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    Hunter the punter reacted to MICHAEL HOUSE in Inca the stinker   
    Thanks twice David 
    the horse trainers an drivers of the future have a lot of challenges an a lot of traditions that have to be shed or met
    there is already an human asset resource waste problem ..... with so many great young people who cannot  climb the ladder to property ownership to stable income from harness racing 
    it’s actually a crisis that no one seems to understand 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Inca the stinker   
    Does this include team driving
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    Hunter the punter reacted to The big uce in Inca the stinker   
    Dont know, or claim to know alot of official information about the case. Obviously theres a lot of stories, some probably have merit, but im definitely not gonna speculate when it effects peoples lives.
    However one thing i do believe is the RIU is ruining the industry rather than cleaning it up! There is a common digust and contempt for then from a good percentage of licence holders Nz wide. Many who are hardworking backbone participants with exemplary records and a love of the animal.
    I think one of the major problems is they arent coming from a place of passion for the industry. Nor from a place of Integrity. Many of them just have a thirst for power and like to use there authority as the no they have no real regulators to real them in.
    Most of them come from failed pasts. I dont have a problem so much with this, more with the fact that they bought the chip on their shoulder with them.
    Starts at the top
    Mike Guber - well we all know of his past exploits. Add that to the fact that any interview where a tough question is asked, he stutters out a 'im not in a position to say' ie i dont no, or shit what do i say.  Fact, a reporter once called him for a comment about a charge that had been laid and he didnt even no it had been done.
    I see Cruickshanks named mentioned. From all the ones ive meet in the north he and grimstone both seem to have massive chips on the shoulders. Talking to a few others, they think everyones a cheat and there gonna exploit there power. Have been quoted as saying im gonna get u anyway i can recently to a N.I trainer.
    This from someone who made very slow progression as a cop over many years. Then tried his hand as a mortgage broker,. Unfortunately  ABC mortgages couldnt last more than a couple of years so of to the riu it was.
    Neil 'jump before your pushed' Grimstone forced to retire from the Police for racism towards Asian.
    Ive heard another up there Oscar . Known widely by many as dumb dumb for his lack of knowledge and intellect.
    South Island well 3 words come to mind. Conflict of Interest. Basically being the law over acquaintances, ex bosses, family friends as well as enimies and people they have never gotten on with. Unbaised integral justice. Really? Im not gonna name them all but lets be honest, the old syndrome of i couldnt make it so u must be cheating to be successful also applies. 
    Peter lamb, cost many a horse its chance and is now trying to prosecute drivers who have done the same thing? If anyones ever needed a fine and a holiday its him. His whole situation absolutely recks of corruption and wouldnt be allowed in any other industry.
    Im not against the idea of the  RIU. But they with the way it is at the moment they wont have an industry to rule over soon. There needs to be some sort of regulator and accountability for them held at a government level that actually cares. Because at the moment they are doing more harm than good.
    Also to all those throwing accusations . Be wary of how u use the word cheat. I have seen and heard it used in reference to those under the inca microscope a lot lately (we all know who they are). Like i said before im not saying they are guilty or innocent but one thing i have noticed is they are all flying at moment, both training and driving. Even with all these eyes on them and all the scrutiny. Just food for thought.
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    we’ll some would call them machines. They can turn good amounts of money in to shit pretty quickly    
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    Hunter the punter reacted to JackSprat in Inca the stinker   
    Opinion on here seem to be divided into one extreme or the other - the game is completely clean, or it's completely corrupt. 
    As with everything else in life the answer lies somewhere in between.
    It's human nature to push boundaries - it's the reason most of us evolved from cave dwelling neanderthals to what we are today.
    Off course there are industry participants bending rules. Just like there are "creative" accountants, tradies working for cash, people driving over the speed limit, and church committees overstating their expenses by a few dollars.
    Whilst there are minor misdemeanours alive and well in many races, the idea that the game is being run by race fixers and wholesale cheating is pie in the sky stuff.
    Here's a thought for any potential race fixers - the North Island would be an easier target - the fields are half the size, and the participants are twice as connected. Just saying.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Taku Umanga in Word on the streets is   
    Only 56 starters on Friday night - hard to comprehend how ATC can continue to function with that level of participation.  
