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    Hunter the punter reacted to hsvman in Cambridge Breached   
    Cambridge shouldn’t even race,  not just because of Covid because of the terrible stakes and shit facilities they have 
  2. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to poundforpound in Matt Anderson: GUILTY   
    They both need support 
    This is a symptom of someone’s life spinning out of control and you need to ask what’s causing it .... no human can deal with this level of bullying and pressure for long and these people have had two years of it now, Police, RIU, and the inexorable grind of the associated costs and legal fees 
    That brings out the worst in anyone and that’s exactly what you’re seeing unfold here
    Those of you who continue these relentless attacks should be banned from this site under The Harmful Digital Communications Act  
    What are you going to do when you drive someone to harm themselves ? Blame everyone else ? 
    You’re all gutless cowards for behaving like this, and Majestic, you’re the worst 
  3. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to AndrewFitzgerald in Matt Anderson: GUILTY   
    Shut the thread down if people are just going to spread false accusations and rumors.
  4. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to kilcoyne in Whats Your View   
    No Grimstone needs to go with the others who have stuffed up the RIU
  5. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in Molloy charged   
    All the best Leo, Grimstone is like a dog with a bone. I wonder how far he would have got prosecuting someone for calling him a c..t when he was in the police force. It just goes to show how vindictive the RIU has become.
  6. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in new racing manager for metro.   
    I told you to go back to your sandpit, ergo don’t tell me that I can’t respond to someone telling me to fuckoff
    If that’s patronising and you are upset that’s just tough. It was my polite way of telling you to xxx xxx
    I can’t see where any of my posts on this thread were caustic, it’s common knowledge that the Dick head thinks he was the greatest employee in the history of harness racing  and that he’s got a grudge as previously posted by me
    As for you, why don’t you try actually answering queries that are directed at you following statements you make?
    You always dodge the questions or throw another comment in
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    Hunter the punter reacted to dkc in Bloody hell Phil   
    And then they fucked it all up.
    Time for the whole board to resign. They are an embarrassment to the industry.
  8. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to Grit123 in WESTBURN GRANT ......RIP   
    Wow what memories come back with this horse!
    Spanked our best 3yos in the 1989 John Brandon Derby series. And they weren’t a bad lot - Inky Lord and Neroship went on to win NZ Cups.
    Westburn Grant raced against arguabably one of the greatest free for all eras in harness racing.
    When he won his Interdom Grand Final the likes of Blossom Lady, Master Musician, Christopher and Mark Hanover couldn’t get within cooee.
    A true champ and champion people associated with him.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to tasman man 11 in Brace yourself for serious stake cuts   
    Using your 'footy' analogy thats like paying club players more while cutting back on the salaries of International/ Star players.
    Water down Group races and it may sustain the Industry for another 12-18 months but the breeding side of the Industry would soon collapse as would ownership / betting /stakes and speed up the demise of even more clubs .
    Your club has been very well represented at the decision-making level for a long time so surely the word got through , the frail nature of the Industry must have been so very obvious !
    So who would not listen , who or what clubs insisted on Harness travelling on the road to certain decline ? Answers please.
    The Earthquakes obviously hurt Christchurch for a while , while the ATC tried their own tragic path to try and future proof their future but what did the rest  or the Industry as a whole do !
    That's all behind us now .......betting on NZ Harness has been in steep decline in recent years and Aussies bet more on our races than we do !
    The big question is what can done to try and sustain the industry and give our young participants some hope for their future !Answers please !
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    Hunter the punter reacted to mike28 in Today's Press   
    10 years is way to much he should get the same as what a jockey would get if they bet on another horse in the same race 1-2 years
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    Hunter the punter reacted to lamour in Now it's Greg who's gone - when will the bleeding stop?   
    This is very sad.  Besides the trackside production teams and part time tote staff, I would like to know who else makes up the 230 staff who are to be made redundant.  I hope they are shedding middle management pen pushers as they are the ones that need to go.    The Whale, Greg & Mick were effectively the sales people for Harness Racing.  They are getting rid of the very people we need most to grow the industry.   
  12. Haha
    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in Low trick   
    No they're just lulling us into a false sense of security
  13. Haha
    Hunter the punter got a reaction from TDO in Inca collapse continues   
    Eating doughnuts
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    Hunter the punter reacted to EmJayBee in TAB costs   
    The comments by Cyril Rioli struck a chord. About ‘concentrating on older horses that can race year after year’.
    I’m a kiwi based in Australia, semi-retired. Previously had a long small-time involvement in NZ racing, both thoroughbred and standardbreds. Now have time to follow the comments on Race Café periodically. And Australian race results and news.
    The main harness track in NSW, Menangle, race at least twice a week, once for better class horses and once for the lesser lights.
