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    Plovdiv got a reaction from jack in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    Randwick R1 – 2,6,7,14
    Randwick R2 – 1,3,4,8
    Randwick R3 – 2,5,8,9
    Randwick R4 – 2,7,8,10
    Randwick R5 – 5,12,14,16
    Randwick R6 – 1,2,6,10
    Randwick R7 – 5,6,13,15
    Randwick R8 – 1,2,3,8
    Randwick R9 – 4,10,11,13
    Thank you. 
    A special thank you to the Race Cafe' Race Tipping Competition Collator's.
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    Nice try Jack....Guess you couldnt decide which one to leave out in Race 3 so you picked 5 horses hoping that I wouldnt notice.. . If I havent heard back from you by the time Race 3 starts then I will pick one of your selections "out of the hat" and that will be the one I delete out.... and then I'll immediately put some of my own $$ on it at the TAB.
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    Plovdiv reacted to jack in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    R1)   5,6,7,15
    R2)   3,4,6,9
    R3)   1,4,5,6,9
    R4)   2,3,4,9
    R5)   5,6,12,14
    R6)   2,10,11,14
    R7)   2,6,7,14
    R8)   1,2,3,8
    R9)   4,10,11,14
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    The Pick 6 this week is a Terminating Turbo on Doomben and Morphetville, so no Pick 6 in our comp for Randwick.
    Here are the rules where there is a "Carried Forward" amount in a Trifecta, First Four or Quaddie.
    In the event of a Carried Forward amount,  it’s not fair that you don’t get the full divvy just because no one strikes it on the TAB.
    So if you strike one of these, you will be credited with the declared divvy and the Carried Forward amount. If 2 of you strike it, then both will get the declared divvy and half of the Carried Forward amount…. and so on.
    Think I've thought that thru okay....
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    Being in my early 60's and with a wage rate of $19.00 per hour...I'd be too cheap so they wouldnt wont me.
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    That'll be moi.... trusty old Excel spreadsheet comes in handy.!!
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Randwick comp this Saturday   
    Mrs Cubes, Scooby and myself put up the $$$ a couple of weeks back for the Rosehill/Flemington comp, but then the winners Chelseacol, Mr Cubes and Seddon generously donated their winnings back for another comp…. so we’re ready to go this weekend and heading to Randwick.
    1st - $150 each way
    2nd - $100 each way
    3rd - $50 each way
    The scorer has made up new rules for this one…. and we’re going out the whole hog:
    Pick 4 horses in each race, and you will have:
    -          $1 Boxed Quinella
    -          $1 Boxed Trifecta
    -          $1 Boxed First Four
    -          All horses coupled up in both the early and late Quaddies
    -          All horses coupled up in both the Pick 6 and Place 6 (especially for Houlahan’s Dream)
    -          You will NOT have $1ew on each horse, but if you pick a winner which pays $20+ then you will be credited with the win divvy.
    (They’re not displayed on the TAB website yet so I’m just assuming they’ll be running a Pick 6 and Place 6.)
    I have to decide the rules yet if there’s Carried Forward amounts for the First Fours and Quaddies and the Pick 6 if it’s a terminating one, but I do have something in mind and will post them later.
    By having 4 horses running for you in each Place 6 race I’m expecting a few will get nice total collects from the Place 6 and rocket them up the table…. so all will not be lost if you’re not travelling too well throughout the day.
    You total spend for the day will be $9,190 and I’m guessing the winner will accumulate something like $50,000.!!!
    Entries Close 1.30pm.
    Any late scratchings you can post a replacement otherwise you’ll have less horses running for you…. It wouldn’t be fair if you struck the Pick 6 and won the comp by default.
    PLEASE post your horse numbers in numerical order…. not 9,4,13,2 (for eg)
    Yes you’ll have 4 horses in each race… but you still have to pick them…
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    Plovdiv reacted to Ponderosa8 in Weekend Comp - Rosehill and Flemington   
    HI All,
    We're going again this weekend but with a few changes..
