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  1. Flawed Genius


    Geez Eljay, 100 horses X 5 owners per horse, that's 500 people on course .... you'd have to go back to the 1990's to remember crowds that big!
  2. Flawed Genius

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    Whilst $7000 are not great, they are not the problem. They'd be fine if the handicapping system accounted for them at their true value instead of treating them the same as a $20k race. I'd happily win 3 races against relatively similar opposition each time if I only took the same total penalty as the guy that won a $20k race somewhere else. The total pool for stakemoney is relatively static, so dividing it up more equitably will solve a lot more problems than feeding the fat cats at the top end of the food chain. It's very apparent from the seemly bottomless pockets of those buying in the elite yearling market, the same market where a disproportionate amount of stakemoney is going - that to them the handicapping system is irrelevant. When all you compete in are age group features and open class races you don't care what rating your horse is, or what $7k scraps the peasants are fighting over!
  3. Flawed Genius

    Well ....

    Whatever happened to "driving your horse in a manner to ensure it finishes in the best possible position" or "driving in a manner that diminishes your horses chances"? You can't blame the Lincoln Farms team for last nights fiasco. After all it's pretty much the same stunt All Stars have been pulling off for years. The northerners just aren't as good at it yet!
  4. Flawed Genius

    Somebody knew something!

    They'd be spewing that they went all in the place and it gets up to win!
  5. Flawed Genius

    Ben Hope

    The kid had no control over the horse from half way around the home turn, so a bit silly that his old man goes in and loses it. For some reason lefties always look "untidy" when driving a horse out at the end of a race and he's definitely at the upper end of the "untidy lefties". He could do with a left handed mentor to work on his technique eg Mark Jones. Tactically he's as good as any his age, but control seems to go out the window up the home straight quite often. Maybe a few lessons from someone very cool in the cart ... oh I dunno, maybe RT May. I hear he's got a bit of free time on his hands at the moment!
  6. Flawed Genius

    What the.....

    My point being that you can only "red line" a horse for so long before something has to give. It just so happens that fillies tend to hit that wall earlier than colts and gelding do. But they all have a breaking point!
  7. Flawed Genius

    What the.....

    Even race cars can only be driven on the "red line" for so long before they blow up. And horses in general, but especially fillies are not cars.
  8. Flawed Genius

    The n

  9. Flawed Genius

    The n

    A J McGrath & Est Mrs J A McGrath
  10. Flawed Genius

    Auckland Noms

    Face it guys, the game is shutting down. Literally shutting down - from the north first! Give it another 2 or 3 years and the trots will be a South Island game only. House and Dunn are skimming some of the cream for now, but notice how they've retained their South Island bases so that they can return to them when the North Island closes down.
  11. Flawed Genius

    Oh crap.....

    You're a little bit off the pace guys. Those stats are from the old Menangle track. The current track, which opened 12 years ago is 1400m. 10 off the front. Auckland Reactor needs a miracle!