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  1. Haha, it's actually bad math! I was meant to leave $1 more than Leo has, just to be a dick, but also force him to make a pick in case he feels like sitting on his total.
  2. Doomben Race 10 - Contemptuous - $249 win $100 multi The Valley Race 5 - Heresy to place The Valley Race 7 - Forgot You to win The Valley Race 9 - Zaaki to win Leaves me on $576.
  3. Hey Chris. Despite the premier meetings in Sydney and Melbourne, I think I'm heading to Queensland for my solo bet. As usual, there are around 6-7 bets I could choose, but picking the right one is tricky!
  4. Leo - it's up to you. I never bet well on a Friday night at The Valley, so I'm happy to wait until Saturday. You can go right ahead though....
  5. Tell us any " journalist" in general terms who has a full time job The pay is horrific - the hours are terrible, so why would anyone want to be a journo, let alone a racing one. There is no money to be made.
  6. An excellent Cox Plate field - one of the best I've ever seen. Pity about The Everest depleting the Manikato Stakes, which is a dreadful field for Group 1 level.
  7. We don't do BBQ Christmas, so you've lucked out there. At least the drive thrus will be open though....
  8. Haha..not one single person believes that, Leo. But it's the least I could do after you invited me to an all expenses paid New Year's Feast at HQ. Chef's table I believe.
  9. Pro punters risk money to make money, which is unlike 99% of jobs. Appearing on racing shows is a good supplementary income to soften the blow of a losing month. It's the same reason these punters have websites. Some are subscription based, some are affiliates. Any additional income is welcomed.
  10. I've lodged a protest for interference before the start.
  11. I actually think BP is a good presenter, but often feels like he needs to make up for the lack of personality with his team. We don't need fake laughter. We just need quality information, actual betting advice, and the commentators can stick to their job, and not provide their opinions on who they think will win.
  12. It doesn't all come down to the presenters. Sure, having a team like would be fantastic, but Aussies are notoriously better at talking. The problem is our product. It's like trying to make chess seem interesting to someone not interested in chess. The presenters are also not professional tipsters/punters, so if people were watching to get informative tips, they're in the wrong place. Trackside should have a dedicated person, or program, that focuses on the betting angle. This should run alongside informative information about the horses, instead of going back-and-fort
  13. Sounds about right. You had 250 + 100 of whatever NS ended up paying.