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  1. I was at the 2011 race when Tiumen completed his hat-trick. Getting back to Aintree and the English Grand National. I attended the 1984 race (winner Hallo Dandy). I was living in Scotland at the time and on a whim, drove down to Liverpool that morning to attend the race. Back then you could walk the course (at least the area in front of the stands) prior to racing. Got to see "The Chair" up close, wish I had pictures of it. Yeah, the fences were much different back then, much stiffer. And the core of the fence at Beachers Brook was diabolical. Quite a crowd that day, we were packed
  2. I've been to Pardubice for the Velka Pardubika. The 4th obstacle, the Taxis, is a beast. Good thing they only jump it once and early in the race. It always claims a couple of horses. I walked the course a couple of days after the race and stood in the ditch on the landing side of the Taxis fence. I felt like a dwarf. I've attached the photo, by the way, I've 5'10" (178 centimeters).
  3. RR - You got me curious about this, so I had to look it up. The Yarmouth "Tart" was bred in the France, trained by James Fanshawe, returning 15/8. The Sandown "Tart" was bred in the UK, trained by R F Johnson Houghton, returning 11/2. Both were 3 year olds.
  4. Check out this video from Sandow Park (UK). Guess the grounds crew miss that one. The video is halfway down in the article: .
  5. That's good news for the track. I realize that racing under the lights at Avondale didn't work out, but it has at Cranbourne, Moonee Valley, and Pakenham. When the time comes, perhaps they can model after those racecourses who have had success with evening racing.
  6. Yeah to echo Red Rum, Geelong's last race on their synthetic track (ThoroughTrack) was in September of 2018. This from an article in the Herald Sun - Geelong Racing Club chief executive Daniel Salter said it was a disappointing result but he was hoping that they will be able to hold four to six meetings a year on a new inner grass track, which would replace the synthetic track. From what I gather, they had trouble with the base/drainage (sounds like the same problem they had a Santa Anita).
  7. Classic case supporting the need for an alternative, synthetic surface. Geelong also abandoned due to the state of the track (Wangaratta the same yesterday). They must has received a lot of rain in Victoria. With Pakenham having lights, they had time to transfer the meeting. Hopefully, the powers that be will have the presence of mind to add lights to Cambridge. Wondering if that is in the works.
  8. Very well said Liz. Sounds like you were never going to get a proper answer. As for Polytrack being based in Australia, there is limited evidence of that. The corporate office for Polytrack is in the UK, where it was developed. They have an office in the US and I guess now in Australia. As for Australian tracks using Polytrack, only two have it as a racing surface. Pakenham (installed 2015) and they were having trouble with it as early as 2019; and Ballarat (installed 2019). Perhaps, it has widespread use as a training surface, but I could only find it being used at Randwick and Caulfi
  9. Wonder why they went with Polytrack instead of Tapeta. Much of what I read and my experience owning a Tapeta specialist, leads to the conclusion that Tapeta is best of all the synthetic surfaces. Woodbine (Canada) and Wolverhampton (UK) have switched and Turfway Park (USA) is switching from Polytrack to Tapeta. The latest synthetic track built in the UK, Newcastle, has also opted for Tapeta. Devonport in Tasmania also has a Tapeta surface. Polytrack is adequate, but is inferior to Tapeta. Doesn't make sense to me. If NZ Racing is going to experiement with a synthetic surface, why not pu
  10. Not to worry HS, none taken and I did work the handle/turnover bit towards the end. Boy, do we ever need co-mingled/world pools, as many here and there have expressed. Such a no-brainer, if they can work it out for Hong Kong, why not OZ/NZ or anywhere else in the world. There is interest in racing overseas here in the US. COVID-19 has been a curse for most of our racecourses, but a blessing for others. Fonner Park is truly towards the bottom rung of tracks here in the US (albeit still a nice day to spend an afternoon), but they have been able to sieze on this opportunity with the othe
  11. Ouch, for a Yank, that hurts. At least, some jurisdictions are still running. I've been to the track in Nebraska that you are referring to, Fonner Park. It's a fun little 5/8ths mile track with its own little idiosyncrasies, much like Aussie country/bush racing. As for no form, you are misinformed. All you need to do is go to and purchase the form. Attached is the form from last Wednesday. As for the pools being small, again, you are incorrect. Here is a comparison of Fonner Park last year versus this year: Mar 24, 2019 - $279,577; Mar 25, 2020 - $1,643,82
  12. This is just more of the frivolous outrage by those who simply want to shut down racing at Santa Anita. If they are successful, they will move on to Del Mar or some other venue. The dirt surface was not the issue concerning these three fatalities. Two occurred on the grass course and the other was a training collision with another horse during morning track work. Everything that I have read indicates that the track maintenance staff have done their level best to ensure a safe surface; both dirt and grass. If you take the track out of the computation, the other logical conclusion is ru
  13. TT - So true and it has saved/enhanced racing in all of the states that have implemented casino/electronic gaming. Purses and breeeder awards have increased signnificantly. One of the more recent success stories come from Wyoming, one of our smaller racing states. Have a look at this article: . Please note, all of this revenue was generated using "Historic Racing Terminals". Imagine the revenue that is being generated by racecourses having a full service casino (table games, slots, oth
  14. Yes, Santa Anita might easily have the most picturesque backdrop of any racecourse in the world. Hialeah hasn't had an offical quarter horse (QH) meet since 2016. They ran an unsanctioned QH meet in 2017. The owner signed a purse contract with a horsemen's group closely associated with the track. Those races featured two horses starting from pens and running under Western saddles. Don't think there has been any racing since then. Currently, it's used as a similcasting facility, poker rooms, electronic gaming and events center. Don't think it will ever close or be raised as it is list
  15. Best to you RR - California as a state is a "freak show". Now that Santa Anita is off, the press and other anti-racing entities/fanatics are hammering Del Mar, who has had a rash of early meet fatalities. Not going to deal with the general topic of horse fatalities here, as that can be it's own topic/thread all unto itself. I don't believe we will ever see racing in California shutdown. It has too great of an economic impact and while attendance at the city racecourses may be sparse at times, California still has a very popular, well attended fair circuit (short meetings in Ferndale, F