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    Interesting I would have said that from that list of trainers the majority of the dogs they all raced are bred, reared & trained by themselves so a fairly even depth of dog available to each of them. The quality of broodie/sire is of personal choice ( we all have different opinions on what is a “good bloodline”) after that I imagine it’s the quality of food and effort they put into them to get the end result.
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    That is what we used to pay our trainers 20yrs ago! Has it not gone up in all that time??
  3. Betting man

    Is this site shut down ?

    I have heard about a trainer that insists on an agreement with the owner prior to training a dog to retain the first $1-2000 the dog makes (total stake) which is held for the entire racing career of each dog, this will be used in the case of serious injury (ie toe surgery, towards hock surgery or simply covers retirement fees with any remaining money split once the dog is happily in its forever home) If the owner is not agreeable - she doesn’t take their dog! this seems like basic commonsense that every trainer could very easily adopt.
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    Questionable Handling..

    Totally agree, almost brutal handling, & as you say not the first time from this trainer. I had a bet in the race and was pretty pissed off, it’s not fair on the other dogs already in the boxes while this malarkey is going on due to incompetent handling.
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    Jimbob I’m pretty sure you are allowed to use squeakers
  6. Betting man

    Open Letter To Craig Rendle

    Well put Emotive, I am prepared to give Rendle the benefit of the doubt as far as his knowledge of the activities at his trainers property goes - I for one as an owner have no idea at all of the goings on at my trainers property (though I have never had reason to question their integrity) I can respect his initial loyalty - obviously they would have vehemently denied any wrong doing - however...and it’s a big However! Surely blind Eddie can see the enormity of evidence and begin questioning his beliefs. Perhaps even a “I am withholding judgement until proven guilty, if it is true I will be terribly disappointed and remove all my dogs immediately “ response would have been easier to swallow than “Everyone is just jealous”
  7. Betting man

    Brendan Cole

    Bunson if you have evidence of anyone baiting - live or dead please come forward. I would like to have believed that there was none of this behaviour going on in NZ but sadly it looks like I’m wrong
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    $2000 Import Fee

    Surely it’s a supply to demand issue - if you need a few dogs to fill your racing team then either buy a few NZ pups or breed a litter of your own. I understand it is a lot more work & probably risk than the ready made product but the reward must be far more fulfilling when you get a big victory?! I myself have raced mostly imports but would happily go in on a syndicate of a couple of nicely bred local pups - I would even have them trained in the northern region if Auckland could sort out their track!
  9. Betting man

    Black arm bands

    Btw - who is Miss Waikato??
  10. Betting man

    Black arm bands

    GOM I also saw the arm bands and rang a trainer on course to ask who they were for, their response was “They are for David Schofield, thank goodness the club let us wear them as the Auckland president would not allow us to on Sunday” Apparently The Auckland president said “Not many people like Denis, he’s been banned, we don’t want to open a can of worms - we have sent flowers , that’s enough” I find this to be an absolute disgusting attitude from any human. Shame on you Auckland! Many trainers are long time friends of David’s and as the family had made it known that “greyhound people” were not welcome at the funeral they were very keen to show there respect for him in this way. Cambridge allowed those people to do such and I think that is the respectful thing to have done - full credit to them. Just because a few people didn’t feel the same way and refused to wear them (totally their prerogative) this should not stomp on their compassion & respect. RIP David
  11. Betting man

    Bet of the day

    Sorry GOM I was referring to Your comment about Pasdy Flyin being a great NZ sire and his progeny (assuming the Zipping dogs you mentioned weren’t his progeny)
  12. Betting man

    Bet of the day

    I must confess I don’t often look at breeding when I’m having a bet GOM, what would be some of this dogs most notable performers?
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    I also don’t know anything about this situation but there is surely no toe injury that should cause a dog to lose its life, no matter how severe - the owner/trainer & vet should be ashamed of themselves and an investigation should be opened by the welfare committee.
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    Wow!! So you can no longer break in dogs at Wanganui and if your dog receives a failing to pursue ticket, or a must perform a satisfactory trial etc... You may not trial it in preparation/education as it’s been stood down??? This smacks of another part of our industry being run by people with no dog racing knowledge ! - That or no brains!
  15. Betting man


    Hi GOM, for those of us that aren’t members could you please enlighten us to the changes they are making?
  16. Betting man

    Dress Code

    Totally agree Emotive, if everyone presented themselves with pride ie clean and pressed, does it matter at all if they wear tight pants or flares, long sleeves or short! Now if we could put as much effort into the condition and presentation of our dogs....
  17. Betting man

    Blazin’ Audrey

    Wow! That really surprises me, one of the more blatant head turns - and trackside showed us the head on view just to confirm any doubt! Shame on you Mr Whiterod - you really dropped the ball!
  18. Betting man

    New years wish..

    I agree with you on this White poodle, I am a passionate animal lover myself, I have pet dogs and cats and also shares in racing dogs. While I love to see my dogs compete my priority as an owner is always welfare first and my trainers know this. I believe that there are a very small portion of breeders - only 3-4 in the country that are acting irresponsibly and selfishly. I know that GRNZ have tried to address this but have met conflict from breeders, concerned only with their immediate pocket rather than the longevity of the sport & the long term welfare of their dogs. I hope in the New Year that GRNZ can show some strength - get their lawyers involved if necessary and get these few under control for the good of us all - but especially our dogs.
  19. Betting man

    Blood testing

    I believe there were a large number of dogs blood tested at Auckland recently and rumour is there will be more on Christmas Eve, just curious - what are they looking for that isn’t traceable in a urine swab? I have heard it is the only way to find EPO but I was wondering if there are other substances that require blood analysis for identification ?
  20. Betting man

    Blood testing

    I’m sorry GOM I didn’t realise I couldn’t show an interest in my industry, I don’t train any dogs so have no intentions of providing them with any substances, was merely interested in the process. I have never been one to just follow brainlessly along without investigating the “why” Personally I’m all for as much testing as is required to keep our industry is above board.
  21. Betting man

    Raceday welfare

    Sitting at home on this fine holiday watching Palmerston North dogs I found myself wondering this.. With summer coming on fast how do the dogs cope sitting in trailers on asphalt car parks for hours at a time? Is it responsible to card 13-15 race meetings in this weather when there is not sufficient shade to park under?
  22. Betting man

    Raceday welfare

    I was thinking more of the dogs sitting in cars and trailers for 5-6 hrs in the parking lot, it might only be 28-30 degrees but I’m sure it would be a heck of a lot hotter sitting on the asphalt.
  23. Betting man

    Awards Dinner/Conference

    He’s young to me! well done Mark, fantastic litter you’ve got and always a smiling face on course.
  24. Betting man

    Awards Dinner/Conference

    Fantastic night out, extremely positive vibe with all attendees appearing to have a great night! - well worth the trip up! Congratulations to all award winners, it’s a tough game and any successes are well deserved.
  25. Betting man

    Stake Increase

    Seems to me that the people that are running their kennels like a business are doing pretty well, looking after owners, being paid to train dogs with a small stakes bonus as opposed to opting for 50/50 deals and the like. These people know their incomings and outgoings and sleep well knowing that they don’t have to run the legs off their dogs to stay afloat. p.s - who wouldn’t like a great strike rate? As an owner I would love to know that my dogs are being well placed and looked after rather than just going around at every meeting with my fingers crossed!