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  1. How can NZTR force Levin to sell? I guess NZTR are worried trainers will prefer grass to synthetic
  2. why make a call 48 hours away when the forecast is fine and windy next 2 days for Woodville NZTR doing there best to get rid of winter racing
  3. nstrip


    Can anyone confirm the reason Whanganui is out of action because someone form NZTR thought it would be a good idea to put soil from another region on a sandy track on a problem area ? seems the sort of thing NZTR would do.... I think that is 90% of our problem with our tracks that the divets aren't replaced straight after a meeting like they used to
  4. wow hard to believe there isn't more being done to sort this mess out. If Gary is just doing his job as a trainers rep then why is he losing his career over it? Is this the same Alasdair Robertson that falsely accused a WA reporter of masturbating in the toilets when it was proved he was in a different state? According to the local paper he retired from RACE because he wanted more family time so why was he escorted off Trenthem? By all accounts he is still very much working for RACE behind the scenes The whole thing is bizarre to say the least, surely someone kno
  5. Anyone know what the feedback from trainers on the synthetic is? I see lack of nominations tomorrow have seen them canned and there has been a few northern trainers trial them in CD Is there some issues with the Cambridge synthetic?
  6. I don't think you know what you are talking about... read the stuff article, they were sandbagging because of the gale fore westerlies creating a storm surge in combination with the river flooded. that has nothing to do with river making the sea higher, that makes no sense at all. What your point crow? its going to be a nice winter track tomorrow probably on the slow side. shortest day just been, its hardly going to dry out this time of year to a dead 5 ...
  7. geez I've read some nonsense on here... moutoa floodgates opening has nothing to do with water table at foxton racecourse neither does the tide or does it impact palmy river levels What does though is the 130 mls that fell on the track over several days of heavy showers and thunderstorms. Can anyone tell me a track in nz that could handle that rainfall and have a nice grass open for galloping or a slow 8 for trials ? I think the AWT will impact levin jumpouts more than Foxton trials from what I'm hearing. There will be a uproar from trainers if no grass trials,no one w
  8. tony why complain on here if chrissy wasn't allowed to gallop on course proper? I presume you are tony bambry judging by your previous posts. Didn't the area get 150 mls of rain last week? And awapuni only have the course proper open because of the synthetic track going in isn't that correct? I heard it was that bad to gallop on some trainers took there horses down to Foxton to gallop on Foxtons plough which is ironic you are complaining about foxton and saying how awapuni is better. Nztr should be racing on Foxton still a better track than most around the countr
  9. will be better than grant robertson,not sure he didnt get it first time round