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  1. I guess to enjoy the TV1 coverage you would have to have the perspective of someone who has never watched a horse race before.
  2. CWJ is still one of the best balanced jockeys in the game
  3. Enjoyed the coverage this year, didn't catch tv1
  4. Feel sad about AVD and to read articles post race it feels like the ones in power have been turning the page on facing serious issues. Not good enough. More has to be done, if we love our great game.
  5. Which is why I'm getting on now, I have a feeling it's going to big big day and I hope they're ready.
  6. Terrific year, form lines everywhere and it makes for a great betting race.
  7. Working fine for me, placing my bets now no problem.
  8. Tiger Moth opening at $6 is absolute blasphemy, what do they know which we dont? I think it's a very good field, better than last years as theres a lot of exposed form, interest in the cup will be greater than previous years as theres a lot more "fandom" where punters have built a relationship with their favored runner.
  9. Was announced after its horrid run on pace that Bowman wouldn't be on next start. Can't recall where read the article but it was a few weeks ago. I don't think anyone asked why as its self explanatory.
  10. By no means is that a dig, racing needs their contribution, I think they're all great representatives of racing in NZ, along with Matt Cross. But bring on cup day, after the year we've had I think it's going to be bigger and better than ever.
  11. Guerin, The Whale and Greg have 30 years each on Cookson but the game needs someone young who cares. He knows all the participants and the form, that's a gem in this age when most trainers and drivers couldn't talk their own kids to be interested in racing.
  12. It's a big mistake, someone should be culpable. Its false advertising, the comments don't align with the horses in the race, its misleading. How does this happen for one of the most important races of the day? If it happens for the Melbourne cup and sweepstakes across the country get printed with errors, it's going to spell big trouble.
  13. The comments aren't meant for the horses listed because the comments are for the wrong race. It's a data error.
  14. I think the comments are for the wrong race