the strategy that the meeting on Thursday comes up with posted on Racecafe so we can poke a stick at it and see how it stacks up. Rogie may be sick of projections and spreadsheets from NZTR, but his crew need to come up with more credible ones or they will be urinating into the wind. It is one thing to get by in the judicial room with bluster and bullying, another to win arguments with facts and figures tested by all comers.
  18. Scotch Thistle

    Positive Swab

    The RIU will leave no doubt of their incompetence if this takes until 2016 to be resolved. Maybe they are throwing all their resources into their persecution of a small trainer who has had the temerity to say what blind Freddy can see, i.e. that the NZTR boss is a blow hard, a man full of puffery and self-promoting exaggeration. I can't see what the O'Sullivan/Scott stable will gain by this continuing to hang over them. Can't be good for business.
  19. Scotch Thistle

    Positive Swab

    The 3 positive samples were taken during race days on 5 February, 28 February and 11 March. That is a period of 5 weeks over which skulduggery/misadventure saw cobalt improperly administered to O'Sullivan/Scott horses who raced. It took 3 months for any of the positives to be notified. How does a testing regime which takes so long to confirm positives square with racing integrity? How can RIU squander huge sums on futile persecution of a small industry player who has the balls to challenge the veracity of a blowhard figurehead when tests on samples taken from horses racing loaded with cobalt aren't available for months? In the name of racing integrity we are notified ahead of race day of changes in gear of uncertain relevance to performance (changes of bits or racing plates, cheek burrs, bandages, shadow rolls). Clearly we would be way better off being notified of changes to what is going down each horse's throat or being injected into them.
  20. Scotch Thistle

    Bizarre Grand National - Car v Horse!

    You've given the game away as to how Purcell raced more than 90 horses?
  21. Scotch Thistle

    Missing video, race 7 Hastings

    I see that the videos of races at Hastings yesterday have been posted on the NZTR site, except for race 7. In that race a horse broke down and was later humanely destroyed. Possibly the video has been withheld in courtesy to connections and others who would prefer not to see footage which could distress them. Some might see that as too PC, and a denial of the realities of racing, but I don't want to go there. Please, NZTR, post video edited to remove any sensitive bits so that punters can get a fix on how good the winner, Huracan, might be. Also, there were several other interesting runners for the future, including a gelding for which $620K was paid as a yearling at Karaka.
  22. Scotch Thistle

    Mr Purcell you sound like a Govt. Minister

    What a pitiful state NZTR is in if that chap is good enough to be the head honcho. I noticed that he has learnt nothing from being ridiculed over his claim to have raced ninety. He claimed Wingatui is 1,200 km away from Castlepoint, an absurd exaggeration. What's the bet he exaggerates similarly with his claims for travel costs, entertainment expenses, etc?
  23. Scotch Thistle

    trackside 1 coverage

    You are spot on, bestbets, about how hopelessly incompetent Trackside can be at identifying the 3 leading runners. Anyone who doubts this should look at the video of the Group II Avondale Cup, where for half the race Saint Kitt was shown as leading, whereas George Simon was correctly calling Silk Chardonnay as in front (where she usually races) and Saint Kitt in the rear group (as tends to be his racing style). Adds to other embarrassments we put in front of overseas viewers, such as starting gate lotteries.
  24. Scotch Thistle

    How bad is

    Aidan Rodley is good, but the woman whose hair keeps changing colour and the old bald coot should be moved on.