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  1. Hunter the punter

    Nui ba den

    She's is a angel sent from heaven unwed never go broke backing her ur a lucky man tim
  2. Hunter the punter

    What will the excuse be this time?

    I be happy to drive the getaway car for u only tim
  3. Hunter the punter


    Tim there's ur first mistake giving it to Mr green to break his heart if it's not good enough to sent to mark or nat ur not in the game sorry
  4. Hunter the punter

    U can see why

    Sorry j j I not u I am me I cant be u I dont have any friends like I said he is the king mark e boy
  5. Hunter the punter

    U can see why

    Except u tim
  6. Hunter the punter

    U can see why

    He is the king 30 years ahead of his time ?
  7. Hunter the punter


    Good blood there
  8. Hunter the punter

    What a joke

    Not these dick heads
  9. Hunter the punter

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    Your stable
  10. Hunter the punter


    U are in nz after all what do u expect tim
  11. Hunter the punter

    Another Record Season for All Stars

    He is the king and nat the queen
  12. Hunter the punter


    $70 a day for u free to feed I feed ur slow horses to them feel free to call champ
  13. Hunter the punter

    If u had to choose

    Owners and a few trainers to
  14. Hunter the punter

    If u had to choose

    Bring back claimers .Any horses under 50 rating that has won a race should be racing claimers price them right everyone has a turn .We had them in Auckland couple of years ago but the boy's down south didn't agree with them so we lost another 15 or 20 horses hence the amateurs got to race instead of trials only
  15. Hunter the punter

    Can the Auckland Trotting Club survive?

    They might get to keep Auckland at what expense puk ? How can some on the board with there past experience with money or investments be able to make these decisions noticed bruce Carter has been quite I know he has been thrown under the bus he needs to take control and be a leader thank good kuemu didn't join these amateurs unlike puk
  16. Hunter the punter


    Nobody there to use them pity harness cant get 15 meetings a year therefrom November through to February little travel and plenty of horses trying to get away from Auckland?$6000 stakes for half points sure there's plenty of support for that concept?
  17. Hunter the punter

    If u owned

    I would give it to tim Vince and watch the checks roll in underestimated trainer
  18. Hunter the punter

    Have we or how big

    Money talks tim
  19. Hunter the punter

    ATC Update

    Typically of Auckland they were happy to use lower grade horses to fill the card last 2 years and now they saying thanks u we don't need or want u here racing .Everybody needs a share or the pie for it to work or the system doesn't work most stables have those type of horses cant justifie racing further than cambridge it's to far for the guy that has a couple of horses in work when coping those points hard to do if ur a 1 man operation with family and work not hard u need strong foundations for a business to work if the top of the tree is the only 1 getting the fruit ur left with bitter fruit at the bottom taste bad ? It must be shared around we all need to eat . The club must support the little guys if there making some return the will continue in this great game not walk away to many young people walking away there our future the old guys and there loyal owners call it quits not enough for the younger horse man and woman to say in the game after u lose u claim wake u auckland before it's to late please
  20. Hunter the punter

    Simon Lawson

    That's like driving the car in a bank robbery tim didn't rob the bank so it's ok
  21. Hunter the punter

    Simon Lawson

    Lawson has history there ask Lincoln farms ?
  22. Hunter the punter

    Cambridge v Auckland

    Try getting a vet to give u a discount I think u find most trainers are working for minimum wage now not much left after u pay for services
  23. Hunter the punter

    The brain drain

    Cant blame the young one's not many make it after the concessions finish
  24. Hunter the punter

    Sailesh Abernethy wtf ??

    Each to there own best to keep the media at arms length sooner or later the will throw u under the bus unless it in the the circle?
  25. Hunter the punter


    Some weeks and months they need those cambridge like horses racing at the park to fill fields just need they need to program those races for them share the pie around ? In saying that they don't want claimers or non professionals driving races at park there is probably around 20 to 30 horses that fit that bill a bit sad really for owners and trainers trying make a crust .if they looked after the little guy with cambridge like horses and most trainers have those types north island would be a happier place .