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  1. Pretty sure Neil the owner explained it was pronounced A-Gin to George and Brendan one day
  2. Thanks for the comp Team, Didn't really get going til the last 200m.. Cheers Col , Warren , Revel and Scooby
  3. Good Luck All, R1 8 Raise The Phantom R2 4 Love Affair R3 9 Exemplar R4 8 Konstantina R5 4 Cote D'Or R6 12 Red Tsunami R7 13 Power O'Hata R8 3 Galaxy Miss Going to be a tough at the office today methinks
  4. Each to their own , can see that certain aspects rock certain peoples boats. Personally and maybe not for ever , I did like the owners names in the books cos I've got a few mates who part own a few horses , some have never and will never ever win a chook raffle, let alone a race , and some are the most jammy bastards you'd ever meet , so Yes I'd prefer the owners names in the BB. If it's not to be then sobeit , but it's just that one extra line of information for me personally...
  5. Felaar Wafer Paulownia Volks Lightning Gold Spice
  6. "We are confident that the fixed odds platform will create the value that we are expecting from it. We went through a very extensive exercise, by bet type, to assess the margin impacts that we expect to be delivered from this particular initiative. Say No More What sort of deluded world does this clown live in
  7. "We went through a very extensive exercise, by bet type, to assess the margin impacts that we expect to be delivered from this particular initiative.'' What the f*** did this clown just say ?? Anyone got an idea ...
  8. As Brian de Lore said "NZTR should have released this report 6 months ago " Is Brian the only one with any nous and balls around here trying to SAVE YOUR Industry or are the top dogs doing ok so need to worry and the rank and file are too afraid to scared to speak out. Come on ffs It's Andrew Brown and Chris Bayliss all over again Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Brian de Lores articles should be the front page of The Informant - And compulsory reading for all Industry participants, every one who holds a license or is employed in this wonderful Industry that is going down the gurgler quicker than George Michael in a public toilet. The new FOB will be too late coming to open a market on John Allen bailing (family issues) for sure so I've asked our local BMs and this is what they are about to release : March 2018 - $7 April 2018 - $5 May 2018 - $3 June 2018 - $1.50 July 2018 - $1.02 August 2018 - $150 Keep up the g
  10. Have a terrible feeling Whiny won't be pushing Race Fields legislation too hard until close to the next election , it is being rewritten in it's complete form , that is alarm bells in itself. He will froth and extrapolate for the next 2 years and lo and behold he will start pushing like hell leading into the next election because unfortunately how much of the idiots 3.5% is Racing Industry votes. And still no guarantee of it getting through although there is slightest glimmer of hope compared to if Guy (good riddance) or Bennett was still Minister Of Racing. Some great comments
  11. Stipes definitely wanted to get home after the last , how many did Innes clean up in the last . Protected species me thinks
  12. So many more flat out $1.00 dividends win and place . The demise of the 5c piece has been a godsend for the TAB and will probably save them from going broke ! Isn't some of the big place bets on a less than $1 dividend go towards to big punter rebates ? Plus laundering $5k or $6k on a $0.60c job gets one a clean $5k or $6k doesn't it.
  13. Didn't Ivan Mauger and Barry Briggs once race off at Alex Park late 70s or early 80s, from my dodgy memory. Also remember Alex Park would have a race or 2 televised live during the TV1 news, Remember I backed Delightful Lady when she was an awful c2 pacer , went dreadful , 12 or so months later she was running through brick walls and winning them in a row
  14. Is this current situation with NZTR and NZRB going down a similar track to Fletchers ??
  15. And thought it was a great competitive ride from the top of the straight , didn't give Mission Hill an inch , forced that runner back in behind a floating On The Rocks and more than likely cost MH the win, the first 5 home outstanding runs , Danzdanzdance severely buffeted on the turn , massive effort to just go under , Vin De Dance, first to launch , headed , came back gutsily, hell even The Mayor off a tough trip , lay down a decent challenge and only capitulated late so plenty of food for thought but they look the main Derby contenders, really looking forward to this Derby
  16. Feel your pain Richard Cave , always leaves a sour taste in ones mouth , only 2 starts ago winning a $1,000,000 race , then dragged , thought Rosie did a good enough job , horse seemed really settled in running which augers well for the Derby. Vinnie no doubt a Derby genius but he has been missing in action the last few months, just my opinion. Definitely first 6 home in the Derby did it for me , just need to narrow it down to 2/3 ...if SB is one of those then sobeit, I'm in it to make money, be gutted for Rosie but I need the money more.
  17. Ask Morrie works for Moira Murdoch , those black and yellow jobs he can get are the best by far , ask Moira for her opinion if not sure , and a bargain , not off the back of a truck - but a real bargain!