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  1. TAB does their results via offshore bookies like Sportsbet, which is also having the same problem.
  2. Do you not think the Melbourne Cup flattened her? As it does, along with the Derby, for many middle-distance horses?
  3. Isn't that race worth about $110,000? You can't be serious Stodge...
  4. Ahhh - good to see! Home Affairs isn't surprising given the ownership.
  5. When do we start questioning Waller's desire to win international races? He clearly doesn't want to, and the money in Australia is too good to pass up, but surely he wants a notable international win on his record?
  6. Perhaps the owners have dreamed of winning an overseas race? We all know Chris Waller doesn't want to travel with his horses, so they have taken their chance of international success. Good on them. Not a lot to lose, except money....
  7. I'd be surprised if Rich Strike finishes in the first four in the Preakness Stakes, despite most of the Derby field bypassing the shorter distance, which has ruined the Triple Crown. It was one of the weakest Derby fields in history, but for the horses' sake, I hope I'm wrong.
  8. Depends. If you want to get given tips for horses paying $10 and above, you'll have to cop that you won't win as often. Many people don't seem to understand that concept, and the concept of winning money in the long term is also lost of them. It all depends on value. If the tipster rates a runner at $1.80 and it's paying $2.60, why not tip it?
  9. The mass amount of bumping. However, with the protest rules they have in place, it has eliminated much of it.
  10. US Racing - go hell for leather from the outset. Very little tactical riding and most of the jockeys, would they be riding in Aus/NZ, would get a holiday every week. Exciting race though!
  11. NZ's binge drinking culture makes this impossible. 90% of people at the big NZ meetings don't even know how many legs a horse has. They're not there for the horse, or even for the punt. They're there for the booze, so this will never happen in New Zealand... ever.
  12. What were the continual delays at Riverton due to today? I missed the reason.
  13. Isn't there a quota of trainers in HK, so presumably Jamie would get some of the stable of whoever's contract has expired?
  14. Does anyone know why there is such a long break between Race 2 and 3?
  15. Clarke did make a Tweet - joking about it. But that's all I've seen in a way of a rebuttal. Pretty sure it's all baloney, and I'm anti-Cindy.