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    If Peter Marquand is supplying stuff that goes down Stephen McKee's throat he's chosen a poor specimen for publicity. Those wanting to build up their horses would be more likely customers if it was Te Aroha Grains & Jelly Feeds Ltd.
  2. Scotch Thistle

    Beerrrnnaarrrdd says "it's all about integrity"

    Good post. The only item I would quibble with is the last sentence. I'm not sure the government (current or next) would wish that local racing implodes. Rather they would despair that the parties within local racing are so selfish and so parochial that there's no way out of the current death spiral. So the government will join the successful elements in the domestic racing industry (the breeders and sales agents/traders) in turning their backs on the shambles across the rest.
  3. Scotch Thistle

    NZRB borrowing

    ... and bloated his ego too... "thanks for joining me"...
  4. Scotch Thistle

    Incompetence Again

    The stipes' report from Hastings today is posted in very good time, an hour or so after the final event on a 10 race programme. A pity, however, they didn't take another 5 minutes to read through it, to avoid the embarrassment of rubbish such as: D Hirini – (IN DREAMLAND) - [Rule 638(3)(b)(ii)] excessive use of whip prior to the 200m. Suspended from close of racing Saturday 8th July up to and including Friday 4th July (1 day).
  5. Scotch Thistle

    Incompetence Again

    Well, they are after all the Racing Incompetence Unit.
  6. Scotch Thistle

    "the modicum of some inspired support"???

    He probably means "medium"
  7. Scotch Thistle

    The plug is about to be pulled at the swamp

    Those attending should stand well clear if she attempts a pirouette. And have a bucket handy if she wears a tutu.
  8. Scotch Thistle

    Over 5 yr olds charged gate entrance

    I suppose he had to have a lie down when he was asked for entrance fees of $240 x 3 for the Great Sensations Marquee (silk-lined, with buffet luncheon and more)?
  9. Scotch Thistle

    Nathan Guy

    There's a whisper that Nathan Guy is in line for Glenda's job at the NZRB after the next election, if National clings on for another term. No mention of whether he'll also chair NZTR, but I reckon Purcell will not be losing sleep with another plodder to deceive.
  10. Scotch Thistle

    NZ racing is on a roll

    If a maiden winner doesn't get a rating penalty, what chance has it got of getting a run in a Rating 65 field?
  11. Scotch Thistle

    poor coverage on PRIME

    The one-fingered salute should appropriately be given to the CJC for the start being 8 minutes late. The Prime coverage was scheduled for 4.00 to 4.30, and had the race run to time that allowed for 5 to 6 minutes of post-race activity. I would not criticize Prime should it decide not to bother with the race next year.
  12. Scotch Thistle


    Second failed Te Aroha meeting in 2 months. Abandoned (12 August) now relocated (12 October). What odds a treble being completed on Breeders Stakes day?
  13. Perhaps from the new tenant?
  14. Scotch Thistle

    Credit where it is due

    It was great to see good sized fields in the Great Northern Hurdles (13) and Steeples (14) yesterday. It looks like the new pattern of jumping racing is bearing fruit, hopefully sustainably. Another highlight was having Emily Farr doing the comments on Trackside TV before the jumps races. A pity for her that she was out injured, but a bonus for the viewers as her close familiarity with the horses, stables and jockeys involved stood out. She seemed a TV natural, being eloquent and easy on the eye as well as knowledgeable.
  15. Scotch Thistle

    Press Release - website upgrade, sectional times and jockey comments

    Well done Ellerslie.
  16. Scotch Thistle

    Does this make sense?

