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  1. Andrew Little wants less murderers and rapists and crims in jail so they they can say what a wonderful job Labour are doing. This wank stain will get fa, let alone a custodial sentence. Don't get me wrong , i wish they could have thrown it into the Jockeys Room and locked the door. Jonathan Riddell thought about giving him one with his whip as he went past. Lucky he didn't or the headline would most likely be "Jockey assaults bystander mid race"
  2. What about the #11 .... Starring Role ....went good here and Forche not a bad filly either .
  3. Why not through Cambridge Stud ? Just curious. No Oaks Stud and Niagara's a head scratcher too. Is Magic Millions diluting our pool ?
  4. This is heart wrenching news after all this family has been through. Thoughts and prayers going out to the Shaw Family.
  5. Just one query then JJ, you say 3 million for radio is good money chasing bad. How then can you or anyone in NZ condone the spend of the upfront cost of over $50 million on the website, it is bad , really really bad, even you will acknowledge that. Yet the TAB still pays $17 million per annum to maintain the site. Also taking into account that the updates provided for $17 million p.a include software updates that have to be paid for and implemented by our TAB, which incidentally they can't afford so are not implementing ..... SFO anyone ????? Also this equates to nearly a 1
  6. Never in my life I have seen a more pathetic display of prelims than the 1st at Ellerslie !! Yeh, looking up horses dates as they run away from you , whoever came up with that idea needs castrating , without anaesthetic , what an absolute waste of time , very very disappointing
  7. In fact in reflection , It may well have been Mdn winner to C5 then to C4 through to C1 being Open Class ..... One way or the other I like it !
  8. Maidens = no wins C1 1 win C2 2 wins C3 3 wins C4 4 wins C5 5 & 5+ wins Seemed a pretty simple method back in the 80s 90s ?? Maybe a bit of greyhound tweaking as such , miss 5x in that grade go back a grade , just an idea , thought it worked pretty straight forward back then ....
  9. R1 - 1 9 11 4 R2 - 12 7 2 11 R3 - 1 3 7 4 R4 - 4 3 11 13 R5 - 9 2 6 11 R6 - 3 9 4 2 R7 - 10 12 4 9 R8 - 11 12 5 4 R9 - 8 10 5 7 R10 - 7 3 13 6 R11 - 5 16 15 2 R12 - 10 6 4 3 Thanks for the comp and good luck all
  10. Off to a great start , trainer of R1#1 ???
  11. Getting back on subject , any owners happy about 300 missing races coming up this season , 1500 cheques going begging , I know I'm not f**n happy , once again who's taken rita to task. They seem to be puffing their chest out and patting themselves on the head
  12. next thing you know, sherwin will be calling the greys
  13. Where's open and transparent Saundry to come on here and explain a valid query ?? Bet he would have absolutely no idea
  14. So this it what interests me, Did I hear ,see, read somewhere, are the horses who missed out on a start at Puke guaranteed a start next time , Te Rapa I take it ? If so , won't this be an inferior class of horse who couldn't make the cut getting 1st dibs at Te Rapa , at the expense of a lot of the Te Akau/BakerPorsman/Marsh runners ?
  15. Interesting to see how Vela is going to tackle the Karaka $1,000,000 stake There will be a big fanfare around they've done an amazing job to come up with 100k for the Group 1s Oh did we mention the 7k minimun stake , just for now of course......
  16. Time to move on ,been there for years , need the young bloods george simon and aaron white, the way of the future, can't wait to thurs and sun , bring it on
  17. Hi Aaron , are you from that awesome programme we saw tonight on TV 1 ???
  18. Baker / Forsman Te Akau S Marsh R James B & K Kelso S Ritchie O'Sullivan / Scott How many runners between these leading stables ??
  19. Absolute insult to greyhound racing , if Peter Early tips you a dog you invariably get on , if anyone else does you won't be backing it will you
  20. Whether it's the internet age or not , No fields in the papers , surely a retard could see you need some sort of printed media. I can't wait for Raceform. Maybe in 10 years , there will definitely may be no need for Raceform etc but that's 10 years or so away , just like the argument for tote operators , 10 years away , at least