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  1. 6 weeks..... and let the stock cars commence.
  2. Sure thing Bob, but that means there was a gap to begin with. You could argue that it was never there. Even Bowman admitted he was going to have to push out on Andrew to get the "gap". Therefore, no real gap.
  3. Tell us what Andrew did? Interfere on his way down to the ground?
  4. Bowman is a liability if he thinks those tactics are OK. Perhaps the lack of recent riding didn't have him fully engaged mentally?
  5. There was a ginormous betting move for Smart Image
  6. "he “could” argue a case that only Jockeys understand" I don't see too many jockeys doing that. Most would pull back and take the loss on the chin - LIVE to fight another day. Unfortunately, due to his stupidy and recklessness, one horse and possibly a jockey, won't return to the track. Bowman is a senior rider. He is meant to set an example. If the stewards don't throw the book at him, how many apprentices will think it's OK to bulldoze through a gap that was never there. Can other jockeys trust that Bowman won't do this again? Will they see Bowman on their inside and create space in order to potentially save themselves and their horse from dying? We all get that it's a split-second decision and these guys are facing death everytime they ride, but an example needs to be set here.
  7. It has to be in the range of 5-6 months. Winx has retired, so NSW Racing has nothing to be afraid of in terms of revenue. If JMac committed the same offense, he'd be out for a year.
  8. An apt name for the winner of the penultimate at Avondale today. Who are those people talking about tracks having fast lanes in Australia? It's unfortunate because Avondale is considered one of the best surfaces in NZ.
  9. I guess the market is with Yardstick, which defeated JP by four lengths in a trial.
  10. Yes but that's beside the point. It states "head-to-head"... not 4th quarter head-to-head (which is a h2h line for only the 4th quarter) - and not the entire game.
  11. This is everything that is wrong with the TAB... You see the odds for Hapoel Galil Gilboa? $1.77 in the head-to-head section. However, when you put that selection into your bet slip, the bet is changed to fourth quarter. An unsuspecting and casual punter might not pick up that it was fourth quarter only, because the TAB doesn't advertise as such. It's beyond incompetent and is advertising a false price. The TAB says "Yes, but you should always check your selections once they're in the betslip"... sure, but should we always be checking in case the TAB has displayed an incorrect market?
  12. Were Leo's comments made on the internet? (keyboard) Or did he say it to his face?
  13. Two wrongs don't make a right
  14. The loading circle continues to spin on the live sport page, which is offputting.