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  1. micktap

    Craig the orange whale Thompson

    Orange Roughie
  2. micktap

    Michael House

    Leo.Why are you making it sound like MH is doing something wrong by "cooperating with the Police and RIU" when surely all he was doing was answering questions truthfully and to the best of his knowledge.You seem to think there is something wrong with cooperating with the Police.
  3. micktap

    It's finally

    Agree with What a Post.The reality is there are just not enough horses in the north.The clubs are trying to match like for like but you can't have 20 races with 5 horse in each.Would these owners who say their horse is no longer competitive be willing to race in a claimer where they are competitive but with the chance someone else will buy it?Nellie-you had a young horse who went up the grades early and a older horse who had won a lot of races and was coming down the grades-surely at some stage one or the other would have been competitive or were the costs too high to get to this stage.
  4. micktap

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Lee.I think this topic is more aimed at other trainers and owners than punters.Why not just ban its use and save everyone $900 per horse.
  5. micktap

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Iraklis-you say perfomance enhancing additives would be picked up.How do you know the serum itself isn't performance enhancing? Also if you used the red blood cells would this be picked up in a swab.
  6. micktap

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I'm sayin the video looked very amateurish.Havin a mask half on face and not coverin nose and it does not look very good just tippin whats left down the sink.Is that the hi tech lab or just some back room off some building.Anyohe could get hold of a centrifuge and ultra violet light and a few test tubes and beakers.Do you have to be registered to do this or can anyone do it becuase the results are un-detectable.
  7. micktap

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Jack makes some very good points.If it is only for treating injuries,then why spray it into the lungs?It use can't be detected because its part of the horses own blood but then again so are the red blood cells and it was laughable on the video to see them tipping these down the sink.
  8. micktap

    To be or not to be ... Unruly

    He's on the Unruly to help him get away trotting and it seems to be working.If I was you I would only back him for a place.
  9. micktap

    Groff Small

    Changed his name to Groff and moved to Siberia maybe.
  10. micktap

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Iraklis--you go on about this product being natural but so too are the red blood cells and it is illegal to inject these.It is not natural to separate the red cells from the rest of the blood and then use ultra violet light to enhance whats left.I'm not saying i'm against its use but this program was clearly biased and really just an advertisement for its use.Why is it banned in other countries if its so natural?