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    Dissident reacted to crustyngrizzly in Kiwis struggling in Aussie   
    No expert that is for sure but something i have noticed is that a lot of kiwi trainers turn their horses out after the tank is emptied as opposed to the Aussies who turn them out with a bit of juice still left in them.
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    Dissident reacted to Berri in Te Aroha   
    We put a program together for weather monitoring. We installed weather stations at two tracks (Matamata and Hawkes Bay). We put soil sensors in. We gave them a management system and a number of suggested steps including changing the soil management program which included changing the grasses, fert program and irrigation program. We suggested a track management development program so that other tracks could view an open sourced presentation of what was going on with other tracks.
    What happened you might ask? The weather stations were installed, as were some soil monitors. Within a week, someone damaged the water monitors, only to be replaced, where they were damaged again, where they were replaced and then damaged again. You might ask why they were put onto a position where they could get damaged? Quick answer was they were put onto a place where no-one should have been able to interfere. Raised a number of questions which CSI couldn't have solved. Weather stations worked OK until they were continuously unplugged. That was also very interesting.
    Made a number of predictions in respect of the weather and watering program. These weren't adhered to. Became very interesting that certain horses needed certain track conditions to perform correctly and somehow this happened (coincidence).
    Saw Te Aroha track. Lots of grass on top. Grass isn't the cushion, the humus and rooting system of the grasses that is the cushion. Grass gets slippery when wet so grass should not be long. Get grasses that have deep roots, Stop chemical fert programs, that destroys the microbes and prevents the roots from getting deep for more cushion and drainage. Also more microbes means more retained moisture, which means less artificial watering. This is simple but they don't and haven't listened.
    PS. I have a farm consultancy business that looks after 2100 farms who are being weaned off nitrogen ferts so I sort of know what's what. Check this video out. 
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    Dissident got a reaction from Pam Robson in TAB NZ - WOW!   
    Correct Aussie introduced legislation against betting with offshore agencies in 2017. Nztr/love racing ok as they are not betting sites.  Covered a bit here:
    https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/96829953/betting-on-nz-tab-is-outlawed-in-australia#:~:text=Punters in Australia are no,bets on the NZ TAB.
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    Dissident got a reaction from Breeder in TAB NZ - WOW!   
    Correct Aussie introduced legislation against betting with offshore agencies in 2017. Nztr/love racing ok as they are not betting sites.  Covered a bit here:
    https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/96829953/betting-on-nz-tab-is-outlawed-in-australia#:~:text=Punters in Australia are no,bets on the NZ TAB.
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    Dissident reacted to Overcheck in 1963 NZ Cup.   
    I was there that day and watched the race from the inside of the track and liked Smokeaway which was paying 3pound odd for a place. Once the fire got going it became the omen bet and came down to 1pound 10 shillings for a place and ran third. A collect but not what I was expecting.
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    Dissident got a reaction from Pure Steel in 1963 NZ Cup.   
    As I wasn't around yet back then, I really enjoyed reading the book about Cardigan Bay! A good read for someone who knew very little about harness racing. Certainly helped to grow an interest that has lead me to be watching on course whenever I can these days. Yes, what a photo!!
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    Dissident got a reaction from JJ Flash in 1963 NZ Cup.   
    As I wasn't around yet back then, I really enjoyed reading the book about Cardigan Bay! A good read for someone who knew very little about harness racing. Certainly helped to grow an interest that has lead me to be watching on course whenever I can these days. Yes, what a photo!!
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    Dissident reacted to Pure Steel in 1963 NZ Cup.   
    A couple of years before that NZ CUP win here is Cardy winning the NZ FFA on show day (a lap to go in the photo) with a decent crowd having to vacate the stand as it burns down !!!!
    What an Amazing Photo. !!!!!!!!  will never be another moment captured like this again ever.

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    Dissident reacted to scooby3051 in Well Done Team On The Bubbles   
    What a ride for this group of owners including friends of mine Colin and Allison Murphy...great little horse, honest as they come and just loves putting in every time he runs.Congrats to Jamie Richards 2yo winner number 21 for the season..a feat in itself..and you can all say well he gets the cattle...but as I keep saying many before him have had them to and never had the same results as he keeps getting. He is a super young trainer with a great team around him...well done to all concerned.
