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  1. Showing your age Your commentator continues to call horses by the wrong names over all meetings I watched the Ashburton meeting via VPN today and his misquoting of Allegra on many occasions and stating what an outstanding drive to hold the trail when the horse draws 2 and post race makes comment how Allegra made ground in the straight,it lost 20m from Remember Me back, I hope punters followed my horse to follow Remember Me Cup day calling Taipo by the name Kango, the mistakes are endless but it is a relentless week and mentally draining at Matt Hill explained in the press over h
  2. A terrific young man who i have been lucky enough to run into on numerous and just a delight to talk to , and feet firmly planted on the ground Balance on a horse is sublime He is also gentle on the horse with the whip The world is his oyster The connection with another former NZer in C Waller is dynamite
  3. Did T Williams learn nothing while he was working for the maestro M Purdon. Poor Enjoy Me was a sacrificial lamb , but kiwis do love lambs At least it made the racing exciting and was finally good to see a good competitive race and sort out the boys from the men We seen some good horse flesh tonight. Remember Me is a name we will not be forgetting in a hurry except for the commentator only talking about the beaten favorite and how Remember Me was "just in front" when it was 10 metres in front Love Rose was pronounced wrong the entire race and then commented it was the horses fi
  4. What is up with drivers in NZ tonight and how boring they make the racing John Morrison is the only driver who drives positive when he finds the front in NZ and runs a long at a race tempo and makes it a race Orange , Dunn , Smith , Close , Butt , Holmes try and run as slow as they can and try not to break 32 for a 1/4 , Williams goes even slower K Barclay was the drive of the night to make it a race and she deserved to be left in front as they went slower when Williams went to the front and allowed the back markers into the race A champion juvenile filly , from the Suns
  5. Diamond01


    K Newman [J] near bounces off the seat when driving Jimmy Arma out this afternoon. We had a fabulous K Newman here , Kevin Newman.
  6. Yoles have this regularly in Tazzie . They have enormous numbers in each race and have in the past had the same situation as above.
  7. Our so called unbeatable star , and Cox Plate winner , was clearly undone by the muddling pace but showed very little. It was interesting to see his 4 fetlock joints bandaged up , which may explain he has soreness issues , and this is properly why they will be wanting rAin before the Cox Plate , where the winner yesterday wants a drought from now till Cox Plate day. Probabeel was very game and dour yesterday and had her down down on the right stride. Prebble won the race by taking the inside runs but still a creditable victory by a wonderful mare.
  8. Diamond01


    Tim Williams was trying to make him self look like a Pretty Boy but made him self look like a fool , his explanation was accepted. How do we do form when you have drivers clearly not trying to win? John Dunn does leap around in the cart and clearly is not loyal to his wife as he regularly get off her horses to drive others , but the talk of Bathurst is JD still pulling his wedding ring out of his pocket after, Today he is not driving With Grace when he drove it at its previous start The drivers mentioned above BO , AGH ,and the likes of Morrie Mc and The Butchers and also Tim
  9. Verry Elleegant vs Zaaki? X Kiwi vs Australian superstar
  10. listening into SENTrack radio this morning to the harness segment from New Zealand The hosts Michael and Greg need to stop protecting drivers and talk some honesty The time Classie Brigade run was extremely slow Sundee Son was never given opportunity to win Drivers back in the field in Classie Brigade race all needed to be spoken to, and questioned ,by the stewards Here in some states the drivers get fined for going a slow quarter
  11. Thank technology for being able to trick my computer that i am situated in New Zealand and can view the TAB website with the New Zealand odds and tv coverage Commentating i am sure is a hard gig.. The studio presenter repeats himself.. Addington commentator must have backed all Dunn runners.. On Facebook , why is Nigel Armstrong on course doing interviews when it is well documented in New Zealand only essential staff are allowed on course and staff only?
  12. Can someone correct me if i am wrong Are Addington holding 20 races om sunday? Be fantastic if they are beamed into here as being in lockdown it will get plenty of attention and give the punters something relevant to wager on
  13. Interesting to read another stable,the leading stable, have taken a female into partnership with Robert Dunn stating he is training in partnership with his daughter-in-law Jenna Meeting Jenna while she visited Menangle on the night Bettors Heart won the Ladyship she did seem to love the limelight Talking to participants' at Menangle they did comment how she is only ever seen in the winners circle to get her photo taken and travels to keep an eye on her husband There are now so many partnerships in NZ racing and i read another one being Rodgerson and Ferguson have teamed up
  14. NZ racing needs to contract our best caller Matt Hill Once again at Addington M Cross calls certain horses by the incorrect name , just listen to the replay of the race 10 on July 23rd M Cross also mentioned in race 8 that Puzzled was off and around them when it clearly sat back Sunday was a pleasure watching these replays due to Craig Rail adding such excitement to the race call for a placid Sunday meeting
  15. Is Trentham getting a all weather track like Cranbourne here