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  1. The fools running the racing Industry are like the morons running the country. They have no idea. A lack of quality horses is due to a lack of stakes money. Why race in Tauranga Awapuni new Plymouth or any regional track when you are racing for 20k on a premier Saturday or 10k on a mid week race. 7000 gets you to Brisbane 80 to 100 a day for a trainer and racing at Ipswich on a Friday a 1600mtr race is worth between 30 to 60k and fields are average. Eagle farm and Doomben your racing for 60 to 80 k for a maiden race so why race here. As long as the powers that be remain the same the industry w
  2. Red Rum woke labour voters don't cut the Mustard and definitely have no understanding of what racism is. Of the Brown decent I can tell you calling some one a black so and so is not racist. Referring to various names using black is not racist as when basketballer Steven Adams referred to Steph Currie as active as a monkey. They are all figures of speech. Actual racism is when you don't employ someone due to their color don't sit next to them on a bus. It amazes me how so many Europeans no all about racism but have probably never experienced it. If your white go to South Africa and get a first
  3. Midget. It is common knowledge that most of officialdom within the Industry are incompetent and useless. This is just another example of inept officials who are inconsistent and lack the ability to make correct judgement calls. Who overseas these fools and as insider has said they should seek employment else where. The problem is they get on the Gravy train and kick back relax and act officious and with all the back slapping between parties there is no accountability. Just another example of pathetic people making pathetic decisions, destroying an industry that could be great
  4. Berri you have hit the nail on the head. Although they call it the sport of Kings but truly you can buy a cheap horse and have a load of fun, and the same applies to the breeding. Your biggest problem in the industry here is the people administering the sport. By the time you pay all the fees registrations and everything else it deters people from having a go. If you minimize the cost more people will participate. And there will be more horses around like Dream Alliance
  5. Why waste your time in NZ Brisbane races on Friday at Ipswich the stake moneys is between 20k and 30k which is the same as country Queensland meetings, and good regional trainers are 80 a day and its similar in regional Victoria. So why race here and if the horse is any good Metro racing Brisbane stakes are 50k to 80k a race outside of premier days. Unless the Stakes improve across the ditch is a better option
  6. So the question then must be why are incompetent dip shits running the RIU. How can this shit go on. Why are ex coppers whom have a questionable past involved in the RIU. Putting an incompetent person who has a history of incompetence is not the answer. I always thought good investigation is to establish the truth through fact. Not just nailing some poor bastard because its easy to. Do they not have experts who can advise them or are Crimstone and co just not interested in the truth. Is this all about headlines which in a week no one remembers
  7. Huey what planet are you on melody belle had her last two runs there and Tony pike had horses there, as did a few others and none of their horses did well. Bloody loyalty in punting NZ horses over the carnival cost me.
  8. Very interesting reading Pound for Pound. Grim the Crim should resign. A better result would be sacked. The new chief should remove him from his post, as his performance is the same as his involvement in the Teina Pora case. It appears to me he has Manipulated deceived, and abused his position. Where is the accountability 10 million is a fair amount of stakes money. 200 $50,000 races. When you employ failed policemen that leave the force under a cloud your going to get the same. Who appoints these people and will the new guy be any better. The RIU chase bad debtors, and its not even their job,
  9. The RIU is the most corrupt disorganized bunch of Keystone Cops in New Zealand Godber needs to return to his cell with Fetcher. He will perform better in a comedy. Grim the crim has abused his powers and the INCA operation has shown that. The when caught out he takes a personal vendetta against the operations biggest voice Leo Molloy. The one person telling the truth, and keeping us informed. How can Grim the Crim remain there both Godber and Grim should be covered in shit rolling down from the top. My view is if you abuse your powers and attack people for telling the truth, to just
  10. But Jeep a lawyer he is not. Cleaver annoying prick he is. Don't be a hater because he is a 2ft dwarf with attitude, that is very polarizing. He has many valid points but you need to be careful or Grim the crim will have you before the racing board for bringing it into disrepute. Calling an upstanding member of the NZTR industry and member of the RIU a crim even if its true means your in the sit. Ask Kevin Morton
  11. Well racism is part of every day NZ and the racing industry its rife. The RIU investigate Maori owners who owe money to European people for services rendered, but when a European person owes 28k to a Maori for breaking in pre training and grazing its a civil matter The RIU officer make racial comments its ok The shit starts from the top, when the guys setting the standards show racial bias how can you expect others to follow suite. This is a forum and all you people who turn a blind eye or do not want to address the facts are as bad as the parties doing it. Your as bad as that racist pric
  12. But Jeep you miss the point. The RIU has double standards and are incompetent Neil Grim an ex cop who left before being asked to leave fitted up and innocent man and is a known racist all by his own mouth. He is a gambler and bets through his partners TAB account. how can this man be impartial Ask any ex police who worked with him. He loves a beer and a bet. How can he be impartial in any investigation They need to be removed. Who polices the police who keeps the RIU in check
  13. Pound for Pound is 100% correct. Jeep your the idiot. The RIU aka keystone cops are the most biased one eyed pricks in the world. A person made a complaint to them about a specific harness racing trainer using and providing meth to his 16 yo daughter, a further complaint by another person was made to the RIU about the same person sending dick pics to his 13yo daughter. and nothing was done. In fact they the RIU facilitated with the police a private settlement on the dick pics and get this we can only drug test a licensed rider or harness driver while at the races. The question was put to