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  1. We heard it here first... Better tilt your head back for that bloodied nose of yours.
  2. The accused often don't take the stand because a knowledgeable lawyer will outsmart them, even if they are innocent. Bain would have been torn to shreds had he testified.
  3. The TAB runs a monopoly, so it's no chance of happening. Rob Waterhouse at Ellerslie was nothing more than a gimmick.
  4. Moderator* how does Leo's post make it through? That's abuse of a mentailly handicap man.
  5. Nothing to do with the TAB. It's on the Australian side.
  6. My gripe is that you post 3-4 consecutive messages with no one else replying inbetween. Perhaps heed your own advice and take a break from technology.
  7. 1. Why hasn't the TAB adopted affiliate marketing? Is it a case of not knowing what it is? Or are the costs too high for the potential reward of bringing in new customers? 2. A follow-up on Question 1. You ban any NZ-based site to advertise offshore bookmakers, but make no effort to get NZ-facing sites to advertise the NZ TAB. Why? Thanks. Daryl Curnow
  8. Weak humour... you made rude and unfunny jokes about a woman's last name. Do you think that highbrow comedy?
  9. All great points. I'll add another. The NZ TAB is clueless when it comes to affiliate marketing. Offshore bookmakers rely heavily on affiliates, but it's foreign language to our lot. Whether it's too hard for them to set up (it's not), or they feel like they don't need help attracting players (they do), I wouldn't know.
  10. Don't take life too seriously, Mike. However, making dick jokes about a woman's name isn't the most mature thing to do.
  11. The difference with the Zabeel Classic is that Rock on Wood wasn't entitled to that run. Watchmaker was entitled to its line on the outside of Tradition.
  12. It was clear, to me, that Watchmaker moved out because it was being forced without contact. If you see a horse moving out on you, it's only natural to avoid contact and drift with it.
  13. The same reason why Pete Rose isn't in the MLB Hall of Fame? It's more often about image than anything else.
  14. Leggy. Are you advising the jockey on Watchmaker to not be aware of the horse on his inside? A bad jockey would have let his horse run straight and get smashed, but he was forced to let it drift with Tradition.