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  1. flockofewes2

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    you've weighed in ..light AGAIN..it means no such thing..without the punters there is..NOTHING...their representation is nil. I recall a former head of the NZRB,who had many 'fans' referred to them as ..'scum'.
  2. flockofewes2

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    at least you're versatile...
  3. flockofewes2

    Jacinda Ardern

    what exactly is 'fiscal responsibility' in your world? Prior administration had one policy...borrow billions for future generations to pay off.
  4. flockofewes2

    Wasn’t the budget great for racing !!!

    as they say...some people would complain if it was raining $50 bills,that they were not$100's.
  5. flockofewes2

    Jacinda Ardern

    Kate Hawkesby says......'.....too funny.
  6. flockofewes2

    Felaar was ok

    Ekraar out of a Faltaat mare over 2800m....no.
  7. 'and show them what could be theirs if they work hard,avoid pokies,save and get good advice' At first I thought you were taking the piss. I now realise you actually mean it. How anyone with an understanding of global financial machinations could arrive at your conclusions is inconceievable.
  8. the rich are not clever' at all. The system of private central banking maintains the status quo of the few benefiting at the expense of the many. Privelege and luck are the important factors. The uber wealthy do not pay tax.Thats for the 'little people'.
  9. uncanny! must be the average working stiff taxpayer that has trusts and accounting devices to minimise their taxable income then! And of course the dozens of tax havens around the world would be defunct without that average working stiff. What violin concerto would you like?
  10. the taxpayer ALWAYS PAYS. Whether its 11mil for an Arab shiek or 30 mil for a multi national like Rio Tinto.
  11. that matters not...Winston has come up with millions for racing over the years...no other politician has.
  12. so once again Winston delivers...his detractors are left with egg all over their faces...AGAIN!
  13. Comp Race 1: Doomben R3 2.25pm :-8 Comp Race 2: Morphettville R2 3.06pm :-2 Comp Race 3: Flemington R4 3.30pm :-3-BB Comp Race 4: Morphettville R3 3.46pm (BONUS RACE):-1 Comp Race 5: Doomben R6 4.20pm :-9 Comp Race 6: Doomben R7 5.00pm (BONUS RACE) : -11 Comp Race 7: Rosehill Gardens R7 5.15pm :-2 Comp Race 8: Doomben R8 5.40pm :-11 Comp Race 9: Doomben R9 6.20pm (BONUS RACE) :-9 Comp Race 10: Flemington R9 6.45pm :-5-BB
  14. flockofewes2

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    you are kidding!-'would I put forward P4P's name as one of the protagonists that could/ should become part of this evolution....absolutely. That volatile temperament is not suited to the very things you admire in the way multi nationals approach business. One Race was the saviour...what happened?
  15. flockofewes2

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    address your plea to the 'lay of the day'.