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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in corona   
    wow what a muck up some allowed photos others doing as instructed not to attend. I agree with those that think HRNZ or RIU or rita or TAB are putting the sulky on the front end. now HRNZ is ordering me (a decrepid 72 year old) to not attend racemeetings or trials cos I may die !!!! Apparently unbeknown to me I havea compromised Immune system that's also 72 so its goodnight nurse if I get near a racecourse... Finally I have travelled through the looking glass with Alice and her mates .I wonder if I will be allowed to purchase a dressing gown and slippers so I can just slip away quietly and not leave the house to go to manawatu or sight my horse and never see the magnificent south island again. Icould also say closing Manawatu down is not solving anything but putting many fine trainers at risk of getting out of the game.(and owners and bettors. }
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    Hunter the punter reacted to TimTimTimbo in corona   
    Spare a thought this family and the coronavirus
    Harness Trainer Carmine Fusco dies, days after his sister dies. Then today their mother died and a few hours later Vinny Fusco Jr (also a trainer) dies.  The mother was 73. The two sons were 55 and 53. Sever others remained hospitalized in critical condition.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in corona   
    It will be like Alcatraz.......the Chinese Restaurant at Alex Park is an independent business so needs to 'be open for trade' but it has been stated that Harness followers will be excluded as customers.
    I wondered if the regular trotting group that has the front table  there each week would venture out to get a glimpse of the last 50m of race.
    Sorry chaps ,no peeky , peeky !
    I was thinking of loaning a mates Burkha but a security uniform may be the best bet !
    The club should be saving money and have regulars like eljay to perform security and ID checks , voluntarlly of course !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Flawed Genius in corona   
    Geez Eljay, 100 horses X 5 owners per horse, that's 500 people on course .... you'd have to go back to the 1990's to remember crowds that big!
  5. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to hsvman in National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca   
    Shouldn’t The  cheats  just hand themselves in and stop wasting everyone’s time ?
  6. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in Peter Lamb Fucking nill   
    How is it that he works for the RIU when clearly in a situation like this he’s orchestrating an event ( possibly ) for pecuniary advantage ??
    Put a wire tap on him, bug his motels and check his finances I say  
  7. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in $7000 races are we all mad ?   
    Cardigan Bay broke the mile record there and it was resurveyed and was done again when passing lane introduced at some cost all legitimate. In fact Sir Roy Mckenzie . wanted us to add a shute to accommodate flying miles ,but due to cost and perhaps a bit too innovative for the time. (could have worked).!00 years of history thrown away by the industry. IMHO a disgrace for the Capital of NZ to have no harness racing The Plan was for a mega track on the Kapiti Coast inc the 3 codes which if built in the 1990s would have been tremendous and within budget The cost now would be exhorbitant. Idiots have been running the show for many years with no forward planning other than closing courses which they don't own.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to Flawed Genius in $7000 races are we all mad ?   
    Whilst $7000 are not great, they are not the problem. They'd be fine if the handicapping system accounted for them at their true value instead of treating them the same as a $20k race. I'd happily win 3 races against relatively similar opposition each time if I only took the same total penalty as the guy that won a $20k race somewhere else.
    The total pool for stakemoney is relatively static, so dividing it up more equitably will solve a lot more problems than feeding the fat cats at the top end of the food chain.
    It's very apparent from the seemly bottomless pockets of those buying in the elite yearling market, the same market where a disproportionate amount of stakemoney is going - that to them the handicapping system is irrelevant. When all you compete in are age group features and open class races you don't care what rating your horse is, or what $7k scraps the peasants are fighting over!
  9. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca   
    As I’ve said previously these PEDs are only being described by their generic black market trade names so it’s not possible to give an expert opinion until the exact ingredients are known, and in what form they’re present 
    The best comparison is cobalt......early on the media and the RIU has this bizarre idea that cobalt was a PED when it’s typically not at all, for example cobalt is used to stabilize foam ( head ) in some beers, and Vitamin B12 has a lot of organic cobalt in the form of cyanocobalamin in it...... 
    Until the experts pull those North American concoctions apart and say exactly what’s in them it’s foolish to speculate whether they’re available in NZ, and if so in what form.
    The RIU and the Police are as dumb as fuck though so they’ll always presume a trainer using “hundreds and thousands” on a birthday cake thinks hundreds and thousands are a PED......a great example in Inca is where a trainer feeding the common osmotic diuretic salt ammonium chloride, an over the counter non prescription feed additive salt that comes in 30kg bags, was allegedly being used as a PED...
    Another example of the dumb as fuck RIU getting it hopelessly wrong was when they declared ITPP ( isomyotoltrispyrophosphate is how you spell it from memory ) was a massive industry problem and they went public with the claim, and that they had new technology to deal with it.....that mythical PED never existed but that’s the RIU, they are dead set carved out of fucking wood when it comes to PEDs and pharmacology 
    Hope this helps 
  10. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca   
    What P4P is saying and also Cyril, is correct. Obviously Grimstone wasn't satisfied with McGrath's loss of his driving license. Now he's busily trumping up additional charges to make McGrath's life a living hell. How did Grimstone ever get employed by the RIU, an ex cop with a dubious career
  11. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca   
    Here’s another thought worthy of consideration 
    The Police spent many thousands of hours across the entire country conducting surveillance, following vehicles and drivers, staking out motels and hotels, wire tapping, bugging rental cars, trying to manufacture a case here, but focused mainly in ChristChurch and south to Dunedin and Invercargill.
