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    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in First blood in the Ballarat.....   
    Ants - well done Line Up.   
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in Dream Team   
    Agree in general with it being cost cutting. I did win some over the years especially the early ones 20years ago.The prizes certainly reduced year by year to a point when participation dropped away. It did get a return as I always backed my stable and I am sure most entrants did.But as  Pink Floyd said just another Brick in the wall.... Let me think of accountant driven initiatives in harness racing ………….no competitions,no harness racing weekly,  make it harnessed only1 per month then withdrawn,no help keeping racing supplements in newspapers, no teletext gone,no free to air tv or advertising... no Friday flash race booklets not at supermarkets (in TABs that's great for attracting new punters (not) )cut down or out picnic grass racing over summer (cut out thousands of potential owners and bettors) so lets not be alarmed at fewer owners ,fewer bettors , fewer trainers and breeders. all because of very few entrepreneurs in HRNZ  SAD but true.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Should   
    Hang in there Tim....god loves a trier !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Grass Tracks - Well said Doug Gale   
    Atc tried to shutdown and get kumeu for a song.glad they didn't.there is a case to make kumeu a hub of training given the future of puke is very much up in the air.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to TimTimTimbo in Dexter named Driver of Year by USHRA
    Over 12 million won by his horses.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Nelli in PBD - why?   
    Perhaps it is because the horses in lower rated races are up against each other week after week and there are a lot of races for them in the next couple of weeks. By mixing it up by having pbd and random fields, the 'higher' rated horses are not always disadvantaged and the R40 not always drawn 1  (mightn't suit a horse not sharp off the gate)
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Gruff in Cooper38@   
    Your dreaming Cooper, first time at Matamata in 81 i watched Honest promise get put out of misery without a sight screen at the 200m, shocking sight a horse in distress particularly as a Young Jaffa  , happens very rarely considering the amount of racing and one could argue the Human element is more disturbing....didnt see a post from you after Dom Mansour got squashed at Te Aroha or when his close friend almost got killed at Te Rapa the week after   You follow any form of risky competive sport there will be casualties, keep it in perspective because these Animals are looked after better than those sleeping around Auckland Streets 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Credit   
    All good Tim and those close to you bring a number of horses to the table . Hopefully it will keep both people and more horses in the sport and prolong some horses careers.
    Of course opposition to the cause will say that it denies pro and Junior both drives and income.
    Therefore it will be good if the Amateurs have horses and are contributing , especially in the north where horse numbers must be reaching a critical shortage.
    Desperate times calls for desperate measures !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Nigel McGrath RIU / JCA charges   
    Matt andersondischarged without conviction.what next by riu compassion or charges.
    He's been through enough race fixing no conviction I'd like to see him be left to what he does best drive winners.been through he'll and back.its enough.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in All Stars slugfest   
    I guess when tiger was winning all the time the winning prize should have been reduced.   That not right..i want to have the big carrot like a big  pick 6.same as group racing.the challenge is to bring low stake clubs like Cambridge to better levels .maybe knock 300k from head office and add 1000 to 300 races.but keep the carrot.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History   
    Thanks.....was there a pacer called Soanfra in series.From memory trained by a Keats from Canterbury. As a youngster I used to lurk around the stables in the hope that some crumbs of information would fall my way ,then rush off and tell my parents. I heard the connections tell the driver to ping out fast then trail and ??????.
    Possibly standing starts only back then [ 1965 ] at Forbury. Remember in the early days of mobiles there a bit of southern rain would give the mobile the 'skids' and a jog up using the clerk of course was introduced.
    Forbury back then had its main meetings during Festival week late January ,with heats leading into the Festival Cup. Prominent Canterbury raiders were WELowe with Wag ,Pun, Humphrey ,Urrall etc and TMMay with Palestine ,Walk Away ,Stroll Away [a roan] and Tasman [trotter] and of course Colin MacLaughlan with Manaroa ,Royal Ascot ,Manawaru and Allakasam. Lord Module won well one night and CCDevine often there as were the powerful CSDonald and GBNoble stables.
