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  1. According to Jo boy , the website is a stunning success , that's what you are up against.
  2. It's Winter where the 3kg and 4kg claiming apprentices make hay while the sun shines (see what I did there....) Not that I'm a big fan of their riding yet, but you just have to factor them right in to everything from now on, Chelsea Burdan Eilish McCall Tegan Newman Hazel Schofer , so far so good... Ethan Wright gawd help us , still very much a work in progress.
  3. Didn't she ride a couple of Davina's , badly you could say....
  4. Thanks Chestnut and congrats Von Cettes (one of my favourites back in the day too ) Agonized over Kenedna / Gem Song , them's the beaks they say , great comp Chestnut - High Five !!
  5. Comp Race 1: Doomben R3 2.25pm :6 BB Comp Race 2: Morphettville R2 3.06pm :1 BB Comp Race 3: Flemington R4 3.30pm :3 Comp Race 4: Morphettville R3 3.46pm (BONUS RACE):13 Comp Race 5: Doomben R6 4.20pm :7 Comp Race 6: Doomben R7 5.00pm (BONUS RACE) :6 Comp Race 7: Rosehill Gardens R7 5.15pm :5 Comp Race 8: Doomben R8 5.40pm :16 Comp Race 9: Doomben R9 6.20pm (BONUS RACE) :1 Comp Race 10: Flemington R9 6.45pm :4 Thanks and Good Luck All
  6. No , John Allen's response will be "They, RITA, in their ignorance have decapitated our successful, loyal and hard working team before all the implementations we have implemented have come to fruition. The (Your) Industry will go broke but it will NOT be mine and my hard working teams fault. Look what we did with the most successful Betting Platform introduced to flummox our NZ racing customers.ffs dribbledrabblegobbledegook figjam !
  7. Why don't we as an Industry hold them to account now ??? It really is beyond me. We can rip them a new one before their farewell tours ends and they cop that magnificent golden handshake...
  8. 1. Eagle Farm R5 3.08pm :5 2. Te Rapa R7 3.28pm :8 3. Te Rapa R8 4.03pm :6 4. Caulfield R5 4.30pm (BONUS RACE) :9 5. Hawkesbury R6 4.50pm :1 BB 6. Eagle Farm R8 5.02pm (BONUS RACE) :1 7. Hawkesbury R7 5.30pm :5 8. Eagle Farm R9 5.42pm :1 BB 9. Hawkesbury R8 6.10pm (BONUS RACE) :4 10. Caulfield R8 6.30pm :2
  9. All I see in that photo is 2 convicted criminals ,( and a bloke who wears a baseball cap with a suit !!) so yes 3 criminals, looks like you're proud of the company you keep bud
  10. Any modicum of pity one had for CT has well and truly flown out the window forever with this thread. Not P4P's biggest fan either , buuuuttt CT you seriously need help bro This has descended into a dick swinging contest and Kodak , you are not cumming off too well with all your high falutin name dropping , are all these people happy that you "using" them and their good names all over the internet. Plus your cuz used the dwarf throwing analogy , you use it ad nauseum , cum up with your own. Best thread for ages tho
  11. Skites never prosper. Wise words , take the advice
  12. I've stayed out of all this tommo bs for years , but scarily enough , they are exactly as I imagined , even down to the cutest wutesy puppy at the lunch table
  13. 1. Royal Randwick R2 2.05pm : 6 2. Hastings R5 3.05pm : 8 3. Royal Randwick R4 3.15pm (Bonus Race) : 3 4. Royal Randwick R5 3.50pm : 10 BB 5. Royal Randwick R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : 8 6. Caulfield R5 4.45pm : 1 BB 7. Royal Randwick R7 5.05pm : 7 8. Royal Randwick R8 5.50pm (Bonus Race) : 8 9. Royal Randwick R9 6.30pm : 10 BB 10. Caulfield R8 6.50pm : 3 11. Royal Randwick R10 7.10pm : 3 12. Morphettville R8 7.40pm : 8
  14. Oops , might have been my computer , refreshed and they are there but still !!
  15. Just get him to read out today's scratchings for me !! How the fk they they manage to put up Fridays scratchings is both incompetent and embarrassing and how much did they pay for this crapsite but you are right , he would not have a clue
  16. If JA stuck his hand up and admitted the website wasn't up to scratch and needed to be better , I am sure he would get the support of 99% of all the punters in this country, (1% thinks it's great and WE should learn to navigate it better) C'mon John , be a man John
  17. Comp Race 1 : Randwick R1 2.10pm : 1 8 Comp Race 2 : Randwick R2 2.45pm : 1 2 Comp Race 3 : Randwick R3 3.20pm : 6 10 Comp Race 4 : Te Aroha R8 4.25pm : 1 10 Q Comp Race 5 : Randwick R5 4.35pm : 14 19 Comp Race 6 : Randwick R6 5.15pm : 1 2 Comp Race 7 : Randwick R7 5.55pm : 2 12 BB Comp Race 8 : Randwick R8 6.35pm : 4 7 Comp Race 9 : Caulfield R8 6.55pm : 1 13 Comp Race 10 : Randwick R9 7.15pm : 1 3 BB Comp Race 11 : Randwick R10 7.50pm : 9 19
  18. Yeh , you're right , and we paid $26,000,000 for his sychpohantic flag debacle
  19. Hard to imagine him putting his hand in his pocket
  20. Wait for AML to kick in , be another kick in the nut sack
  21. Race 1 1.50pm Race 4 Awapuni Higgins Classic 2000m 3yo Group #1Race 3 3.00pm Race 6 Awapuni Manawatu Sires Produce 1400 2yo Group #4Race 4 3.10pm Race 2 Rosehill Neville Sellwood Stakes 2000m 4yo Up Group #2Race 5 3.50pm Race 3 Rosehill Tulloch Stakes 2000m 3yo Group #3Race 6 4.20pm Race 8 Awapuni City Of Palmerston Nth Awapuni Gold Cup 2000m Open Group #10 BBRace 7 4.20pm Race 4 Rosehill Emancipation Stakes 1500 Fillies and Mares Group #7 BBRace 8 5.10pm Race 5 Rosehill Star Kingdom Stakes 1200m 3yo & Up Group #11Race 9 5.50pm Race 6 Rosehill Vinery Stakes 2000m 3yo Fillies Group