    Part of the explanation for the weight differential spreading is that the minimum in the Parliamentary was 54, whereas in the Taumaranui Cup it is 53. Second Innings was on the minimum at Trentham, and still is at Rotorua. The major part of the explanation is that at Trentham Pump Up The Volume carried 58.5, as Belle Sorriso was topweight with 60 through her higher rating. At Rotorua there is nothing rated higher than Pump Up The Volume (after adjusting for the mares' allowance) so PUTV gets 60. For mine it is absurd that there is so much elasticity depending on whether a field has acceptors who have ratings at the top of a band. But it happens all the time. In Rotorua race 10 Rocky with a rating of 70 has 60kg in a R75 race, as the highest ranking male accepted for, whereas he would have 57.5kg if a male with rating 75 male had been entered. Invites manipulation of the type Te Akau got up to a few years back when It kept entering and scratching a high-rated topweight so stablemate Burgundy would get a light weight.
  17. Scotch Thistle


    If anyone knows a farm manager in Canterbury who won't say anything about adding coffee in his cows' troughs to the IRU, let the Coles know.
  18. Scotch Thistle

    Radio Trackside in Waikato full of static

    I beg to differ. If they were at all customer-focussed they would have checks done on the quality of their transmissions. In this case, after weeks of crap transmissions, they have taken days after notification to get off their arses and put things right.
  19. Scotch Thistle

    Te Rapa punting comp today

    Good to see an account of the competition on the Waikato Racing Club website: It was the final race of the competition, the Lord Mayors Cup from Rosehill M11 R7 that featured the winning punt for the team behind Say My Name, who took out the grand prize at Te Rapa's Punters Challenge on Saturday. Say My Name, walked away with the $5k prize on the back of a winning total of $6470, just pipping at the post the running leaders What A Deezer who had sat on their leading total of $6005 rather then risk a bet in the final race. Arguably it was the individuals and teams who entered the competition who were the overall winners on the day - but we cap our hat to those behind Say My Name and look forward to hosting another competition here at Te Rapa in the future.
  20. Scotch Thistle

    Customer Experience

    No doubt the Racing Integrity Unit will be onto this, and will call in help as needed from the Police Serious Fraud Unit and the Commerce Commission.
  21. Scotch Thistle

    Woodville today

    I would love to see the day when Key or Guy rock up to a race meeting on a glamour day and get directed to the public entrance and told to pay their way. On the other hand, it would be great to see clubs pepper them with invites to $7,000 meetings, where - if they had the balls to turn up - the reality of the state of the industry could not escape them.
  22. Scotch Thistle

    I'm having a bitch

    The Aussies are far from perfect. The coverage from marquee day at Randwick on Saturday provided comedy when the communications around the course with interviews etc kept breaking up or falling silent, with a variety of lame excuses. On the matter of intelligent raceday comments, I reckon Bruce Sherwin is brilliant before, during and after races he calls. His observations during the races he called at Te Rapa last Saturday were spontaneous, accurate and perceptive. Perhaps he has the advantage over other callers in that his talents are respected and rewarded in other facets of the industry, so he can maintain his dignity by overlooking the shallow and petty behaviours so enthusiastically followed one trick ponies.
  23. Scotch Thistle

    Lance O'Sullivan

    I think it reasonable, given that O'Sullivan's lawyer Galbraith made no mention of O'Sullivan directing his farm manager to assist the RIU, to conclude that O'Sullivan didn't.
  24. Scotch Thistle

    Lance O'Sullivan

    Smells of a cover up if O'Sullivan didn't direct his farm manager to fully cooperate with the RIU. Perhaps O'Sullivan did direct the farm manager, who refused to do as directed, and O'Sullivan said "tut tut" rather than sacking him?
  25. Scotch Thistle

    Form Reversal?

    Sealed By A Dance finished last in race 2 at Trentham yesterday, a rating 75 1600. Today he races in the Waipukurau Cup, a rating 75 2100. The bookies have him in the second line of win betting at $6.50. If he wins today, and the stewards ask Kevin Myers to explain the form reversal, how will Myers respond? Perhaps Myers will ask "What form reversal?", as the TAB and NZTR websites show his form as 44564 and miss the 13th from yesterday. Or maybe Myers will say the horse was better ridden today, the Waipukurau course suited better than Trentham, the horse goes better when a cup is at stake, or that Trentham was too close to Petone for the horse to strike out with integrity?