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    Dissident reacted to Aaron Bidlake in Tauherenikau Abandoned   
    No, hasn't been for over 12 months now. A shame when they decided to not want horses there any more, I was ok because Opaki was closer for me anyway but a couple of other trainers were not so lucky with one pulling pin completely and another just carrying on with a couple that he can work around the roads and bring up to Opaki to fast work.  It didn't worry me at all, the Opaki training tracks are so good, that big long straight so good to educate young ones to gallop.
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    Dissident got a reaction from Pam Robson in A new deduction on stakes coming   
    The sizeable difference in stakes. They are already so low, yet another deduction is not very favourable. Yes, it is definitely required and important to the industry's survival, but a bit of communication, and perhaps consultation with the industry on the best way to raise funds might be a better way forward. I see the Uk has an organisation that coordinates horse welfare that is a registered charity. Given the Tab would cease to have a product without the horses, perhaps a grant from pokie machine profits might help fund such an organisation if set up in NZ? 
    Does anyone know what exactly the welfare fund will cover or are the deductions going to be collected prior to that being clearly defined?
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    Dissident reacted to scooby3051 in A new deduction on stakes coming   
    And with the piss poor stakes by the time you add up all the fees for travelling to a race meeting etc...there is stuff all left...would hate to think in a stable charging $80 to $100 a day how many times you need to win in a year to even hope to break even...it is becoming untenable to race them ...so who can blame people for taking the money and running. I believe and always have some of the sale proceeds should have to stay in the industry or be paid as a tax...once the horse is gone NZ gets zero from it....and one less horse to make up a field.
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    Dissident reacted to Trump in A new deduction on stakes coming   
    Agree, the paying down to 14th imho, many may regard as a magicians trick. With average field being about 11, I dream of how much they are saving. However, if it is being applied elsewhere for “Stakes”, then I would be ok with that. But ultimately, everything with regards to $$$$ should always be 100% transparent to all stakeholders. 
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    Dissident reacted to Huey in Stakes back to 14th   
    Possibly  one of the only good initiatives they have come up with imo. I have said before I think the distribution maybe needs to be looked (particularly on Saturday i.e. why is running 14th worth more on a Saturday than a Thursday) at but the free racing for jockey payments is a very good initiative. Participation is also a very key factor in the sport that is considerably overlooked, particularly by those who like everything their own way!
    Let me guess those who want it changed are the same ones who wanted free racing gone, geniuses that lot. 
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    Dissident reacted to stodge in THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE MAKE NO MISTAKE   
    48 hours after the vaccine and I feel fine.
    Nearly 25 million first vaccinations over here so far and that's closing in on half the over-18 population.
    As far as I can see, the main problem has been individuals having a vaccination and then believing they were fully protected from minute one. It's been well documented over here substantial (not full, such a thing doesn't exist) immunity doesn't occur for 3 weeks after that first vaccination. In essence, we are told to carry on as though you've not been vaccinated and wait three weeks. 
    The "roadmap" from the UK Government has lengthy gaps between the phases but that is to allow the three week period to elapse and so when non-essential retail re-opens on Monday April 12th, the majority of the adult population will not only have had the first dose of vaccine but will have built up immunity with the 21 day gap. This is the motivation behind the delayed re-opening - so we re-start and don't see a big push of new cases (yes, there will be a spike in cases but the number of deaths and hospitalisations will hopefully reduce further).
    Unfortunately, a few older people got the first vaccination and then went ahead with postponed surgeries or went out and about and contracted the virus and perished because the immunity hadn't had time to kick in. The messaging needed to be better.
    Apart from that, there have been no reports of issues with either Pfizer or Astrazeneca - we are given a leaflet which does warn of some side effects which can affect up to 10% of those being vaccinated. 
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    Dissident reacted to Charlie Bukowski in A couple of questions   
    First up ,
    Why was the Pick 6 yesterday at Invercargill harness and not Auckland , I mean it was only Auckland Cup Day ...
    Secondly , 2 meetings in the country today , Reefton on Trackside 1 , Gore on Trackside 2.
    FFS, how hard can it be..