    Mrs Cubes is the major sponsor for this weekends comp plus donations from Scooby and myself. 
    1st prize - $150 eachway
    2nd prize - $100 eachway
    3rd prize - $50 eachway
    Mrs Cubes is putting the money up, but Mr Cubes wanted to change it up a bit from the previous 2 weekends comps so the changes are:
    - Pick only 2 horses in each race. You'll still have the imaginary $1ew on both horses as well as them in a $1 Quinella.
    - Races are split between Rosehill and Flemington, the last 5 races from both meetings (so Races 4-8 from both places)
    Just submit as:
    Entries close 4.30pm (so if you want, you'll have the opportunity to watch the first 3 races from each place and see how the track is playing etc before submitting your bets ).
    With the races running a lot closer to each other, putting the results out might be a bit staggered but I'll get them out asap.
    Good Luck....
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    Plovdiv reacted to Toblerone in Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries   
    Hello team, it's a little different this week. There are no New Zealand races and we are going with Australian races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    I have been very quick with results thus far and that will be the same on Friday and Sunday this week but on Saturday, due an all afternoon/evening engagement, I will not be able to do the Randwick updates. I will endeavour to get something up by mid-morning Sunday. Apologies in advance for this but I'll be at a wedding and it can't be helped.
    You will find the scoreboard at the bottom of this post.. those with an asterix next to their name are down to their second and final life.

    FRIDAY - close off 10.30pm
    The Valley
    R2 Stutt Stakes (G2)
    R3 Stocks Stakes (G2)
    R5 Scarborough Stakes (G3)
    R6 JRA Cup (G3)
    R7 Moir Stakes (G1)
    SATURDAY - close off 3.10pm
    R7 - RM Ansett Classic (Listed)
    R3 Heritage Stakes (Listed)
    R4 Shannon Stakes (G2)
    R5 Golden Pendant (G2)
    R6 Colin Stephen Quality (G3)
    R7 Golden Rose (G1)
    R8 Gloaming Stakes (G3)

    SUNDAY- close off 7.30pm
    R5 Caufield Guineas Prelude (G3)
    R6 Thousand Guineas Prelude (G2)
    R7 Underwood Stakes (G1)
    R8 Testa Rossa Stakes (Listed)

    SCOREBOARD (33 remain)
    300.98    CommonSensical
    259.77    Turny Tom
    223.57    Houlahan's Dream
    223.26    arjay
    216.14    High Sparrow
    215.17    L.J. Shannon
    213.80    Ponderosa8
    200.00    Talk*
    193.10    MiDeBo Racing
    189.28    Tauhei Notts
    170.23    scooby3051
    167.97    rdytdy
    157.14    ivanthegreat*
    153.57    Kloppite*
    151.80    insider
    148.18    Right first time
    146.15    Peter Jenkins*
    145.01   Koriokaramea
    142.75    Davey1
    142.75    moz1047
    125.00   bryce waters*
    109.08    poundforpound
    96.55    Cyril Rioli
    92.05    Wrinkes
    89.40    dock leaf
    84.89    Stoyd
    82.14    Mikie*
    81.24   We're Doomed
    78.57    Memphis2
    72.83    Archer
    71.97    Plovdiv
    64.26    Richie
    58.97    Hacko*
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    Plovdiv reacted to Kloppite in Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries   
    Hey Toblerone - thanks for running the comp - much appreciated.
    Just to clarify - are we required to pick one on each day, or is it just one pick across the weekend (at any of these three days)?
    ps. Asterix is the little cartoon character from Gaul

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    Plovdiv reacted to Wrinkles in Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries   
    R7 Moir Stakes (G1) -  5 -  Nature Strip
    Toblerone ,  thank you .