    Some further thinking may need to be done outside the square ..... why not hold day time meetings every Sunday this time of year?
    Twas quite pleasant at Cambridge yesterday.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Word on the streets is   
    Stop being sensible 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in Inca the stinker   
    Justin gets very little business these days, if any and is generally held in contempt by the Harness Racing community
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    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in Inca the stinker   
    Based on the information provided to date can I suggest something and see how you all react.
    Firstly I’m going to state this, based on the 500 pages I’ve read the charges against these individuals are fabricated based on ignorant misinterpretation of Racing vernacular.
    The new peripheral charges seem to be a feeble attempt to orchestrate charges to “save face” for the RIU & Plod, so on that basis can I ask the following;
    1. Why don’t you all make the narc KS persona non grata ?
    2. If as claimed the licensed trainer MH is providing support to the RIU why don’t you all refuse to race against, or drive his horses in a race.
    Surely you don’t need a traitor in your midst and this behaviour warrants taking the law into your own hands 
    3.Ditto the bloke with the bloodstock interests who seems to be using this drama to extract revenge, MrJ LL, why don’t you all act against his bloodstock interests and drive him out of business ?
    Surely you can organise yourselves to make these three accountable for their actions 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in Inca the stinker   
    So my man at the RIU tells me they’ve got two rock solid “insiders” assisting the Police with this.
    I’m forbidden from mentioning their names because they’re Police informants ( and rats ) but I am allowed to ask for more information on the following people, and anything I should know about them in relation to this matter.
    As usual PM me ( and thanks to those who have so far )
    1. A guy named Justin Le Lievre, apparently he’s ex Trackside, and Police, and is predisposed to threatening people with violence ( don’t bother threatening me Justin, I’ll blow on you if you do )
    How’s he involved in this and why ?
    2. DS Neville Jenkins of Blue Magic fame. Said to be a close mate of Le Lievre and the original dobber KS. I’ve had a few dealings with Jenkins and found him to be evasive and less than frank / honest. To compound matters he described me as a “bully”
    Who's he mates with in the industry and why is he so heavily involved in this ? Has he any industry experience ?
    3. The name Michael House keeps popping up, what does he do and how does he fit into this ?
    As always thanks for your support and information, PM me with your thoughts, and never forget, we’re here to fight the good fight for justice 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Ohokaman in It's so embarrasing   
    How the hell did Andrew Morris become a handicapper...??!! He used to be the office gopher...
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    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in Getting big air   
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    Hunter the punter got a reaction from Patiti in If u had to choose   
    Bring back claimers  .Any horses under 50 rating that has won a race should be racing claimers price them right everyone  has a turn .We had them in Auckland couple  of years ago but the boy's  down south didn't  agree with them so we lost another  15 or 20 horses hence the amateurs  got to race instead  of trials only 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Toblerone in If u had to choose   
    Neither, I'd rather see an extra junior driver's penalty-free race at every meeting. Get these kids out there as much as we can. That's not sayin the others don't have upside. BUt if we don't incentivise these juniors they will be off driving driving trucks or diggers soon enough and lost to the game.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to ivanthegreat in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    Come up with some decent racing and stop fussing over the fortunes of the " Flippers "
    They used to have more exiting equalizator meetings years ago.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Rusty in Names of horses within race results   
    If Ladbrokes and Neds, both Aussie based betting agencies, can display the full name of placed horses, why can't NZ's TAB? 
    We all know the answer why they can't; Because they are $!*@!*# useless. 
    But just thought I would highlight the difference in the same product.

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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    As us say bloody frustrating.the original question was will the atc survive.i think so and hope so.some of the problems were beyond the boards control.some they must take the blame.personally I would  like all the board to stand down next election put their names up people wanted.i don't think any current board member should put thhemselv3s up for direction and most  of the present board have had  more than one term and have failed to make a difference.the problem is where is the new blood.
