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  1. Very sad indictment on our Racing Industry that there is no recognition and or story on this great greyhound and training / owners team. I remember when mainstream TV did a wonderful story on Swift Fantasy and team. Who is responsible for promoting any form of racing in NZ .. if there is such a person / persons they should be fired.
  2. For Gods sake if proven guilty then let's start imposing life bans. How can you blame people for wanting greyhound racing banned ? .. mind you it goes on in all 3 codes .. do ban all codes forever ?
  3. Mmm .. funny you say that J.J .. I heard similar rumblings about a certain trackside employee and race caller involved with Brian Martin's demise from greyhound commentating, and Brian was head and shoulders above anyone who is currently commentating.
  4. I'm afraid you need to realise harness is a distant 3rd in turnover. And that is sad for the industry
  5. Again I cannot see your logic, are you basing your argument on one meeting ??
  6. Fantastic dig, and you could see the impact this win had on Gary. Congratulations to Cleeve team, true stalwarts of the game, and also to Karen Walsh, if any dog was going to push Know Keeper it was always a Karen Walsh trained dog
  7. I'm struggling to see what you are on about also, obviously you are concerned with the state of harness racing in this country and so you should be. But your above post basically answers your own question, the balance sheet favors the greyhounds far more than harness.
  8. Yes totally agree, he was part of the drive to get rid of and make way for young smart arse know it alls.
  9. What's the odds the Silver Collar is in the bag .. would have thought that NZGRA would be moving the earth to promote this on mainstream T.V
  10. Racing in this Country is becoming more embarrassing by the minute. One bloody meeting in the Country, no harness and no greyhounds either. Comparison to Australia ? .. well there isn't one. I checked today's meetings at Timbuktu, there doing better than us "believe it or not" .. no wonder some trainers and jockeys are moving elsewhere. Bloody Government and Bloody racing boards have a lot to answer for.
  11. There are obviously a lot of Bobs ( Brains of Britain ) in charge that have an awesome handle in the NZ racing scene NOT
  12. First time on this theme, and forgive me if this has already been done to death. But I cannot for the life of me work out why he is the boss at the Warrior's, they have always been there own worst enemies with people they have employed .. not many winners at all. And Cameron George ... Really ??? .. has he ever had any successful stories to tell?
  13. There are obviously a lot of Bobs ( Brains of Britain ) in charge that have an awesome handle in the NZ racing scene NOT
  14. Mmmm.. 5 months speaks volumes. I hope he is not abandoned and racing board provide help and guidance for the young man. The greyhound industry is right under the microscope for cruelty type issues, so be warned.
  15. I think the waffle you are referring to comes from Rosanowski, he has verbal diarrhea
  16. Cheers for tipping Ima Shadow Princess in your column a few weeks ago Jason, you said she had ability if she did things right. 48 smackers that's what the regular punter enjoys, not week after week of $2 shots from other tipsters. Hope you got plenty
  17. Very true, I love the greyhounds, but have never understood what the hell goes on at NZGRA .. total incompetence for years. Used to own a few with trainers who truly love their dogs, but they can't compete with what goes on with the monopolies and the general direction it's headed. I can totally understand the call for ban on greyhound racing, been warned to do better .. and its obviously to hard for Hughes so she is bailing like the rest.
  18. Credit where it's due I believe it's called
  19. Totally agree, would be an awesome story. The heart and soul of Kiwi harness.
  20. Time for something positive, what more can you say to describe this greyhound. 14 from 14 over the distances, easily New Zealands best greyhound. His sectionals prove he can match it with the best over the sprint and 520 ... 17.29 and 29.98 then still powers away at the distance. Garry Cleeve and his wife are also a credit to the industry, the always turn their dogs out in top condition and they are always bouncing on the end of the lead, obviously happy dogs. I would hope the greyhound industry will try and promote the Know Keeper story in mainstream TV and newspapers mmmmm ??? ... anyway wel
  21. Because these days slackness and incompetence at the helmet has crept in. And there are no repercussions for it, so it carries on slowly getting worse
  22. Darn sight better than The Whale .. good work
  23. Exactly .. I do mute the above, and my point is I pay for trackside. Never muted Brian Martin ... greyhound admin managed to do that.