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  1. Sorry you lost me on this but that is possibly because I haven't had a coffee yet. As mentioned earlier, the Summer Festival of Racing is a specific branded festival run by The Races. Is your critique because while being part of the festival your event did not receive any advertising? Or are you wanting help to advertise your non-summer festival racedays? My apologies but I got lost in the quoted sentence where promotion is being used in the same sentence to possibly describe advertising and the national brand and would appreciate clarification.
  2. The BYO is an interesting one as that is usually a council restriction or one that the Club puts on to maximise profits through their bar. When it comes to surveys, how else do you know whether your event is successful or what it requires to grow and improve? The only surveys our customers had were sent out after the event and put them into the draw to win $1000. Every other club in the brands agree to meet standards that ensure non-punters bringing their family to the races have a great day. Why should your Club be treated differently?
  3. So just clarifying, the complaint is the club doesn't want to take part in the event which provides promotion, but expects to receive promotion anyway? Sounds like the Club needs to start marketing their own events in the local papers and radio stations.
  4. I totally agree, wtf? Why can't we just objectify and judge young women based on our standard of beauty like in the good old days. We don't need them to have ideas and opinions, after all their worth is based upon how good they look in a skirt or a bikini. What is the world coming to.
  5. There is a fee for clubs who enter the ISF franchise which is a contribution towards the marketing costs for the national festival. The gate charges are normally $10-15 and are a bargain as the club and The Races team put on free kids entertainment, live music, betting promotions with international travel as prizes, on-track games like tug of war, non-wagering competitions, food vendors, face painting, bouncy castles, petting zoos amongst a whole lot of other activities. The kicker is that under 18's enter free. ISF is designed to welcome families and non-racing regulars to the sport one