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  1. hairy jerry

    Check this out

    The interference is caused by OP, trying to force a run that isnt available. Goindasamy's mount ducks out for a few strides after being hit with the whip, Dells horse sees it coming and also shifts away. Meanwhile OP is looking to force his mount through a gap that isnt available by trying to shift collets mount outwards. OP had the opportunity to ease his mount but chose not too. If Mcnab hits the deck, would there have been a stipes inquiry? dangerous stuff
  2. hairy jerry

    Sad news

    oh my goodness, that is terrible, thoughts and condolences to the family
  3. hairy jerry

    6 dog fields

    6 dog staying races yes 6 dog open class race yes 6 dog c1 sprints etc, not a fan.
  4. 1. Hastings R8 - 7, 12, 5 2. Rosehill R7 - 4, 2, 1 3. Caulfield R8 - 8, 4, 13
  5. 1. Randwick R6 - 6-7-8 2. Flemington R7 -3- 10-11 cheers
  6. hairy jerry

    Amazing Chase

    Well i said it was my last post but see pinny mac suspended from the betting. if was allowed into noms due to NZGRA Error are the TAB going to refund all the bets, because the feckn well should!!
  7. hairy jerry

    Amazing Chase

    Clarky, I genuinely hope the dog races, he looks the goods. last years noms closed 19th of June and you are correct in that Ridin Shotgun Was a maiden he was c1 on the 22nd of June, if you've had it oked at head office then it must be right (insert tui billboard),- you cant do any more than check with them. i cant find on the internet whether there was a maiden clause in the conditions last year- but you could be right. All im saying is that it isnt a very professional look from NZGRA. If you were eligible to race in NZ on the 20th of june, that would suggest you could nominate and enter for a race - but you couldnt- because the dog is on a stand down. Rules need to be applied consistently to All participants. Anyway Goodluck Clarky and connections, no more from me on the issue either.
  8. hairy jerry

    Amazing Chase

    there is a difference Race conditions• The Amazing Chase shall be open to all greyhounds C1 and above who are eligible to race in New Zealand at Noon on Wednesday 20 June 2018. the above condition does not exist with the futurity.
  9. hairy jerry

    Amazing Chase

    pinny mack post to post pretty good at auckland . hes a seriously quick dog but with 3 previous unsatisfactory performances and a failing to pursue, one would hope finishing on does the trick. 21/1 worth a crack as he looks to be the quickest going around auckland at present. not sure if he has requalified yet.
  10. hairy jerry

    Silver Collar meeting abandoned

    The right thing to do given the weather in the north which is attrocious, Te Rapa is also abandoned. Hopefully sanity takes place and they either race the meeting tomorrow or Tuesday or if not the heats are pushed back a week, which will also require an adjustment to the chch stayers cup. it would be an absolute debacle if the final is drawn out of a hat.
  11. hairy jerry


    Have another look at the replays prior to the 100m, forget about what happens in the last 100m re whip use, if they are in contention they can use at their discretion. Maia was lucky not to get charged, her whip use fell outside the rule while jonathan's whip use was within.
  12. hairy jerry

    It’s a plan

    If he misses first 3 today, downgrades to c3.
  13. hairy jerry

    New Oaks Day Competition....

    Felaar Montoya star Paulownia Ferrando Belle du nord thanks for the opportunity
  14. hairy jerry

    Pick the Derby/Oaks double...

    derby - civil disobedience oaks - Savvy coup