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    Venues 2019/20

    We are focused on finding the right outcome for our race day at the moment , I'm not aware of any trainers considering relocation and there certainly haven't been any discussions on that from an NZTR perspective.
  2. JohnnyGray

    Venues 2019/20

    I'm not on here to make comparisons with New Plymouth that's not going to get anyone anywhere and what is this fascination with quoting on course turnovers as a means of justifying a racing club having a race day? These can be easily distorted by several factors which I'm sure I don't need to go into. Besides that you're happy to ignore the other positive contributions that Stratford Racing Club makes to racing locally, why is that? The race day would be lost to Stratford and the local community and that is something our club believes is important to racing locally and in Taranaki.
  3. JohnnyGray

    Venues 2019/20

    Just a few comments on the NZTR proposal for Stratford Racing Club to lose its Thoroughbred Race Date Our December 29th 2018 race meeting had over 4500 patrons in attendance Our Annual race day is a huge part of the local community , social calendar and as such is part of the historic fabric of the town and its residents December 2018 Stratford Racing Club had over 80 horses in work at the Club, this regularly swings from anywhere between 60-90 thoroughbreds Last Thoroughbred Racing season 2017/18 the Stratford Racing Club and its trainers provided 3 out of 10 starters i.e. 30% of the starters from the Taranaki region i.e. (New Plymouth,Stratford and Hawera ) to put this in perspective that is more than the two biggest trainers at New Plymouth provided combined. Stratford Racing Club regularly provide jumpouts for trainers throughout the Central Districts For the past 3 years Stratford Racing Club has opened its doors for use to New Plymouth trainers and their horses during WOMAD when their track is under pressure from that event and any others and we sporadically have trainers from New Plymouth and Hawera come to our track to work horses. There are 15 thoroughbred trainers at Stratford Stratford Racing Club have offered to hold more race dates but have not been taken up on that offer by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, particularly last year whilst Otaki Racing Club was in limbo The Stratford Racing Club is completely financially self sustainable and does not receive any financial assistance/support from New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing to operate in its present capacity It's difficult to understand why a club that contributes the above to the racing industry is in line to potentially lose its one and only race day, how does taking a race date(one date) off Stratford Racing Club contribute to saving the industry? Particularly when the club is as active in the local racing community as Stratford Racing Club is. John Gray Stratford Racing Club