    At the exact same time an Australian terrorist named Brenton Tarrant who is said to have recently been in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan and various other global terrorists congregating spots was living in Dunedin, Anderson’s Bat, practicing his shooting skills at the Southern Gun Club in the southern limits of that city, before he committed an unprecedented atrocity at the Al Noor Mosque in Chch resulting in 50+ deaths and 40 attempted murders........where the fuck was the Organised Crime Squad then....the surveillance...the wire taps... the intelligence.....where was the Chch CIB ?
    How did Tarrant get a class A gun license approved by the fucking Police and their agents ?
    Two wrongs don’t make a right but you could rightfully ask how the Police could get both events so fucking wrong ( hi Organised Crime Squad, enjoy reading my honest and reasonable thoughts ) 
  12. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in National Organised Crime Unit involved in Inca   
    Why are you holding back
    Tell them what you really think
    (and I endorse every word you've written!)
  13. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to pilli in Auckland noms Friday   
    I bet an Amateur Drivers Race would have more than zero/1 nomination. 
  14. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to Hermione in Auckland noms Friday   
    Somebody is saying something?   But who is listening? 
  15. Confused
    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Auckland noms Friday   
    Are trainers saying "we don't want miles"??
  16. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in Ben Hope   
    Best advice I can give you is not to read any posts by anyone on this site
    Second best advice is to tell you that Greg aka JJ Flash appears to be an absolute tosser
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Gruff in Ben Hope 
    He knew how to use the whip 
  18. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to Gruff in Ben Hope   
    Sounds like the late great Vin  Knight .  
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Ohokaman in Auckland Noms   
    You have to wonder how a Club that has been going successfully ( for the most part ) since 1890, that has readily accessible, prime real estate in a central Auckland location worth multi millions, has quality infrastructure suited to a variety of applications, and a first rate track, could possibly find itself in the situation it does.
    The Board must take criticism for allowing the previous “management” ( term used loosely ) to put the Club and its assets at risk with this flight of fancy real estate development. It was clearly not thought through enough or the likely contingencies allowed for...the decision appears to have been made on a presentation which highlighted how much money they were going to make...and the “saviour of the industry” slogan we heard at the time.
    Throw in senior people out of their depth, lax regulatory control/management, lack of commercial experience and marketing nous and ignoring your core business....and here we are.....
  20. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to Iraklis in What the.....   
    Word Mikie  I asked my vet and he said the same, there is no one cause, but that dehydration, low electrolytes - sweating up loses vital hydration etc can be a factor, but it can happen to any horse it aint selective, and it doesn't necessarily mean the end of a racing career either.....
    Flawed, what makes you think the Princess has been 'red lined' - thrashed (as in car racing thats what the term means) just because she's a very talented filly who knows how to run and win, do you really think Mark and Nat are the type of people who would do that to their precious bloodstock, come on now......
    Cheers Iraklis
  21. Confused
    Hunter the punter reacted to Flawed Genius in What the.....   
    My point being that you can only "red line" a horse for so long before something has to give. It just so happens that fillies tend to hit that wall earlier than colts and gelding do. But they all have a breaking point!
  22. Like
    Hunter the punter reacted to Ohokaman in What the.....   
    Thought Bettors Heart was huge..had to do all the work only to get nutted by a horse who got the rails run after doing nothing.
    Peter will be spitting chips.....
  23. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Auckland Noms   
    I'm not Tim but its one of the 'criteria' in the PBD book of tricks.
    Normally its on winning stakes then on sex , but with no winners in field it reverts to sex. 
    The girls get the cosier draws as per the track grid.
    Its a real issue juggling horses into fields each week.....often not like v like ,so many have no show .
    Unless South horses come up for the group races , many are just making up the numbers as fields have such wide band of ratings /abilities.
    Two lowly wins and you racing strong "Intermediate grade pacers " or maybe even an Interdom runner !
  24. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in Nui ba den   
    I have raced many horses at Alexandra Park, with more  success than average
    I'm not agreeing entirely with Stables but the cost of having a horse trained up North is a factor (going the wrong way may be an issue for some, but not all)
    Yes, the South has the All Stars who are at the higher end of the scale on a per day basis, but the South also has a huge number of hobby trainers who are 50/50 with mates in a horse
    Don't underestimate how many there are, just have a count-up at the next Banks Peninsula meeting 
    Those hobby Trainers don't bolster the numbers at Alexandra Park and, yes, for the reasons that Stables has put forward (land cost, training track availability)
  25. Confused
    Hunter the punter reacted to eljay in Sad state of affairs   
    They've done funnier things!!