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  1. Finally !!!! Some momentum. RITA surely insolvent. Pike about 12 months too late holding all these pricks accountable but better late than never. Where's the rest of the Stables , big and small , getting in behind Pike. Without the $80 million loan/bail out in the coffers by Weds , I'd say a few on the gravy train shitting bricks right now...
  2. Unfortunately Baz, called into a Chartered Club in Mt Maunganui about 20 years ago with my Dad, pretty quiet , Manager said without pokies they would be bust. Involved in a Tavern 7 or 8 years ago , sadly without the cut from the 12 gaming machines , doors would have been closed a long time ago. I used to empty the money out of the machines and shake my head , all of this money used to go to Racing , these people would never entertain the thought of betting with the TAB .
  3. Well done all, Randwick R1 6-10-18 R2 8-10-12 R3 2-5-8 R4 3-6-12 R5 1-4-5 R6 5-7-11 R7 9-10-14 R8 6-14-17 R9 1-4-5 Cheers and Good Luck
  4. Could I just throw something out there. It's Winter , the landscape has changed , why can't Harness consider racing days Fridays and Thursdays to kick off , get that NZ punting $ that is having a free run at Aussie T/bredsat the mo
  5. He's still writing for The Herald isn't he ??
  6. How many Trackside cameras are on the line or anywhere near the finishing line
  7. Fark, read your own posts you filthy lying grub. You are admitting you are worse than the Casino employee, they'd have cameras on them you idiot and I'd sure as hell take my chances handing the money in. I just couldn't live with myself if I did that
  8. Ok fkwit, you're obviously better on the Aussie form . let's go again this week BGP and thommo you do the punting , I'd put $200 in and if you get us home I won't ever reply to your god awful posts ever again. As you weren't in the previous Punters Clubs, I'm offended you are taking low grub shots at Neil D, C'mon Genius , show us how it's done , I'm sure Luke can make this happen
  9. Funstar mentioned 234x by the THIEVING STOPPER as the best of the day all of Australia Result = Beaten Say No More ... Niller
  10. Tatua - Buster Tims Bardall - Robinsons Maayo Gold - Frank Conway / Ray Wallace ?
  11. The one and only D J Riordan ?? He had a feast of good horses back then , Heflu another who went out fave in an Auckland Cup,a young B S Compton aboard ?
  12. Wow , Mannix , what a machine he was , grew up in awe of him , one of my 1st Heros. There was a Photo of him in full stretch in the Te Awamutu Club back in the day. Do you recall what happened to Mannix , Black Kirrama (Kirrama and Bardall another 2 of my faves too)
  13. Ernie didn't STEAL $4700 off a fellow punter and gloat about it you filthy lying THIEF , there is a difference you THIEVING PRICK .
  14. And also remembering young Sam McCrae who was killed about this time 15 years ago
  15. Imagine it , or perhaps don't Glenda Hughes and Raelene Castle on the Board
  16. Good Luck All The Most exciting thing to happen all Lockdown !! R1 - 3-1-2 R2 - 9-1-2 R3 - 4-2-12 R4 - 2-4-11 R5 - 4-1-12 R6 - 1-2-7 R7 - 2-4-1 R8 - 2-12-13 R9 - 3-9-13 R10 - 7-9-14 Cheers
  17. You'd be feeling pretty sick if you are holding on to a signifcant betting voucher or 2. The day before lockdown and the TAB declares bankruptcy.... vouchers confetti
  18. Sorry mate , that is straight out theft. If it was in a tray at a terminal in the Casino , chances are 100/1 on , that punter was still in the vicinity. You must have scurried out of there like the proverbial....RAT It has happened to me on a couple of ocassions after a few bevvies in a busy establishment and Punters code of ethics ,you raise your hand and bellow , someone forget something ?? That goes both ways . I can not wait for that to happen to you , imagine the outcry !!! Karma baby , karma ... Anyway I hope there is a Mario out there somewhere reading
  19. Don't panic ,as we speak ,NZTAB headhunting Craig Coleman , will fit the bill perfectly here in NZ
  20. Sadly, Sunday looks like Des's last show
  21. Dean McKenzie ? Your silence is deafening ....