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  1. The Diceman Cometh

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Your Honour, his description of the demented disciple of the Trough is accurate, but Sir, I must protest at his picture painting of my bladder and dribble functioning. Sure, I do know many blokes who tend to miss the bowl, but it's never been a problem for me, given the wonderful act of nature bestowed upon me. I'm still known as Jurassic Porker around the rest home now. So lay off us older wiser folk sonny.
  2. The Diceman Cometh

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Whisky Winn has always had the attitude of "me first, me second and fark the rest of you". You don't have to look far to see mountains of evidence of this. Is he cringing with embarrassment? I sincerely doubt it. He is such a thick skinned career politician, he is happy to change his stance on any given day. His stomach tattoo says it all .
  3. The Diceman Cometh

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    Doesn’t the Mongrel Mob have a debt collecting arm? Yes, they do and very effective they are to. It's called Work and Income.
  4. The Diceman Cometh

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    And to be fair, there are others whose love affair with the stable might be described as platonic addiction.
  5. The Diceman Cometh

    Operation Inca - Part 2

    Which says more about the lawyers than the law. I forget who said it but it seems appropriate in this instance: "A lawyer will do anything to win a case, sometimes he will even tell the truth."
  6. The Diceman Cometh

    A few haircuts ago

    Cheers for that. I recall in my youth going to most race days, both gallops and trots at Ascot. In my early high school days, I had a holiday job painting the running rail closely supervised by the then track manager Mr Dalton (I think he was Jo-Anne's grandfather). Mike used to ride a lot for the Ellis stable if my memory is in working order. In later high school years, I used to cut cocks on the chain at Makarewa……..naturally I loved the runs of ewe lambs. I still recall being asked to go and get a left hand knife for the supervisor during my first week. The roar of laughter from the boys on the chain when I returned was heartfelt.
  7. The Diceman Cometh

    Looks like the NZRB Senior mangement is in lockdown..

    I have it on first hand authority that HQ is currently similar to a Fawlty Towers B & B. Basil is struggling, those that have been loyal to him for many years through different organisations, are now feeling well out of their depth. There is, apparently, also strong evidence to suggest that Sybil may have packed her bags.
  8. The Diceman Cometh

    A few haircuts ago

    What is that good Southland man Mike Lawson doing these days? I presume retired. Was a legend at Ascot Park.
  9. The Diceman Cometh

    One for the battlers tomorrow.....

    A suggestion.....why don't you buy WINX with all your winnings, and bring her over to race at Hastings?
  10. The Diceman Cometh

    One for the battlers tomorrow.....

    They both look like they have just come from a JIGGERY POKERY CLUB in downtown SmellARat.
  11. The Diceman Cometh

    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    Race 7 Consensus Race 8 Terra Sancta Race 9 Volpe Veloce
  12. The Diceman Cometh

    Bye bye MIA Jackson

    Really, well that is surprisingly interesting on two fronts..... The first being you have any friends, and secondly you would lower yourself to such depths I jest of course. Have a happy and hugely successful Christmas at the Duct.
  13. The Diceman Cometh

    Bye bye MIA Jackson

    There is a lot of it going round at the moment. Have you sighted that other well known "blowhard" Cameron the Warrior down at the Duct lately?
  14. The Diceman Cometh


    Excellent post. Well presented. We are going backwards at a rapid pace. The atmosphere at Group 1 day at Hastings was akin to being at a funeral. The spark has gone out of the game, and quite frankly, I don't think the stripes give a stuff anymore. It's become mundane.
  15. The Diceman Cometh

    Great To See.....

    Dam right Sonny..........ya doing a great job