    Last Tuesday’s meeting for the lower grade horses included a Claimer. The 9-horse field raced for a $A7,000 odd stake. The interesting thing about the race, for me, was that the average number of lifetime starts for the 9 runners was around 140 starts.  The most was 215, the least 91. The winner was having his 191 start. Every horse was averaging over $1,000 in earnings per start. So seemingly, pretty much all paying their way. Three of them have earned over $40,000 each this season. 5 of the field were NZ bred. There was one 10yr old, one 9yr old, three 8, three 7, and a lone six year-old.
    On the humorous side, ironically, one of the NZ’ers was called Underworked, he was only on start 141! Another horse, the favorite, led but faded in the straight to last. His excuse might have been that he was the novice of the field having only his 91st start.
    So, on reflection, what can be learned? First of course it illustrates the durability of the standardbred. Second it shows that with flexible programming there is a place for all. These warriors had a competitive race. Seems like there is a suitable race at Menangle for these horses every week.
    In summary Cyril has a good point. Not necessarily concentrating on such horses but making sure there is a better balance of programming and adequate opportunities for all.
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in How we can save harness racing in the CD - Manawatu's solution   
    Lets hope the "slash and burn merchants" don't  feel too entrenched in their 2 track North Island policy  and give Manawatu a chance for survival of the region (compare with the 14 South Island venues.) As Phil Fleming states there are enough trainers in the wider area to support the innovative proposal. Really the dog option or  with Gallops somewhere say joint meetings (awapuni/otaki/Wanganui/New Plymouth) cut costs but keep hope alive,.I also wonder if wall to wall trotting Cambridge/Auckland will prove an overkill as many thurs/Friday clashes have proved detrimental in recent seasons. .Manawatu would be a welcome addition. for punters and horses. 
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Cyril Rioli in TAB costs   
    A lot probably can’t, need to somehow restructure the industry to concentrate on older horses that can race year after year. They may not cover all their costs but they’ll get a bit back. Way too many owners are being burnt playing the yearling game
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    Hunter the punter reacted to dkc in Harness boss stands down   
    Doing what they are.doing in Southland and Otago. Also Manawatu is hitting the grass roots at their base. Instead of fertilizer they are using tordon. Howdo they expect a club like Tuapeka to go all the way to Oamaru or Invercargill. The locals in this area are not going to travel those distances.
    Gore a large service town with a Licensing trust who put a lot of sponsorship into racing will not sponsor because there is no return to them. Like most other sponsors.
    Volunteers who give a lot to all clubs in NZ . What do they do it for. It's a community thing. They are not interested in all that work if another area is going to reap the rewards. Look at Rugby. As soon as you don't us local content you lose interest and this is what these high paid corporate types lose site of. The value of the the unpaid. All they are interested in is the elite.
    Well if its was not for clubs like Tuapeka Manawatu Roxburgh Gore Wyndham Blenheim etc. there would not be an industry. The top 10 percent is costing us 50 percent of our money. But you won't get them to recognize this because they are the decision makes and the aren't going to chop their own heads off.
      That's my rant for the day
  18. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to Stables in Harness boss stands down   
    Majestic, the previous CEO was there for about 25 years
  19. Sad
    Hunter the punter reacted to Nelli in Standard Stake Distribution   
    As an owner it is awful getting 5th - no rating drop and once you've subtracted the trainers and drivers fees, you are little better financially than the owner of the last horse (and sometimes you are the last horse just to rub it in!!).  
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    Hunter the punter reacted to kilcoyne in Inca collapse continues   
    I wish!!! track riding finished when I got to 68kg. Sit in a cart now but still not over 75k and 66 years old
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    Hunter the punter got a reaction from Value Bell in Inca collapse continues   
    Eating doughnuts
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in Horsemen push for new ratings trial in the north   
    I would scrap the whole system and go back to a Class system and let Clubs and the Handicapper write specific conditions to suit the available racing pool
    Oh,  that would be too simple
  23. Thanks
    Hunter the punter reacted to lamour in Horsemen push for new ratings trial in the north   
    There  are ideas there that I think are applicable across the board and not just suited to the North Island.  Particularly like a maximum of 6 points for a win,  or I would go even further and try 4 points.   
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    Hunter the punter reacted to Mikie in ATC makes the hard calls   
    Let's not blame the previous CEO entirely
    The previous President was a co-leader
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    Hunter the punter reacted to john legend in ATC makes the hard calls   
    Although some  associated with ATC would be happy to have it as the only track in the north island and race every Friday night, the true harness enthusiast puts all parochialism aside and is genuinely concerned at any trotting club or any sporting club that must find 1 mill per month in interest  charges.. The smaller centres such as taranaki and Manawatu need Auckland as the highest standard of racing and when any of us get that superior horse we can then test our horse with the best eg. Blossom Lady or a Yulestar .Without Auckland there would be no goal to aim for and we would all suffer. So I for one wish Auckland the best outcomes with their sales and a bright future when the dust finally settles.