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  1. 75% and run on fast 1s good 2s, no trainers would come, they want Dead 4s now! Grass probably die too
  2. I hear you, clubs dont have the money to pay people you are talking about. Clubs use to have sparkies, plumbers, painters and 5 people on the track. Now they have one or 2 that they can pay very little for longer hours You get an expert or someone with that background you are talking about, it be 70k plus they would want. very hard spot
  3. Sounds grand, who is going to pay them. Otaki was a 5 man run course 2-3 years ago, now one! Prob on 45k and doing 60hrs.
  4. What was the story there? Why all the jocks complaining? Not enough water to hard? Or to loose and shifting on top?
  5. Just need someone to get off their arse and do it. , stop complaining about the people who have and make some noise themselves. OGP Would be a great venture, but it does take a lot of time, patience, love for all not just their self, like most racing people do, care about themselves not the game.. not saying you are, just someone needs to do something and stop bagging the doers!! Polos are a start tho
  6. No, they volunteer mate. The boys that do this have been on committees, are owners and have worked at racecourses. Why do you want to drag something down you no nothing about? oh thats right its the New Zealand racing way, if its different bag it. they turned over $200k plus in their room alone, more than most courses do in a day, making the club 15k plus from their room alone They could of done it through phones or overseas agencies, prob getting better options and prices! Just let them be, if they make some money helping the industry and have started a foundat
  7. And what, racing dies in 5-10 years, no young people to carry it on, you lot need to grow up and see what good this is doing! they do a bit more for racing than NZTR are at the moment, and for free
  8. Nope, do you bring 300 people and 170000 dollars? do you know how much work goes on behind the scenes before and after, all for free, and they have started a non profit foundation, whats anyone else in this fuked game doing?? Except sitting on their arse bagging every other person or idea out there??
  9. I see there Sponsorship manager and admin staff resigned just before xmas too! Lovely place to work at.
  10. Yeah you do, but a 30yr old, getting into this old mans game. He’s probably gone forever, and we need the young ones to carry us on! I dont think you can blame what happened there soley on one person, when the tracks has been mis managed for years? Need to find out more I guess tho. Just a shame, he seemed like a keen young man. Hebegebe, that board not tracking well you say? I dont think Ken wants to be there either?!
  11. Brad is gone, down to “restructuring”, inherited a track with bugger all maintenance done to it in the past 5+ years, old fozzy Foskett has been trying to get them to do deep renovation work on it for years. Now they have done it, track has played great last 4-5 meetings! Ken should be gone, look at the turnover of staff in the last 4-5 years, 3 cater crews, now 3 track managers, that only what I know, apparently office staff is worse!!