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  1. Bradez

    Tauranga Races Saturday

    Who on earth chose to change the meeting from a right handed track to left handed??
  2. Bradez

    Counties Track

    I dont know too much about scheduling. I do know, that Pukekohe has had more rain in the last 6 days than it had for an entire month in May, June, July and August last year. Thats input from mother nature you cannot predict and probably one that you just turn the page on, and forget.
  3. Bradez

    Counties Track

    There have been two successful meetings at Pukekohe Park since the rebirth, not one. You would think with 66mls of rain in the last 7 days, it would be best to preserve a new track and young grass. It would absolutely fucking stupid to race on it tomorrow with the amount of rain Pukekohe has had. The right decision has been made. Next winter with another 12 months of the roots growing down into the ground, you'll find the surface will handle this much rain, but its to new/young to contemplate racing after so much rain.
  4. Bradez

    lisa cropp at least back it up with some facts/evidence. people will jump to conclusions and think its meth!
  6. Bradez

    aus betting account

    Best tote and an attractive fixed odds quote?
  7. Bradez


    ive banned myself. after reading the stathi thread again, I came across as someone who im not like 'in real life'. I got carried away, and didnt get my point across at all the way I wanted to. I have been made aware of this thread so will make a post to advise. My health is good: 6 foot 4 95kgs bench pressing 120kilos sexually active one glass of red wine a night summers here so its time to head to the races during the day to roll the dice for the evening that follows. lol, your 5 foot tall and 80kgs babe. lose 20 pounds and we can talk. ps. i dont want to hear about your familys failed suicide attempts or depression. ive met you once. probably not something you would open your heart about to someone you barely know. hopefully its a hot summer so you sweat it out and are stripping a little fitter heading into spring. Over and out.
  8. Bradez

    Geelong Cup

    Victoria left handed / NSW right handed.
  9. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    probably the case. sorry to anyone I have offended. when i first heard the news, I was shocked and gutted that someone of that ability in the saddle can just drop off the radar. then I read it was drug related I was still shocked, but realised it was from a bad choice. EG He could have taken his son out for dinner than night instead of getting off his face and he would be still riding in the Cox Plate Saturday! my last comment on the thread but I just cannot show sympathy for Stathi himself for poor decision making. condolances go out to his family however who have lost a special person in their lives.
  10. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    I dont know if this will sound any better... but here is an example of how I think in situations like this. If Lisa Cropp was driving the races and someone smacked into her and she died. I would be sad! She had her chance, got her life back on track and attempted to make the most of it. If she overdosed on drugs and reoffended after apparently coming clean from illegal substances, i would care a hell of alot less than scenario #1.
  11. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    I show respect for those that have passed. Im not a monster. I dont show respect for murderers that are dead. Nor rapists that are dead or people that effectively murder themselves (overdose on drugs) which is even more gutless. I cannot believe no one understands where Im coming from. Even if you dont agree with me. Do all you tossers believe in the after life and ghosts too ?
  12. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    Not really no. I drink 4 nights a week most weeks. Ive never been in hospital or close to dying. Obviously the day I start polishing off a bottle of vodka I am either A) crazy want to die C) selfish for those around me that would care if I die. But I drink for enjoyment and im not breaking any laws buy doing so, I could argue my job drives me to drink as his job may drive him to take drugs. I still do it in moderation as I have self control. If Stathi did in fact pass away from a drug overdose then he clearly showed no self control. Self control and honesty are both qualities that every human should or should strive to have. From all reports the bloke had everything going for him. His actions are inexcusable.
  13. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    lol, amazing reply. im trying to get an opinion across (possibly started off terribly). Theres no room for drugs any any community. If Stathi thought he was bigger than the game, bigger than the law, and thought hes invincable then hes pretty selfish to those around him. If his death has nothing to do with drugs I take all of my comments back as I was responding on the basis that it was indeed a drug overdose. Drug overdoses are controllable and a decision you can consciencely make and say no too. Who does he think he is putting friends and family through that ?
  14. Bradez

    Stathi Katsidis Passes away overnite

    yep. Not from drug use in 2008/2009 when he was suspended and sent to rehab? he stated he was clean on the 15th of October. Which was either A) a lie or true and he lost the plot since then and called it a day!