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    Plovdiv got a reaction from Wrinkles in Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries   
    R7 -  Sir Rupert Clarke Stakes (G1) - M12 - 12
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    Plovdiv got a reaction from Wrinkles in LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries   
    M12  Race 7  (9)  Yucatan
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    Plovdiv reacted to Toblerone in LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries   
    Cut off time is 2.35pm this Saturday.
    The 'kiss of death' horse, selected by Chris, is Mystic Journey in the Makybe Diva. You will be given this horse if you fail to post or if your horse is late scratched after 2.35pm.
    The Makybe Diva brings about the first opportunity for triple points, while there are six opportunities for double points (G2) sprinkled between Flemington and Rosehill.
    R7 $70,000 Northland Breeders Stakes (G3)
    R7 $75,000 Metric Mile (G3)
    R2 A$152,000 Cap D’Antibes Stakes (Listed)
    R3 A$152,000 Exford Plate (Listed)
    R4 A$152,000 The Sofitel (Listed)
    R5 A$217,000 Danehill Stakes (G2)
    R6 A$217,000 Let’s Elope Stakes (G2)
    R7 A$815,000 Makybe Diva Stakes (G1)
    R8 A$217,000 Bobbie Lewis Quality (G2)
    R5 A$150,000 Dulcify Stakes (Listed)
    R6 A$200,000 Run To The Rose (G2)
    R7 A$200,000 Theo Marks Stakes (G2)
    R8 A$200,000 Sheraco Stakes (G2)
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    Plovdiv reacted to Mikie in LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries   
    Meeting 12, Flemington, Race 7, the Makybe Diva Stakes, Number 4, Scales Of Justice
    Thank you 
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    Plovdiv reacted to Kloppite in LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries   
    Second-up nearly stopped Libertini last week so we'll try again this week.
    M12, Race 7, #13 Mystic Journey
    Lots of ground to make up so it's Hollywood or bust!  Thanks Toblerone for the comp.
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    Plovdiv got a reaction from Wrinkles in Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition). Rules and Week 1 selection thread.   
    R8 $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase (Prestige Jumping)    Race 8   #4   Crash Bandicoot   .
    Mr  Toblerone , i hope and trust i have entered correctly.
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    Plovdiv reacted to Toblerone in Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition). Rules and Week 1 selection thread.   
    It’s back! After four years in purgatory, Racecafe’s most revered comp is back for another round.
    Welcome to Losers Get Laid 14, kindly sponsored by HQ and Poundforpound.
    Most will be familiar with the general rules which of course reward tipsters for picking favoured horses to get beaten.
    You can read the full and updated rules below and might I suggest it is best to re-familiarise yourself with them as there have been a few adaptions.
    Competition starts this Saturday (Great Northern Day, September 7) and finishes New Zealand Cup at Riccarton (November 16).
    That gives us a total of 11 Saturdays plus three extra dates – Melbourne Cup Day, New Zealand Trotting Cup Day and Coupland’s Mile Day.
    Importantly this year it is ONLY on Group, Listed and Prestige Jumping Races.
    It has been decreed that if you fall 250 points behind the tour leader, you will be eliminated.
    1/ The skinny. 
    Each selector will post one "lay" each Saturday. This can be on any New Zealand, Victoria or New South Wales BLACK TYPE race thoroughbred race run that day.
    I will post a selection thread each week.
    The only exception to this will be NZ Trotting Cup Day when a harness selection must be made.
    2/ Selection semantics. 
    Selections must be posted by the declared cut off time each day, which will be half an hour before the jump of the first eligible race.
    Those who fail to post will be allocated the favourite in the day’s richest race on either side of the Tasman.
    Scratchings can be replaced up until close-off time. If your selection is late-scratched after close-off time, you get a pass for that week.
    Note you can only post a replacement pick if your original selection is scratched.
    3/ Scoring. 
    To formulate how many points your selection will earn, we simply divide $100 by it’s closing tote price with the NZ TAB.
    Ie a $2 will earn 50 points. You will be strongly incentized to go for the most prestigious races of the day as below.
