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    H Andrew

    She's riding again today at Tauherenikau, but there's a whisper about that a special squad of the RIU's best are taking up positions behind fencelines and trees in an attempt to get a conviction. Yesterday at Hastings Tony Lee constantly referred to a Holly Rose Andrew. Maybe the Rose attachment has thrown the RIU boofheads.
  2. Scotch Thistle

    This is your Minister

    Indeed, it told us the leakers wanted to publicise the rort, and we already knew WInston is dishonest
  3. Scotch Thistle

    This is your Minister

    Winston won't get sunshine on him when he courageously leads the way into Pike River to collect the bones! Such valour surely means we can forgive him a few little mistruths here and there over a long career, or even regular big ones. It's just not fair that people can breach his privacy, even if he was rorting national superannuation, which might seem obvious but is yet to be proven.
  4. Scotch Thistle

    Bloody Hell...

    Mark McNamara and English Emily did their jobs well, and the camera crew. The rest should be on the minimum adult wage.
  5. Scotch Thistle

    TAB - Disgrace

    If the TAB is shifting along the dollar each way punters who have been faffing about all day, and letting through the heavier hitters when they're ready to unload, I'm all for it. Much better, of course, that they suck in every single dollar, within sensible cost:benefit judgement.
  6. Scotch Thistle

    Melbourne Cup to have emergencies from 2018

    Maybe the NZ TAB could apply Kiwi no. 8 wire and cope with 26 acceptors by bracketing 24, 24A and 24B, and cope with 28 by adding 24C and 24D?
  7. Scotch Thistle

    tab website crash today

    Make it a plan B, Betfair
  8. Scotch Thistle

    tab website crash today

    Winston will have it fixed for next year if he survives leading the way into Pike River to collect the bones.
  9. Scotch Thistle

    Long winded punters guide

    Hey richie, are we to take it that there were 50 ideas but you've chucked out 18 of them because they were shit, leaving 32?
  10. Scotch Thistle

    Our change of charter..courtesy of Winston

    I suggest anyone who supports change of the sort Peters has signaled send him the names of people who could cut through at NZRB Board level, NZTR Board level, etc.
  11. Scotch Thistle

    "Early Doors" ???

    I just hope the talking heads on Trackside are paid according to the (lack of) quality of their performances. A couple of items amused me last weekend. Rodley, interviewing Bruce Harvey after Londaro won the first at Hastings, a $10K maiden, suggested that Harvey must be pleased that his horse had won a good race on a big day of racing. Next day at Te Rapa Prattlewell announced before the opening event that the horses were about to be legged up by their jockeys.
  12. Scotch Thistle

    Incredible Win - Watch This

    A great watch. Reading the South African coverage adds to the fascination. Bloggers there tend to abuse the other jockeys for dawdling along rather than wonder about the "few things at home" angle. Some reckon that if the race had been run in Mauritius the other jockeys would all have been suspended for 6 months. Winner is 6yo gelding. Was having its first start for a new trainer, over 2800. The previous trainer had him for 13 starts and kept him to 1000 to 1600.
  13. Scotch Thistle

    Everest - Aussie just do it so well

    Hopefully there will be a few NZ-trained starters next year. Some of our best ones would be right up with yesterday's lot. The likes of .... ahhmmm or ...... mhhmm .... or .......
  14. Scotch Thistle

    Champion/Murphy vs Ashburton RC

    Don't worry, Winston could be Minister of Racing next week, or sometime, and boy will he sort this out quickly. As long as the logistics don't overcome him, he will have it tidied up by Christmas, or Easter, or before next winter.
  15. Scotch Thistle

    When will they ever learn?

    Yes, but would Noel Eales have been half as bright as Butch Castles, or have known half as much as Butch has forgotten?
  16. 7 races at Ellerslie. One has attracted 4 nominations and two have attracted 5 nominations. 58 nominations in all. 9 races at New Plymouth. One has attracted 3 nominations and two have 6 nominations.
  17. Scotch Thistle

    Skinny fields for Ellerslie and New Plymouth this weekend

    Assuming the numbers are in the right ballpark, I think that's a reasonable assessment. Incidentally, top marks to Best Bets for calling a spade a spade. The formline for Myrcella's last start, at Ellerslie, reads "5th middle, urged turn, plugged in bog".
  18. Scotch Thistle


    I agree with most of that. However he and his co-trainer have a modest strike rate with winners to starters, averaging one winner to 10.7 starters over the last 4 completed seasons. The range over that time for the Rogersons was from one winner to 8.03 starters in 2014/05 to 1 winner to 14.27 starters in 2013/14; last season it was 1 winner to 12.25 starters and in 2015/16 it was 1 to 10.46 [source: NZTR website].
  19. Scotch Thistle

    What the ? NZRB sponsors races today at Caulfield!

    If they can get away with that for free they could develop a line of income with the likes of the Air New Zealand Melbourne Cup, or the Clean Dairying with Fonterra Cox Plate.
  20. Scotch Thistle

    Hastings Track Conditions

    I've had a hard job working out who the two are. One must be Castles, but the other is a challenge. It helps that Michael Pitman and Jelly Williams don't have anything in, and that Danica Guy isn't a boy. I've got it down to Allan Sharrock or David Ellis, but the chances don't end there!!
  21. Surely the bureaucrats in the NZ High Commission in Canberra must have picked up the risk to NZ interests in the legislation passed in August 2017? And sent an alert to Foreign Affairs in Wellington, and through them to Internal Affairs and the NZRB? Maybe the diplomats turned a wilful blind eye, to spite John Allen for the shambolic restructurings and staff victimisations he pursued for McCully when CE of Foreign Affairs. The amendment bill which did the damage was before the Federal Parliament in Canberra for a full year. It was introduced in August 2016 and assented to on 16 August 2017. If the NZ diplomats in Canberra are hopelessly overwhelmed in schmoozing and pocket pissing, Allen might have a clerk in NZRB spend half an hour a week on the internet scanning parliamentary business in Australia and other countries for risks, to avoid being blindsided again. A clerk paid less than $100K a year, if such exist in NZRB.
  22. Scotch Thistle

    Au Revoir Cam

    Are you suggesting they're both bisexuals?
  23. Scotch Thistle

    Secret Squirrel

    Looks like the faarkwits who failed to pick up the blunder with the form for Secret Squirrel have now moved on to ballsing up results details. Race 2, over 1200, was supposedly run in 1:44.77.
  24. Scotch Thistle

    Hastings Dead 4

    With the range of track conditions possible it might be prudent to have more than 4 emergencies in the Group 1
  25. Scotch Thistle


    Stick is the nickname of trainer Stephen McKee. Trainer Peter Williams is known by some as Jelly.