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    Dissident reacted to scooby3051 in Congrats Team Melody Belle   
    Great to see Melody Belle get the Group 1 record today and we can all have our own opinions on generation to generation who the best mares are but a super effort to keep her at the top of her game for so long...Well done to all concerned and another game run from the runner up too.
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    Dissident got a reaction from mckenzie in Stride Racing Club   
    I really like this idea, more so as it's not just following the horses but there is an educational aspect to it as well, with stud and stable tours, Karaka sales event-nice way to get people who can't afford much or are new to the game involved in the industry in some way. Gives those who haven't previously been involved a taster as well as assisting them with getting some industry connections. Then who knows, later on they might buy a bigger share in a horse of their own, or a few for that matter. 
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    Dissident reacted to scooby3051 in Congrats Danielle on joining the 1000 club   
    Congratulations to Danielle Johnson on joining the 1,000 winners club... a great achievement for a hard working and very talented young lady...may the winners keep flowing for her.
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    Dissident reacted to Cubes in Cubes chooses the wrong day to go to Auckland to buy a thoroughbred   
    So Cubes gets on a plane on Sunday 14th Feb and flys to the Shitty of Sales
    Plan.......buy a champion nag , take him/her down South and dominate South Island Racing forever
    New Sunthutic Truck and everythung going in @ Ruccartun.....surely no problemo's
    Get off plane.....someone get's on the TV and says Levels have changed
    Cubes stuck......but çause Cubity not from there we can leave first flight in the morning back to home of NZ Racing...Chch
    Funnily enough get texted from casino saying we are still at Level 1 'til midnight so come on down and spend some dosh....Çasino Packed with a thousand people and they have another thousand down at the yacht racing and another thousand wandering down Queen St
    Anywhosit....go to airport early in morning....flight cancelled
    Get on another plane
    And finally make it back to Cube Central and it is only 4pm on Monday arvo and The Cubemeister is bloody exhausted
    And Cubes never saw a single horse
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    Dissident reacted to Guinness in Melody belle   
    Could the Jockey have got out earlier?? Was it a GOOD ride? Especially since it was such a slowly run race?
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    Dissident got a reaction from shaneMcAlister in TAB experts   
    The "Shark" is just computer generated picks. Simple algorithm cheaper and quicker than paying someone.
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    Dissident reacted to poundforpound in TAB experts   
    So Thad, Steve Hunt, Popps,, and a guy I don’t know are dissecting the 1400 G1 sprint at Te Rapa
    Guy who I don’t know has just declared that they should ride Levante more forward 
    Can anyone think of a horse like her who was ever ridden against her natural pattern and performed well ? 
    In my experience if you ride them upside down they finish upside down 
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    Dissident reacted to Chris Wood in Cambridge Track   
    Expert on tracks DBtab are we?
    Nothing wrong with the track here at Cambridge, I ride it regularly, have ridden jumpouts on it and it will come into its own once winter comes along.
    I don’t use it for every horse every day, I still like our ploughs, and whilst they are in use, I am sure a lot of trainers think the same.   They have been the back bone of our training tracks since I have been training here in Cambridge.
    The problem was that the number of horses trained here in Cambridge far exceeded the 200 horses the original set up was catering for.
    Limited grasses in the winter period which tends to loiter for 6 or 7 months  of the year made training of 1000 plus horses quite hard, as we were given a quota allocation each month, and it didn’t take long to cut that out if most of your team were up and close to racing.
    The Cambridge JC managed the track very well, and it was not easy dealing with trainers requests.
    We had numerous rules and regulations that we all had to abide by, dictated to by the weather conditions.
    The trials  conducted on the new track have gone well, some outside Cambridge seem a wee bit reluctant to use it, but they will come round I am sure.
    A bottomless 10 in the middle of winter at TeAroha, Rotorua, Matamata , will not cut the mustard and those tracks can be saved for their main purpose, race meetings, and our track here will really come into play over this period.
    Dont knock the place after 3 months, let’s get through a Waikato winter, then air your thoughts, I for one think it will really come into its element, hopefully I am proven right!
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    Dissident reacted to Everton in Keep Emily on the Interviews   
    Even though Trackside has now become very predictable and boring, Emily Bosson did a fine job with her interviews. Excellent questions, great with her praise, no repeat questions, and kept the interviews at a reasonable length so very respectful.