    Group 1 – triple points
    Group 2 – double points
    Group 3, Listed and Prestige Jumping Races – single points
    4/ Lifelines.
    Now, you get a life in this competition, but it will cost you 50 points. If and when you pick a second winner, you are goooone.
    5/ Prizes are as follows.
    1st - $500 Bar TAB at HQ (expires Jan 31, 2020)
    2nd - $250 Bar TAB at HQ (expires Jan 31, 2020)
    3rd – A warm fuzzy feeling and a hearty ‘well done’.
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    Plovdiv reacted to Toblerone in Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition). Rules and Week 1 selection thread.   
    WEEK 1
    This week’s eligible races are below.
    CUT OFF TIME is 1.34pm.
    Please post picks in the following format:  MEETING, RACE, HORSE NUMBER, HORSE NAME
    R6 $125,000 Great Northern Hurdle (Prestige Jumping)
    R8 $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase (Prestige Jumping)
    R4 $50,000 The O’Leary’s Fillies Stakes (Listed)
    R8 $50,000 HS Dyke Whanganui Guineas (Listed)
    R5 A$200,000 Furious Stakes (G2)
    R6 A$160,000 Concord Stakes (G3)
    R7 A$250,000 Chelmsford Stakes (G2)
    R8 A$200,000 Tramway Stakes (G2)
    The Valley
    R5 A$152,000 Atlantic Jewel Stakes (Listed)
    R6 A$152,000 Bendigo Bank Stakes (Listed)
    R7 A$217,000 McEwen Stakes (G2)
    R8 A$272,000 Feehan Stakes (G2)
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    Plovdiv got a reaction from Chestnut in ENTRY THREAD : SO YOU THINK you're a WEEKEND HUSSLER ? MEMSIE STAKES DAY $$$ COMP : SATURDAY 31 AUGUST 2019 : ALL WELCOME !   
    1.      Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm - 3/10
    2.      Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm - 2/11      b/b
    3.      Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm - 2/11
    4.      Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm - 10/14
    5.      Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm - 1/12
    6.      Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm - 3/4
    7.      Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm - 4/6
    8.      Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm - 5/8
    9.      Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm - 3/7
    10.    Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm - 5/10
    Happy and Safe Holiday Traveling  to you and your's .
    Mauruuru .
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    Plovdiv reacted to Chestnut in ENTRY THREAD : SO YOU THINK you're a WEEKEND HUSSLER ? MEMSIE STAKES DAY $$$ COMP : SATURDAY 31 AUGUST 2019 : ALL WELCOME !   
    ENTRY THREAD :   So You Think you're a Weekend Hussler?
    Memsie Stakes Day $$$ Comp :  31 August 2019 : All Welcome !   
    It's Spring Eve Racing and to celebrate the joys of the coming season we will be selecting from some fantastic fields at Hastings, Rosehill, Ruakaka and of course, the New Zealand Bloodstock Memsie amongst others, at Caulfield 
    This is an individual comp - Your aim is to come home at the head of the field with the most dollars in your Racecafe account 
    Please read the Rules:
    1.  Post two selections for each race on the Schedule.  You can post the number and the name but I will only take note of the number.  If the number of the horse and name of the horse are different, I will go with the number.  
    2.  You will be awarded 10 times the winning dividend for each winning selection.   There is no return for finishing second or third.
    3.  You will be awarded an additional $20 if your two selections in the race finish first and second (ie. get the Quinella).
    4.  You have two Best Bets to use.  You can use a Best Bet on any race but you cannot use your two BBs on the same race.  If you use a Best Bet, any dollars earned will be doubled.   For example if you win and use a BB you get 2 x your winning return or if you win and get the Quinella, you can earn 2 x your winning return and 2 x the $20 return for the Quinella.
    5.  You can post selections up until 1.50pm, 29 minutes before the scheduled start time of the first comp race.
    6.  NOTE:    You can post scratching replacements up until 2.05pm.   After 2.05pm no scratching replacements are allowed and only late scratchings will revert to the TAB sub.
