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  1. They offer a good range of bonuses, but if you're a big sports bettor, the TAB is better in comparison. Bets get limited to a few hundred for some sport options. However, they accept all sizes for racing.
  2. It's also there to stop multiple accounts/bonus hunters.
  3. Nothing woke about me, but I don't stand for picking on someone for their intelligence when it's beyond their control. Unless it/they/her/she/him is a liberal vegan.
  4. Do you have an answer Chevy? Or did you take time out of your day just to put ole' Fordman down?
  5. I was applauding the Rosehill track staff. To get a Good 3 track after all the rain they had was commenable. Compared to Awapuni, which looked like a heavy surface - it's amateur hour in NZ. However, the inside was a massive fast lane and killed the racing yesterday. Thankfully, it was picked up early and most punters started backing those going forward on the rail.
  6. Did I just hear Stephen Hunt root for the favourites to get beaten? That's not a way to get punters on your side. George Simon and Popps covered it nicely, but you could sense the embarrassment. TAB... you know the odds, now please don't win.
  7. The TAB take their fixed odds from Sportsbet, so it's likely SB didn't have FO betting at the time.
  8. Plenty of corruption in Australia - it was founded on it. However, calling out NZ's leading rider is a stretch, all because one shitter you backed ran down the track.
  9. That pretty much sums it up - yet you have the audacity to call something corrupt.
  10. I've always preferred a French Tart myself.
  11. Yeah around that I reckon. The problem is covering costs until you find 1000 people. You might only get 200, so you're left to foot some considerable costs until the numbers rise, because you can't suddenly change the price based on total members.
  12. When I was looking at forming a microsyndicate I was under the impression 1000 owners was allowed. It's needed in these times.
  13. Why have NZTR set a limit at 100? Are they not allowing microsyndications as a base rule? Seems one way to get less people into the game.
  14. And what an awful run it was
  15. Stride membership isn't about making money on your horses. That is clear from its advertising. It's about the social and entertainment factor. It's less money than what you'd spend a day on beer, and I know which I'd prefer.