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  1. On 5/5/2021 at 8:02 PM, Ponderosa8 said:



    Te Rapa Race 7 - 1,2

    Te Rapa Race 8 - 2,11

    Riccarton  Race 6 - 1,5

    Riccarton Race 8 - 6,10

    Morphetville Race 7 - 1,15

    Gold Coast Race 2 - 4,6

    Gold Coast Race 3 - 2,6

    Gold Coast Race 4 - 3,6

    Gold Coast Race 5 - 4,11

    Gold Coast Race 6 - 1,13

    Gold Coast  Race 7 - 3,12

    Gold Coast  Race 8 - 2,7

    Gold Coast Race 9 - 7,17



    Cheers , thanks and good luck all !!

  2. Ellerslie Race 7 - 1,3,8,11

    Ellerslie Race 8 - 4,5,8,11

    Riccarton Race 7 - 1,2,4,6

    Riccarton Race 9 - 1,7,8,9

    Randwick Race 1 - 1,4,11,12

    Randwick Race 2 - 1,2,5,6

    Randwick Race 3 - 1,2,3,6

    Randwick Race 4 - 1,3,5,8

    Randwick Race 5 - 2,3,5,8

    Randwick Race 6 - 2,3,6,14

    Randwick Race 7 - 1,2,5,10

    Randwick Race 8 - 4,6,9,14

    Randwick Race 9 - 1,2,12,15


    Thanks for the Comp , awesome job all round !!

  3. 3 hours ago, kilcoyne said:

    What a joke you are!!!!

    You have no frickin idea of what you are talking about.

    Told by Who???????. Some idiot who thought they knew all about horse racing? Just another mug punter who wouldnt know thwe arse end of a horse from stifle

    Why was your man Mitch run out of Akld harness racing , you still haven't answered that question , mate

  4. Entries must be as follows... Meeting... Race number ...Horse numbers

    ENTRIES CLOSE 1.30pm Saturday.

    Randwick Race 2 8,5,11

    Te Rapa Race 5 1,3,14

    Randwick Race 3 6,1,7

    Hastings Race 5 4,7,10

    Randwick race 4 7,2,5

    Randwick Race 5 2,3,5

    Hastings Race 7 3,4,7

    Te Rapa Race 8 2,5,1

    Randwick  Race 6 8,1,10

    Randwick Race 7 10,12,13

    Morphetville Race 7 2,7,4

    Randwick Race 8 7,1,3

    Randwick Race 9 1,4,11

    Randwick Race 10 3,7,11

    Good Luck everyone and remember anyone can still enter its anyones to still win...lets have a great comp and some fun...thanks again Ponderosa for the scoring you will have your work cut out this weekend...🤪


    Putting the pressure on early !!

  5. 1 hour ago, hsvman said:

    Two of the bery best drivers going around  why wouldn’t they want them on 

    Totally agree.

    And to be fair , after they said they were stepping back and taking a decent break I thought they would be having a decent break.

    Just haven't seen it yet.

    That's all I was alluding to.


  6. I love Harness Racing, always have always will.

    Watching last night though, Alex Park small shit fields that just  don't inspire anyone to bet.

    Addington and and all those features.

    All the time in the world for for Hayden (and wife Amanda) but I scratch my head about why Mark and Nat still so involved driving ?? Bit weird to say the least.

    Dalgety's win the Derby with the renowned drunk aboard , especially after Cran's drug record and his weird departure from the training ranks last year, still can't fathom what was going on there.

    What is happening with Inca ??

    Just leaves a sour taste in my mouth and leaves me a bit bewildered.

    Breaks my heat really

  7. Mannix ! What a freak he was , could have been anything.

    DJ Riordan , one of 3 brilliant jockey brothers. Up there with the Harris and Skelton brothers.

    Oh , those were the days.

    Was Mateland another of Des's champions ?

  8. 44 minutes ago, Nerula said:

    Would you have preferred the TR Board would have come out with what else? It is up to all stake holders to keep the Boards feet to the fire if they aren't making progress.

    BTW Brown was a NZRB appointment not TR wasnt he?

    CB if you are that distressed about racing there are other activities you could do, like say Polish dancing. You are good at jumping up and down. Why not save it

    until this new board shows lack of progress. 

    If you're happy with that drivel , then you are part of the problem.

    Thought the Owners Fed would be up in arms.

  9. On 4/1/2021 at 8:54 PM, Jenlove said:


    Charlie Bukowski Picks

    Rosehill Race 1 – 4,6
    Manawatu  Race 6 – 1,3
    Rosehill Race 2 – 1,3
    Manawatu Race 7 – 1,4
    Rosehill Race 3 – 1,6
    Riverton Race 8 – 2,4
    Manawatu Race 8 – 3,10
    Rosehill Race 4 – 1,5
    Manawatu Race 9 – 6,14 
    Rosehill Race 5 – 6,11
    Rosehill Race 6 – 1,2
    Rosehill Race 7 – 8,12
    Rosehill Race 8 – 4,13

    I Wish I Win , Good Luck to everyone participating




    Thank you Leigh and to whomever is doing the scoring. Very much appreciated.


  10. As an Industry this is totally not acceptable.

    This is from John Allen 101 corporate speak.

    Make a lot of nice headings and blah blah blah 

    This is exactly what Brown Bayliss and Allen have justified their 6 figure salaries on.

    Saundrys article in Raceform this week was absolute drivel.

    C'mon , is that all you've got you Fraud !

    Compare that to any Brian De Lore article and it's so poles apart it's like a smack in the chops.

    I understand the Te Akau's , Baker/Forsmans , Marsh stables are doing ok thank you very much but these are the guys we need to hold these clowns to account. 

    That drivel is exactly what those previous morons rammed down our throats.

    Remember Andrew Brown told us we would eventually have the best betting and racing jurisdiction in the world, ahead of HK and the rest of the world in 2 years...

    And no-one held that imposter to account back then....

    It's a wonder we're still operational