    7. If any races are abandoned and you have used a BB on that race, then the BB will move to the next race in the schedule where you haven't used a BB.
    8.  If there is a draw on Dollars at the end of the day, it will be a countback on winners, then quinellas, then BB winners, then BB quinellas.  If still the same then you share the accolades  
    9.  Have fun 
    PRIZES :  First $140 W/P bet on a single horse of their choosing  /  Second $60 W/P bet on a single horse of their choosing  
    Schedule of Races:
    1.      Ruakaka R5 HARCOURTS JUST RENTALS RATING 82 Benchmark $30000 1400m Starts 2:19pm
    2.      Rosehill R2 ATC MEMBER TOURS HANDICAP RATING 78 $136000 1500m Starts 2:45pm
    3.      Rosehill R3 EVEREST CARNIVAL HANDICAP RATING 78 $136000 1500m Starts 3:20pm
    4.      Rosehill R4 NATHAN'S FAMOUS HANDICAP RATING 78 $136000 2000m Starts 3:55pm
    5.      Hastings R9 TARZINO TROPHY WFA $200000 1400m Starts 4:20pm
    6.      Caulfield R5 H.D.F. MCNEIL STAKES G3 3YO $174000 1200m Starts 4.50pm
    7.      Rosehill R6 IRON JACK PREMIER'S CUP G3 $174000 1900m Starts 5:10pm
    8.      Caulfield R6 MRC EVEREST SERIES HEATH 1100 G3 $174000 1100m Starts 5.30pm
    9.      Caulfield R7 MOET & CHANDON W.W. COCKRAM STAKES G3 Mares $174000 1200m Starts 6.10pm
    10.    Caulfield R8 NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK MEMSIE STAKES G1 WFA $1090000 1400m Starts 6.50pm
    Below is a schedule grid that you can use to post selections or you can post your two selections in race order, either is fine by me  but please remember that you need to allocate two BBs and only late scratchings go on the TAB sub - Selections close at 1.50pm and you can post scratching replacements up until 2.05pm.
    1.      Ruakaka R5 Starts 2:19pm
    2.      Rosehill R2 Starts 2:45pm
    3.      Rosehill R3 Starts 3:20pm
    4.      Rosehill R4 Starts 3:55pm
    5.      Hastings R9 Starts 4:20pm
    6.      Caulfield R5 Starts 4.50pm
    7.      Rosehill R6 Starts 5:10pm
    8.      Caulfield R6 Starts 5.30pm
    9.      Caulfield R7 Starts 6.10pm
    10.    Caulfield R8 Starts 6.50pm
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    Comp R12 : Morphettville R7 DAVID R COLES AM SPRING STAKES G3 WFA $130000 1200m Starts 6:51pm
    First:  10  Dalasan
    Quin:  10 Dalasan / 1 Scales of Justice
    Sub:  1
    Scrs:  5
    The 3YO chestnut colt by Dalakhani out of Khandallah, a Kitten's Joy mare powered past Scales of Justice in the hands of Raquel Clark to pick up a nice win in the Group 3 WFA.  With only 51.5 on it's back, the strong looking colt made the most of it with the rest of the field giving him 5 plus kgs.   Scales of Justice, the 7YO gelding by Not a Single Doubt looked home but just couldn't pick up the pace to fight off the finishing burst of Dalasan.  3 Waging War, the son of Rebel Raider finished third and 2 Despatch, the 5YO son of Written Tycoon, made up the first 4.
    A BB Quin for Pegasus 9 and Quins for Plovdiv, richie, Memphis2 and Jenlove with last race wins for Koriokaramea (BB), arjay and Archer.
    Congratulations to Plovdiv and Trump who took the reins early on and fought off challenges from talk and Black Kirrama and Sayer and Rusty to take out the comp with a very good total of 125.   Also well done to Swoopa and Ivanthegreat who set a stiff early pace to set us up for a good finish.
