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  1. On 2/13/2021 at 7:50 AM, poundforpound said:

    So Thad, Steve Hunt, Popps,, and a guy I don’t know are dissecting the 1400 G1 sprint at Te Rapa

    Guy who I don’t know has just declared that they should ride Levante more forward 

    Can anyone think of a horse like her who was ever ridden against her natural pattern and performed well ? 
    In my experience if you ride them upside down they finish upside down 


    Could it be ...... "The Shark"

    Any name yet ?

  2. 4 hours ago, kilcoyne said:

    Peter Cahill

    Kendra Law

    P O Box 281


    ph 0272331995

    formerly NZ Police no 4472

    57 recuit Wing 1973

    Currently Retired Police Officer Not required to give final ranking under Official Secrets Act



    Kilcoyne old son,

    Can you please extrapolate on the reasons M Kerr left the Auckland training ranks a few years ago ?

    Was that to do with gambling ?

    Go easy on me .....

  3. Andrew Little wants less murderers and rapists and crims in jail so they they can say what a wonderful job Labour are doing.

    This wank stain will get fa, let alone a custodial sentence.

    Don't get me wrong , i wish they could have thrown it into the Jockeys Room and locked the door.

    Jonathan Riddell thought about giving him one with his whip as he went past.

    Lucky he didn't or the headline would most likely be 

    "Jockey assaults bystander mid race"


  4. On 1/26/2021 at 5:50 PM, Breeder said:

    Great to see Sir Patrick Hogan having a good sale. He has sold his yearlings through Carlaw Park and Woburn Farm.  A Tavistock filly went for $440K a little while ago. Had a few other good prices earlier on in the sale. His new brand is PJ in a circle.


    5 hours ago, Ohokaman said:

    Sam Collett as good as any Trumpy...The Good Fight and Dragon Storm the dangers.

    Keep an eye on Kiwi mare Livvy Lass who has gone to Oz and in the last at Geelong today. $15/4 here but you might get better there.

    Hasn’t run since early December only query but she has ability and worth following.....😉

    What about the #11 .... Starring Role ....went good here and Forche not a bad filly either .

  5. 11 hours ago, JJ Flash said:

    Thats more of an issue than you think and is the crux of the slow demise of racing


    I have absolutely nothing to do with NZTAB. never had and never will.

    I just see things for what they are. You and i both agree that costs had to be cut but which cuts is where we differ. You see Trackside Radio as an earner and i see it as a cost. If and when TAB results come out if nett income is higher might you agree that TRs demise has not been negative factor?

    Just one query then JJ, you say 3 million for radio is good money chasing bad.

    How then can you or anyone in NZ condone the spend of the upfront cost of over $50 million on the website, it is bad , really really bad, even you will acknowledge that.

    Yet the TAB still pays $17 million per annum to maintain the site.

    Also taking into account that the updates provided for $17 million p.a include software updates that have to be paid for and implemented by our TAB, which incidentally they can't afford so are not implementing ..... SFO anyone ?????

    Also this equates to nearly a 1/4 of a Billion dollars for that heap of shit if we stick with it for the contracted 10 years.

    Wow , $3 million p.a for Radio looks a bargain.

    Interestingly the early quotes for Radio were $1 mill, $1.5 mill , $4+ mill, glad to see they settled on $3mill 

  6. On 6/22/2020 at 7:32 PM, TurnyTom said:

    Fcuk me never stops 

    Not bringing up results tonite

    Come on you muppets sort it out, for $30 grand a week surely you can do better

    Fcuk the race books, tote operators, TV, radio, bookmakers, media, newspapers, presenters etc etc, We don't need them but need the betting website 

    Get the website working FFS, it is all you have kept

    $330,000 per week

  7. 4 hours ago, nomates said:

    I'm not so confident about them maintaining the 15k min , i think , hope , that they will at least stay with the 10k but have no confidence they will , or can . For me the 15k was a sweetner to get people to put their horses back into work after the lockdown , so that they had a reasonable number of horses to start back with . I also think they have been caught by the numbers wanting to race so quickly and they have failed the owners who cannot get a run because of that . There is a race a Wanganui where there are 8 emergencies , disgraceful , they could have split it and rewarded the owners who went to bat for the industry . Wait till Te Rapa  noms , it's could be a shit fest , they should be programming another northern meeting this week or next to give everybody a run . Nothing has changed in regards their disrespect towards industry participants , and until this changes they are always going to struggle .

    So this it what interests me,

    Did I hear ,see, read somewhere, are the horses who missed out on a start at Puke guaranteed a start next time , Te Rapa I take it ?

    If so , won't this be an inferior class of horse who couldn't make the cut getting 1st dibs at Te Rapa , at the expense of a lot of the Te Akau/BakerPorsman/Marsh runners ?