    Ahhhhh the memories.....then there was the champion youngster Noodlum ,such a standout he had to fall over to lose ,and he did after some paper blew on to the track !
    Personally I followed 2  battlers Sam Henderson [Orari] and Doug McCormick [ Charlie Wood ,dual gaited ] while my father loved GD Shand.
    Fine memories of Forbury.......built on a swamp , next to the ocean and one sandhill away from the South Pole !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to gubellini in Grass track circuit all but dead   
    Toblerone I am disappointed as well that the former Bay Of Plenty Harness Racing Club have not managed to secure a date for a grass track meeting at Tauranga this season. The Club has a great history of grass track racing. Up to the early 70’s they staged a popular two day meeting over Anniversary Weekend. They catered for allcomers. For example on the 1/2/65 they staged 13 races for 182 horses! Trainers came from all over the North Island and camped out over the long weekend. Tents aplenty in the infield and stabling areas. Fishing trips were organised on the Sunday. In the late 70’s the Club drew up a plan to put down an all weather track on the inside of the galloping track. The proposed new track was surveyed and ready to go but for some reason never went ahead. Presumably a conflict arose about the rental situation between the Harness and Racing Clubs. Soon after the Bay club controversially decided to race at Cambridge. Earlier this century they decided to bring back their Anniversary Sunday date back to Tauranga. It has proved to be very popular with a huge picnic crowd enjoying grass track racing. As a former sponsor of the Club and a successful Owner- Trainer from the Tauranga grass track I hope that grass track racing will be reinstated sooner rather than later!
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Interdoms- A little piece of Otago History   
    I did it for a bloke 40 years ago.hed give me 4k a week and I used to have a bloke  on the tote.he would not stamp the tickets and would give him the money  so it balanced.gave the bloke the tickets and he d give me 400.good wage then. He eventually went bankrupt .He owed the tax dept.haha.
    Top of the old stand at Alex park.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in Inters night 3   
    The racing is the attraction and the rugby league final it's the game and the players.i think that is what we need the spotlight on..both have been great but the outside world haven't been included to cheer them on.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to JJ Flash in Inters night 2.....   
    Interesting coin of phrase there Iraklis, news has come to hand that AGW had  being having scouring issues before Interdoms which may have been rectified by a change of feed up north. This is not to disparage the efforts of its previous trainer and part owner GH but may explain its apparent form reversal although MM has given the horse a peach of a drive in both starts
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    Hunter the punter reacted to The Major in More Inca charges dropped   
    Imagine what things would look like if extramarital affairs were illegal!!!!
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    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in More Inca charges dropped   
    Ain’t that true .. the the RIU has shown that it is happy to fabricate and orchestrate evidence so this will not end well 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Trials - Why?   
    Before the Big Meeting at Addington they run trials which enables all who want to "see" the track an opportunity.     Auckland in it's wisdom send all visitors from Aussie & S.I. who want a run before the I.D.'s to the training track at Pukekohe.      Unfathomable!!
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in trot races show day   
    I agree John. I prefer pacing races myself, but I suppose it was Dominion Handicap day so fair enough to give the trotter more prominence
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    Hunter the punter got a reaction from JJ Flash in U can see why   
    He is the king 30 years ahead of his time ? 
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    Hunter the punter got a reaction from JJ Flash in U can see why   
    He is the king 30 years ahead of his time ? 
  22. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in U can see why   
    Or some of the others 30 years behind
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tim vince in U can see why   
    M purdon is a champion trainer.the equipment they showed he is using is innovator.must be very expensive.all those who think he has an un natural advantage I hope u saw it. Treadmill that gai warehouse uses and resistance sulkies from Finland.most couldn't afford it or have the horses to justify it but it is all above board.and of course great staff great young horses and above all a world class trainer. Amazing.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in Will Lamb F the Cup Start   
    standing at stud, aussie. so pos quite happy not starting.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in Cup Day Fields   
    A great day awaits for all. All stars looks like cup trifectr (spanky,fixer and Chaser) hope weather holds and not too  many girls fall off high heels late in day for national tv benefit.!!