    Excellent individual totals of 75 for Pegasus 9 and 70 for Plovdiv, ivanthegreat and paigezim.
    Competitor   Indiv Pts     Partners in Crime     Team Pts                     talk   ….   50     ….  1  ….   talk / Black Kirrama     ....   95 Black Kirrama   ….   45     ….           ....     Plovdiv   ….   70     ….  2  ….   Plovdiv / Trump     ....   125 Trump   ….   55     ….           ....     Peter Jenkins   ….   45     ….  3  ….   Peter Jenkins / Punter Pete   ....   60 Punter Pete   ….   15     ….           ....     richie   ….   50     ….  4  ….   richie / Thepaw     ....   80 Thepaw   ….   30     ….           ....     Memphis2   ….   55     ….  5  ….   Memphis2 / jack      ....   95 jack   ….   40     ….           ....     Swoopa   ….   25     ….  6  …. Swoopa / ivanthegreat   ....   95 ivanthegreat   ….   70     ….           ....     CommonSensical   ….   10     ….  7  ….   CommonSensical / Pegasus 9   ....   85 Pegasus 9   ….   75     ….           ....     lynzim   ….   40     ….  8  ….   lynzim / Hall     ....   60 Hall   ….   20     ….           ....     Sir Castleton   ….   20     ….  9  ….   Sir Castleton / Basil brush   ....   65 Basil brush   ….   45     ….           ....     Cabbage   ….   45     ….  10 ….  Cabbage / Right first time   ....   75 Right first time   ….   30     ….           ....     Wrinkles   ….   40     ….  11 …. Wrinkles / Camacho   ....   80 Camacho   ….   40     ….           ....     Thecaptain   ….   15     ….  12 …. Thecaptain / Peter R S   ....   60 Peter R S   ….   45     ….           ....     L.J.Shannon   ….   40     …. 13 ….  L.J.Shannon / Houlahan's Dream   ....   85 Houlahan's Dream   ….   45     ….           ....     Cubes   ….   20     ….  14  …. Cubes / moz1047     ....   65 moz1047   ….   45     ….           ....     mrzim   ….   20     ….  15 …. mrzim / Kloppite     ....   55 Kloppite   ….   35     ….           ....     Sayer   ….   50     ….  16 …. Sayer / Rusty      ....   110 Rusty   ….   60     ….           ....     orphanpete   ….   35     ….  17 …. orphanpete / Koriokaramea   ....   95 Koriokaramea   ….   60     ….           ....     Jenlove   ….   35     ….  18 …. Jenlove / scooby3051   ....   60 scooby3051   ….   25     ….           ....     Warren   ….   40     ….  19 …. Warren / Ohokaman    ....   75 Ohokaman   ….   35     ….           ....     arjay   ….   65     ….  20 …. arjay / 1PRESIDENTGARY   ....   95 1PRESIDENTGARY   ….   30     ….           ....     Archer   ….   25     ….  21 …. Archer / paigezim     ....   95 paigezim   ….   70     ….           ....      
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    Another good finish to the comp and what a wonderful day's racing, awesome to see some of our favourite horses coming back to the track leading into Spring.
    Thanks everyone for your company today and congratulations again to our winners:  Plovdiv and Trump 
    I will of course do a check up and restore some health to any scores that I have harmed  
    Have a lovely rest of the weekend and a safe, happy and warm week ahead  
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    Plovdiv reacted to weasel57 in Keep an eye on ...   
    Rising Ransom ...
    2nd up today ...3yo gelding, (Ekraar-Gem Lover) three-quarter brother to Rising Romance ...
    finished well for 5th over 1200m first up and up in trip to 1400m.
    I have no 'inside info' about him, but I liked the way he finished off that first start ...this is right-handed and he's just learning.
    Should be even better when going further ...
    opened at $10 out to $12 on FF Good value imo