    I have heard a name mentioned.couple of terms on  board and has been u know I'm a great fan of Gary Williams.nelson giants and table tennis amongst his c.v..races a million horses.successfull  business man and huge passion.hardest part will be to convince him and a team to complement him.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    Well Tim , you and I have been discussing this situation most Fridays for past 4 years.......I even asked for a regular amateur race at an AGM to cater for the slower horses !
    When  possible savings are looked at to add a few pennies to the coffers ,maybe they/we [ its the member's club ] will cut down on some security folk e.g. the 3 who rallied around to move us from the stairs where we watch every race from !
    Today relax by the pool and recharge those batteries , the club needs you and SW to be fighting fit to help put on the show / action .
    Bula Vinaka !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    Racing cannot move out of Auckland - if Alexandra Park goes, then harness goes simple as that.    Well, that is how I see it.     Just picture - a new "facility is built somewhere in the sticks, so what use would the Pokies be or the TAB be, or the dining/conference facilities be.    Move to an area of next to no population and that would be curtains for the activities that presently prop up the club, and race night attendance     No use selling Pukekohe as the monies obtained would be needed to replace that facility (training tracks, barns etc.) so sfa probably left over to service present woes.     Some members will remember the "disaster"  when the club sold very valuable land to the government and to this day the land lies vacant and only used for parking at the showgrounds next door.     The club here were lucky the government allowed them use of the land until the new school was built.    Oh yes, the money "they" obtained from this earlier sale has been well & truly spent so again is of no use to the present dilemma.     Oh well, once again I will be said to be "negative" but anyone who says this first sort out the facts from the dreams.      The first priority (again in my opinion only) is that the board must ensure they get value for the large amount of monies that are being disbursed both as salaries and consultancy fees.,  
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    When the previous CEO was explaining how well she  wasdoing it did not ring true with me knowing a little about failed trotting clubs.!! All of the comments here are valid and many of us sounded warnings many months ago on this forum. TO SELL OFF land with great tenants as you say is short term desperation and can only be detrimental to the Club in the long term. ATC needs assistance as can not be permitted to collapse. HRNZ must seek Govt. help if necessary to keep the club solvent and may need to put in place a crisis management structure acceptable to them and the bank. I believe it is time for head out of sand for the present Board as any further" shocks" could see the Bank put the Club into receivership. I warned of this possibility at another Club and the only real response from many board Members , 'hrnz would never let it happen "  I personally was having weekly meetings with the Bank as to cash flow and with Council to seek relief . ATC is Harness Racing in the North  and must survive for the future of harness racing.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?   
    Ii have no wworries after going to the meeting Wed
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in It's finally   
    Time to abandon the handicapping could have been great but it is so far away from its original intention it should go.the inconsistencies are beyond a joke and the average horse quickly becomes  uncompetitive .it was supposed to promote like with like. was supposed to help retain horses seems to help the good horses while many turn up to get smashed.get rid of it.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Only   
    We (harness racing) are certainly Doomed, if was left for parochials like you to guide it's destimy!!
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Only   
    7 races at the park Friday.not good for anyone except maybe the club paying out less stakemoney.word on the streets is the building project  is not all of a mammoth loss.hope it's not true.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to what a post in Only   
    How do you go from the building project setting up harness racing in the Auckland area  for years to come to mammoth losses.
    Maybe someone needs to tell mick Guerin, he certainly comes across as spinning untruths. 
    I'm no expert,but I was talking to someone last week from Auckland who runs a business  that gives advice on such projects. He said yes there is still  big money to be made,but you must know what you are doing,who you are dealing with, and most importantly realise there are major financial risks involved depending on how the deals are set up.
    Looks like history will show those running the atc were out of their depth,ignoring the possible pitfalls of the business they got themselves involved in.
    As to your 7 race fields. That recent press release about stakes at the atc remaining  high seemed to read like total spin,my take on reading between the lines was the same as what you are saying. In other words the club wants to run fewer races because the racing side of things is not profitable,and racing was already putting pressure on their already strained finances.
    Anyway you don't have enough horses up there. From my observations those running your racing unbelievably have no plan to address that issue,
    You can bury your head in the sand and blame the handicapping system, but thats just rubbish. No handicapping system will work with the limited number of horses you have.