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  1. So Te Akau's trainer fires in a protest on behalf of LBR connections. TA boss DE,informs stewards TA did not wish to proceed. Stipes assume the role of informant. Just a perfect result.
  2. I think Blueblood ran 1.07.7 for 1200m at Trentham ..years ago...no one outside of NZ believed it.
  3. Don't follow the NZ scene closely but guessed it would be JO....sycophant to the 'stars' IMO.
  4. I see you have been brought up to speed. Who exactly were the officials who...instigated the inquiry and arrived at the decision to relegate...names please.
  5. As you know those ratings were BEFORE the 2races you mention.
  6. dear me a dead heat with a bulldog and a...poodle. The Hotham hdcp is the famous one.
  7. So apart from the number of wins you agree with the rating of TAS @118 as against MB @116...Yes
  8. I do recall a race sometime ago where a hot fav at Ellerslie ridden by O.P veered right to the outside the entire straight,hung on by a long head and retained the race. And there's Liegero's Auckland Cup to refer to ..as well.
  9. Protest upheld reminds me why betting on NZ races is ...laughable. The new winner had every chance to run the leader down and was not good enough.Tangerine dreams ...indeed.
  10. You respond like a...politician...here's something to ponder...Chris Trotter... 'Throughout New Zealand’s brief history, conservative parties and crony capitalism have marched together in lock-step. In such a tiny society how could they not? Only the state has ever had access to the huge capital resources required to facilitate economic development. For capitalists, large and small, that meant securing their desired economic outcomes by cultivating mutually beneficial political relationships. Naturally, the individuals, businesses, and political parties involved in this activity were not